15 Press Release Formats: Write The Perfect Press Release

Using press release formats will help learn from other great writers, reduce your time and help you get the job done faster. Most writing projects come with formats or a sort of formula and press releases are in no way different. You will have access to different press release formats covering over 10 industries, including music, book launch, store opening, event announcement, product launch and many others.

Why You Need Press Release Formats

Although your press release must be original and engaging, you can not write an acceptable one without following a format. A press release would always end with a boiler plate ( A paragraph about the company, author, or artist), the boiler plate can not be anywhere else.

Writing the boiler plate must of course be unique, just as you company’s story is unique, but like you now know, it can only come at the end of the release. Even the best press release writers use formats to help guide them and make their work easier. A well written press release has more chances of gaining traction and giving your business news more exposure.

How Press Release Formats Appeal To Journalist

Journalists are by no means easy to hook up with and this is what you intend to solve with your press release. Journalists receive hundreds of press release everyday and like you may well know, only the best (in presentation and content) stand a better chance of being picked by journalists.

Improving your chances means crossing the necessary Ts and dotting the Is. When your press release follows a format, journalists will need to do less work to get the full news in story. Journalists have limited in between sourcing for news, covering the news and reporting the news. You will be loved by both journalists and your audience as you make it very easy to get the news.

Basic Components of All Press Release Formats ( No Matter The Type of Press Release)

Your press release should contain some key information that will help your present your news with credibility. A well written press release speaks about your brand and should contain the following:

  1. Your company logo.
  2. A featured image
  3. A Video (optional though it increases engagement),
  4. Title
  5. First Paragraph ( Explaining the 5 Ws )
  7. Links
  8. Contact Person
  9. Contact Email
  10. Website
  11. Contact Information

Fashion Product Announcement

If you are looking to announce a fashion related press release, this formats can be a great place start and you can be sure of writing a fantastic press release. A fashion press should inform both the journalist and inspire your target audience. The press release must touch the WHO, WHAT, WHY and WHEN right from the first paragraph as this will make it easy for journalists to quickly understand the essence of your release; doing this increases your chance of being picked up by journalists.

Fashion Press Release Sample

Pact and Zero Waste Daniel Partner to Create an Exclusive Collection Highlighting A Merge of Sustainable and Upcycled Fashion

BOULDER, Colo., April 9, 2020 / — Pact is thrilled to announce that they have joined forces with Zero Waste Daniel to create an exclusive line of hoodies for both men and women that include beautiful, hand-crafted, 100% recycled patches. This capsule collection was developed to show consumers that sustainable fashion is accessible and serves a global purpose — which seems more important than ever right now.

“Being able to partner with another pioneer in the fashion revolution is why we were so excited about the collaboration with Zero Waste Daniel,” said Brendan Synnott, Pact CEO. 

The collection, consisting of two hoodies and a pair of sweat shorts for women and one hoodie for men, are 100% organic, Fair Trade Certified™ pieces from Pact’s spring line adorned with unique, handmade patches created from scrap fabric. This limited collection was inspired by both brands’ desire to demonstrate how fashion can be eco-conscious and trendy while still being very attainable to the masses.

“Collaborating with Pact is an amazing opportunity to show the value of materials. Using leftover samples from the design process, we were able to create hundreds of pieces of beautiful Upcycled patchwork!” said Daniel Silverstein, Zero Waste Daniel. 
The collection drops on April 24, 2020, to highlight Fashion Revolution Day, with a mission to enlighten consumers to care about who made their clothes and the impact they have on the environment. Now, more than ever, consumers are looking for companies who are doing right by people and the planet, while still providing interesting and affordable products. Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of where they spend their dollar, and the apparel industry needs to rise to the occasion to show how it can uphold higher environmental and social standards. 

Select styles for this Spring capsule collection are available in XS-XL for both men and women and can be purchased at starting April 24, 2020.

About Pact
Founded in 2009, Pact makes exceptionally soft organic cotton basics. Pact’s vision is to transform the apparel industry for good by connecting buyers to makers with a traceable supply chain that empowers its people. All apparel made in India is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and made with Fair Trade Certified™ organic cotton. No toxic dyes. No toxic pesticides. No child labor. For more information, visit

About Zero Waste Daniel
Zero Waste Daniel is a New York-based clothing designer and zero-waste lifestyle pioneer who uses pre-consumer waste sourced from New York City’s garment industry, as well as other hard-to-recycle materials, to create his line of genderless clothing and accessories. His story and brand went viral in 2017 with more than 35 million views worldwide on NOW THIS, INSIDER, MASHABLE, and BUZZFEED.  Daniel continues to inspire change and make headlines by growing the mission of ending waste culture and redefining sustainable fashion. In 2019, his projects were featured on CNN, BUZZFEED NEWS, PAPER MAGAZINE, and most recently, THE NEW YORK TIMES.

