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How To Write A Rebranding Press Release [Examples/Samples]

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Rebranding can be a tough process for any organization. Rebranding when done rightly can pivot a company to the next level, increase brand loyalty and investor confidence. However, we have seen countless cases rebranding gone wrong which results in bad press to the company. One of the critical stage in any rebranding process is communication as it helps the organisation connect with the public.

A rebranding press release is the type of press release written when you are about announcing any change in your brand outlook. This includes your logo, brand color, company slogan, new company vision or mission statement and any change that can influence your brand perception.

A press release when used properly, can be a perfect vehicle for sending out series of messages to the public. Outside press release you can use your social media channels, paid advertisement or any other email marketing to communicate with your audience.

How Press Releases Can Fit Into Your Rebranding Plan

A press release should be considered an single a part of an holistic rebranding communication plan. Since press release are one of the most effective way of reaching out to the media, you would like to categorize your press release as your number one tool for reaching out to journalists and influencers.

If you have a media list of industry relevant journalists, you can reach out to them with your press release informing them of changes to your brand or syndicate your press release to news sites and sharing some of the links on your email marketing campaigns and social media channels.

Rebranding press releases are often published same day the rebranding will be launched. Depending on the adopted strategy, some PR firms would rather like to send out pre-rebranding announcements to create a kind puzzle before rolling out the full announcement while others adopt a different approach. No matter the strategy adopted, press releases play an important in the overall success of any rebranding communication plan.

Key Components of a Rebranding Press Release

  • The press release title (The Brand Switch Announcement)
  • The introduction ( The 5Ws of the change in brand identity)
  • The second paragraph ( Further argument)
  • Quotes from company executives ( Quotes from the top executives/CEO/Founder)
  • The third paragraph ( Wrap it up)
  • The boiler plate ( About the company and contact details)

1. How To Write The Title

Your press release headline is an important part of the press release that ultimately determines the open rate your release. It is a no brainer, that the he higher the open rate, the more successful you campaign. The title should include the new brand name or change in the brand. You should try your best to make the headline as catchy as possible so as to effectively generate curiosity and lead to more open rates.

2. The First Paragraph

Traditionally, the first paragraph includes the 5 Ws of a press release. The 5Ws differ based on the type of press release, in this case the 5Ws would include WHEN the rebranding takes effect, WHY the rebranding, WHO is being rebranded, WHERE the rebranding takes effect or the rebranding event if any, and WHAT changes about the brand.

3. The Second Paragraph

The second paragraph gives you more room to further explain what the change in brand identity means for the company in terms of new direction/vision and for your customers in terms of what to expect from the company going forward. Most writers jump to the quote section immediately after the first paragraph, but it will be more effective to use the second paragraph to further explain the benefits of the change in brand name.

4. Quotes From Company’s Executives

You can add up to two quotes from a company executive or two quotes from two different executives. The quotes should explain the motivation behind the change in brand. Clear communication is essential, and this provides a good opportunity for the leadership of the organization to affirm their next direction and connect with both the company staff and the public. When a company change their brand identity, investors and the general public would want to check and digest every word from the executives as it gives them an idea of how things will change and the likely implications.

5. Wrap It Up

The last paragraph before the boilerplate gives you yet another chance to make a statement and pass across your message. You may chose to give a brief history of changes made by the company in the past and the great results recorded due to that. Doing this will help increase confidence in your stakeholders knowing that your company has a bankable record on how to manage changes and place the company on an upward trajectory.

6. The Boilderplate

The boilerplate is the last part in any press release. It primarily stands as the “About Us” of the press release. Most companies use the same boilerplates for all their releases, but when it comes to rebranding press release, you would need to adjust a little bit. You can mention the company’s reputation for coming out stronger from internal changes. This will further cement on the company’s good records and ensure and boost stakeholder’s confidence.

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