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How To Write A Sports Press Release With Examples [Format and Samples Included]

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Sport press releases come with their own uniqueness just like any other press release. Although press releases are written in a certain format but the use of words can differ and style or tone of writing can also change.

Sport organisations write press releases for different purposes some which includes, announcing new staff members, announcing new partnerships, announcing new signings, announcing new commercial deals, and announcing new products as well.

If you are looking for a kind of format or sample of sport press release you can use for your next PR project, you are at the right place as we have four sport press release samples that can help you.

5 Important Components of a Sport Press Release

  1. Captivating Headline: The Headline will help you draw attention from journalists and your audience as well.
  2. Your brand/company name
  3. Smart and catchy introduction ( including the 5 Ws- What, Why, Where, When, and Who)
  4. Second paragraph (to give more credence or reason to the first paragraph)
  5. Quote from a company executive and new player is the the PR for player signing.

How to write a sports press release
How to write a sports press release

How To Write A Sports Press Release

Press release writing is a complex skill and it requires flexibility is a controlled way. Although press release have standard formats and rules, they can be different in style and writing. If you are thinking of writing a press release for your brand or a client, and this is your first time, you will need to understand the psychological uniqueness of the task at hand.

One of the most difficult press releases is a music press release, not because press releases are difficult but because writing a press release for a rock star might be difficult if you are in no way a rock star fan.

Write A Captivating Headline

Writing the headline should be the last thing you want to do even though you might think it should come first. Writing the title at the end of the release will help you better craft a captivating and concise title that capture the full message of the release. By the time you are done writing the release you will be better prepared mentally to write the powerful title you will be proud of.

The headline must be at least 6 words and not too wordy. Brevity must come with expression. This means using punchy when you have the opportunity to use that. Your headline is the anchor that can either pull people into the ocean of your article or swing them away.

The first paragraph of your release is the introduction and it is as important as the headline. You only have 30 seconds to make any reader want to read further and the only reason they will read further is if the first paragraph gives them enough reason to read further- If the first paragraph contains vital information and curiosity, more people will stay longer on the release and you will get better results.

Your headline must never be passive. Try as much as you can to make your headline a news without being fake or sound like a salesman. Most people make this mistake while writing their headlines, they try to promise and over-promise. Your goal is to announce a vital information and make it newsworthy as much as you can.

Find a good balance between sounding “Newsworthy” and being “Informative”. Your target audience should see enough value and reason to read further once they see your headline and find the headline not to be misleading.

Importance Of Visual Assets In Your PR

Adding an image or video is important to a sport press release. For most sport press releases, the goal might be to announce an ticket price or design, new player or upcoming event or milestone, and adding an image or video to it can help improve engagement. According to AdQuadrant, you get more engagement adding images and up to 200% more engagement with videos.

What You Should Never Add To Your Press Release Headlines

  1. Exclamation mark
  2. Percentage (Making a percentage growth promise)
  3. Make Money ( Do not include that word, it is a simple turn-off for press releases)
  4. Revolutionary (Except it is truly revolutionary and everyone sincerely anticipates the news)

Sport Press Release Examples

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