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Best Press Release Distribution Services: Amplify Your News and Grow Your Business

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Your business needs exposure to survive, just as a camera needs light exposure to capture an image. The more your brand visibility the higher your chances to have thriving business.

Gaining media attention is in no way easy and this is the hurdle you must cross to the other side of attention. There are different ways a business can gain media visibility, but in this article we will be looking at the immense benefits in using press release distribution to amplify your news and grow business

As a press release distribution company, we interact with hundreds of business as they strive to share their news and boost their media exposure.

What is Press Release Distribution?

Press release distribution is the process of sending out a press release, news or story to journalists with the single aim of having it published. Press release has evolved from the print media to majorly online media and a few offline processes. Press release distribution is done by Press Release service who syndicates a press release across multiple media sites or send it out to specific journalists.

How Does Press Release Distribution Work?

Press release distribution works by sending out a press release to a network of media sites. The press release are published on the media sites and the client gets a media pickup usually within a period of 24-48 hours as it is the case with NewswireJet.com. Newswire services speed up how businesses get their news to the public and reduces the cost compared to the traditional method.

How Much Does A Press Release Distribution Cost?

Press release distribution prices depends on what the service provider chooses to charge. However, press release distribution services prices ranges from $59 – $750. Services like NewswireJet.com charges $99 for distributing a press release across up to 350 media sites including top affiliates sites of NBC, CBS, NBC, and FOX.

What Is The Best Time To Send Out A Press Release?

The days of the week to send out a press release are Tuesday and Wednesday. Choosing the best day ultimately depends on your strategy. Due to the high volume of PRs sent out on Tuesday and Wednesdays some PR experts ignore those days to avoid the crowd rush and choose to send out of Thursdays and Fridays while some choose to go for Monday.

How To Use Press Release Distribution

Press release distribution is used in so many ways by companies, PR experts and SEO Experts as well. You can use press release distribution to achieve the following goals.

  1. Online Reputation Management: The online space is the biggest battle ground in business. More than 90% of all purchases start from the internet and this single statistics makes it impossible for any company to ignore their online reputation. PR Experts use press release distribution to populate search engine results for keywords of interest (Brand name, staff name. product name, product reviews and news publications).
  2. News Release: Press release distribution is the fastest way to get a news out across multiple media channels. With PR distribution you can control your company’s narratives online and be a part of the conversation.
  3. SEO: Unfortunately, PR distribution is not dead when it comes to SEO, rather it has evolved in the way it helps. SEO experts use press release distribution to boost Local Citations, NAP Citations and Online Reputation. When used strategically, sending out a press release can help boost online visibility.

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