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Product Launch Announcement

Announcing your new product is something you definitely want to do the right way. Product launch is a critical part of any company that wants to create a following for their brand. The way you announce your product launch will definitely have an impact on your sales and overall brand perception. Even if you do not have the budget of the big tech guys like Apple or Tesla, you can still create the big bang effect your own way.

Product Press Release Samples

New Platform, Equalfish, Brings the Power of the Crowd to Solving World’s Problems With Free Access

November, 2019– proudly announce the launch of their game-changing solution pool, helping people solve critical problems every day. The new crowd-sourced problem-solving platform,, redefines how people solve problems by bringing together cross-disciplinary teams and merging their expertise in providing solutions at no cost at all.

According to Thumbtack, the average cost for a business consultant is $100/per hour. This high price scale signifies most people will never have access to the kind of quality solution needed to help solve a critical problem, which can be pivotal to their business or personal growth. Equalfish makes it easy for people across different business verticals to connect and share solutions to issues.

“We are happy to launch looking at the massive impact this would bring to the business world. We are replicating what Wikipedia has done by making quality and reliable information available using the power of the crowd. We are creating a strong solution-pool by crowd-sourcing quality, authoritative, and usable solutions to complex problems and are happy to announce the launch of the platform.” Says the company CEO

For more information, visit

He says further, “We believe that quality problem-solving information should be made available and free. We believe strongly that there are people who share the same passion but only need a platform like Equalfish where they can share their expertise for free and also learn as they do so.”

To gain access to the platform’s fast-growing solution base, a simple search on the Equalfish solution page will give results that would otherwise have cost a lot. The platform also has an ambassadorial system where experts can apply to become ambassadors and help promote the platform within their school and other places.

About Equalfish
Equalfish is a new platform that provides some of the best solutions to the world’s biggest problems using the power of the crowd. The company aims to do for ‘solutions’ what Wikipedia did for information and utilize the power of the crowd to solve the world’s biggest problems. EqualFish removes the barriers that stop cross-disciplinary teams from forming and merging their expertise.

Book Launch Announcement

Now that your book is ready, what next? Promotion, promotion and sales! Promoting your new book is the first thing that comes to mind when you look at getting your book out there. Even if you have a big publishing firm backing your book or you are just an awesome writer looking to get listed on Amazon independently, doing a press release would easily fit into your list of promotional strategies. If that is true, here are some samples that can help you with your book launch press release.

Book Launch Press Release

Serial Entrepreneur And Expert In Women Leadership Reveals How To Make Money From Home In Her New Book, Trading Exchange: Forex trading strategy

March 28, 2020—Financial Investment expert and serial entrepreneur, Sherrie Lacey, proudly announces the launch of her new book, Trading Exchange: Forex trading strategy. The new book from Sherrie  breaks down the core concepts of Forex Trading, strategies for successful trading, and trading psychology that helps in achieving consistent trading success. Gaining hands-on experience at Swiss-based Forex Fund Newmont Asset management, Sherrie Lacey shares her knowledge in helping women working from home gain financial independence through Forex Trading.

Trading Exchange: Forex trading strategy is a complete Forex Trading Bible for both beginners who are looking to start their journey trading Forex and experts who want to learn new strategies and gain fresh insights. The book reviews the history of Forex to further help people understand how some of these events and other technical indicators influence and predict the market movement.

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge in order for more people to be able to experience real financial freedom. Through my book, anyone can master the art of Forex Trading just by learning and following the insights shared in the book. I believe Trading Exchange: Forex trading strategy will be very beneficial to those looking to earn a living working from home as the world passes through the present pandemic crisis
.” Says Sherrie Lacey

She says further, “If you are looking to learn new skills and increase your stream of income, Forex Trading will help you gain financial independence in a way you never imagined. You will be tapping into the largest financial market in the world – larger even than the stock market, with a daily volume of $5.1 trillion, compared to $84 billion for equities worldwide.”

To start the journey to financial freedom through Forex, Order The Trading Exchange: Forex trading strategy

About The Author

Sherrie is a serial entrepreneur passionate about women in Leadership, which is her current PhD subject, expressed through her books, blogs and video series. Sherrie is deeply driven by the need to help children facing hardship or abuse, through the Kids Development Foundation as well as more broadly helping to raise funds for children’s charities, through just giving. Sherrie is CFO at the Kids Development Foundation.  

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