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How To Write A Post Event Press Release [Examples/Samples Included]

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A post event press release is written to share some of the highlights of an event, the keynote speakers, the topics discussed, key success metrics, the number of attendees, level of achievement of set goals and the overall success of the event. A post event press release also include where the event took place, the date, and the organizers.

Writing an event press release or what can be called a pre-event press release is quite the popular thing most PR pros do, but writing post-event press release comes with so much benefits.

Why Writing a Post Event Press Release Is Important

  1. The Success of the event : This can make those who missed it regret doing so and plan to be a part of the next one. This can be used to talk about the key notes or top highlight moments and the names of the speakers who were present at the event or the unexpected high number of attendees.
  2. Create Strong Desire To be a part of the Next: You can create a strong FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) in your next event by issuing a post event press release. This will help you show beforehand why the event is very important and the benefits attached.
  3. Boost Brand Exposure: Hosting an event is one thing, having the event trending or receive media coverage is another thing entirely. When an event gains media coverage, it comes as an approval to the authenticity and value of the event. All associated brands will definitely benefit from the exposure as well, and if you are the organizer or a key speaker, it is a great win.
  4. Industry Authority: Just the same way you can boost your brand exposure, you can increase your industry authoritativeness by writing a post event press release. Having your press release available on the internet can yield positive results boosting your overall reputation and authority.

Quick Tips On How To Write A Post Event Press Release

1. The 5 Ws In The Introduction

Your press release introduction should include the 5Ws which includes, where the event took place, when, who was at the event (guest speakers), what were the highlights of the event, and why the event was so important. As journalists have very few seconds to glide through any release, it is important to place the 5Ws within the introduction. Doing this makes your press release better positioned for more effectiveness and increased chances of coverage.


You can add quotes from some of the attendants of the event. The quotes should include what they gained at the event. You can get about two feedback from attendants if your goal is to let people know how successful the event was and you would like to use the press release to promote the next event beforehand. Traditionally quotes occupy two paragraphs in a press release so you can use both to project comments about the event while you use the next paragraph before the boilerplate to make a statement from the organizers.

3. Include A Link To A Lead Capture Page

Now that the event is over and you are focused on the next one, you should be using every available means to capture leads/emails. You should include a link to contact page or most importantly a page where you can easily capture emails while people pre-register for the next event.

4. Add a Video Showing Highlights of The Event

It would be a good idea to add some highlights of the event captured in a video in the press release. This will give a visual display of what happened and key information about the event. Journalists can use the video or simply extract information from the video. The video can as well be added to the company’s Youtube channel and properly optimized for the Youtube video algorithm.

Distribute Your Press Release

You can choose to distribute your post-event press release as this will help you one more time share the highlights of the event and further reinforce what makes the event so important.


Include writing a post event press release in your PR strategies as it has tremendous benefits. A post event press release gives you the privilege to share the success and highlights of your event. This way you can stoke interest in those who missed it and better position the next event for a better success.

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