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How To Write A Theatre Play Production Press Release

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How To Write A Theatre Play Production Press Release

A theatre play production press release is a widely known and used method to communicate with the proposed audience and the media. It helps alert the press about the details and expectations of your play.

A good theatre play production press release should capture and hold the attention of the populace. Also, it should entice reviewers and set a high tempo of anticipation for your theatre play.

Furthermore, a good press release will go a long way in determining your theater play tickets’ sales. It is essential to structure your release to make the media and masses anticipatory without deceiving or misleading them.

A theatre play production press release must include fine details such as date, producer name, play title, partners, and others, without significant spoilers.

A professional theatre play production press release statement should include the following:

  • Date/ Timing Release Date
  • Title
  • The theme of the play
  • Producer Name
  • Relevant Images like Producer Logo, and Play Cover.
  • Introductory Paragraph
  • An additional paragraph contains the 5 W’s: Who, Why, Where, When, and  How of the play.
  • Location
  • A strong call to action like ticket purchase information.
  • About/Bio
  • Producer Contact Details

  A Theatre Play Production Press Release Template

[Headline: Title of the Play]

[Producer Name]

[Relevant Image: Producer Logo and Play Cover(s)]

[Release Date: ‘For immediate release: day/date/month/year’]

[Introductory Paragraph: Title, Cast, and Theme, and Short Info about the play, such as synopsis.]

[Quotes from relevant partners: Quotes from involved parties such as the director, actors, theater manager, and others.]

[Additional Paragraphs: 5 W’s and H: Who, Why, Where, When, and How of the play]

[Location: Performing Theater(s) and Performance Date(s)]

[A strong Call To Action: Ticket Sale Centre(s) and Price.]


[Producer Contact Details: Email Address, Phone Number, Physical Address, and Website.]

A Catchy Headline

The headline must give enough information about the play. Also, it should draw the attention of journalists. Release statements with boring headlines are usually stored to be read later or ignored.

Expository Body

The body of the press release statement must give adequate information. It should answer any questions which pertain to the theatre play. The five ‘W’s and the ‘H’ – Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? A format can be used.

It should answer questions such as:

Who is the producer of the play?
Who is the intended audience?
How was the play produced? (Location, costs, challenges, e.t.c)
Where will the play be performed?
Which special issue(s) does it address?

The first paragraph should be precise and concise: Journalists are usually bored when they have to pick through release statements to get the relevant information. The first paragraph should do the job of highlighting the most important details of the release statement. Also, a bad starting can throw off the readers’ interest and destroy the previously established impression of a good headline.

The second and other paragraphs should be used to explain the details in the first paragraph. These paragraphs should delve into the details mentioned in the first paragraph and iron out the finer details that should be further explained. If the first paragraph manages to pique the journalists’ curiosity, the next few paragraphs will not be boring to pore over.

Document Alignment

The press release should be aligned to one side of the paper: This arrangement makes it look neater and more organized. Also, page breaks should be indicated.

Relevant Quotes

Include quotes relevant to the theme of the play: You should include quotes by famous figures, which would further boost the reputation or relevance of the play. For example, you can consider including quotes from Sun Tzu’s Art of War in the press release statement of a war-themed theatre play. You should also include quotes from involved parties such as the director, actors, theater manager, and others.

Call To Action

A good theatre play production press release statement should include important information such as Release date, locations of performance (Theaters), performance times, ticket purchase information such as ticket-selling units, websites, and prices. These will prompt the readers to look for more details on the play.


Add images such as the brand logo and play a cover.

Contact Information

Include contact information such as company address, email address, and phone number.

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