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How to Write a New Business Press Release Announcement (Samples and Template Included)

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A news/press release has proven to be an effective advert strategy in the business world. Therefore, it is essential to write a business opening press release for your unique business idea, which has been well crafted, laid out, and implemented. Announcing your business or brand’s opening via a release helps create a buzz around your company’s solutions to its targeted market/audience and stick it to your potential customers’ sub consciousness. News outlets and websites would love to amplify a new business’s voice with a properly written press release.

A business opening announcement press release gives your brand the capacity to thrive in the congested business world and exert the right force needed to pull your targeted audience. It is a staple publication aimed at creating excitement about the opening of your business or brand. It provides the answer to the question – where, when, and how your potential clients can access your new product and service.  It can tweak your brand sales and market projection if properly executed.

In other to achieve the desired result of a business opening press release, it has to be fine-tuned appropriately with the right tone, structure, and style needed to draw the attention of the masses to your new business. It is essential to understand that a well-written business opening announcement press release has the following:

  • A catchy headline
  • The name of the business or brand
  • The exposition about the business
  • An appealing quote from the stakeholders or involved parties (e.g., founder, investor, manager, etc.)
  • Relevant images (logo, fliers, products, office building, etc.)
  • An additional paragraph provides more details about the business (stating the where, what, why, when, and who questions of the business)
  • A strong C.T.A. (call to action) indicating the company/brand website address and where more information about the business can be gotten.
  • Dateline
  • Boilerplate (about the business)
  • Contact information ( contact person, business address, phone)

A Catchy Headline

An entirely written business opening press release starts with the headline. The headline of your release must be captivating and irresistible. It must have the ability to capture the attention of your audience to your announcement. However, to crave a different headline for your freedom, your language must be clear, simple, and easy to understand – not ambiguous. An exciting headline can keep your audience glued to your press release.

The business name should also be at the upfront of your press release, followed by the press release date and location line.

Exposition About The Business

The first paragraph of your release should expound on the new business’s five Ws – who, what, where, when, why, and how. It should provide the niche, mission, operation, product/service of the new business. 

Use a Compelling Quote

Provide a quote from an authority/ involved party to buttress the product or service of the business. The chosen quote should buttress the importance of the business and emphasize the core of the announcement. The quote should focus on the unique perspective of the brand.

Provide Valuable Background Information About The Business

In the last paragraph, details that strengthen the creativity and importance of your business should be included. Ensure that you provide the most important information about your business without boring the reader with too many details.

End your press release with a call to action and provide websites (URLs) that would allow your reader to learn more about your business. After that, attach the broiler’s plate (about the business) and the contact information.

A New Business Opening Press Release Announcement Sample

[Headline: Title of the release]

[City] [Country] Issue Date: [“Immediate Release” or specified date]

[Summary: Briefly explain your message]

[City] [State] Date: (this could be immediate release or you specify the date of release)

[Give details about the business. Include the What, Why, When, Where and Who]

[Provide a quote from a business representative involved in the new business]
[Input more information that strengthens the importance and creativity of your business]

[Insert a call to action and the website of  the company where the reader can get access to more information about the industry]

[About the company: this should include the mission statement of the company]

[This section should include a call to action and also a URL where the reader can find more information. This information should consist of what the company will offer and other specific announced events]

[Contact Details: This should include information like contact info, company, contact person, address, and phone]

Grand Opening Of Deluxe Exclusive Restaurant

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This new establishment in the food industry is ready to eliminate the ethnic problem of food diversities resulting from cultural diversities by bringing together the representation of different cuisines and foods from different cultures to the masses’ reach via its exclusive and budget-friendly menus.

“Partnering with grand merchandise in the food industry is another explosive move to redefining the food experience. It is also an avenue to break the ethical food barriers recycling in the world today.”  Says the C.E.O. of Star Food Chinese restaurant.  “We are set to provide good food and service that is different from the rest.” He added.

The partnership initiation has distinguishable qualities that differentiate it from an average restaurant. Its features range from its high standard food quality coined from high-quality ingredients and cooking ethics to its explicit customer service giving it a competitive advantage over its counterparts.

The C.E.O. of King’s Meal cuisine further stated that:  “Collaborating with Star Food and maximizing its fresh daily ingredients would enhance the provision of quality food and service without interruption as our customers would be able to enjoy their favorite dishes even away from home and the special ethical menu would also be widely available on online platforms for massive orders and instant deliveries.”

Deluxe’s exclusive menu is an exquisite journey for anyone interested in sailing the boat of local, continental, and intercontinental dishes presented, well-designed, and enticing. The enclosed sections (such as appetizers, beverages, lunches, brunches, dinners, and so on) available in the menu help display its professional setting and determination to satisfy its customers in many different ways. Its location gives a fantastic view of the city, which is second to none in the food industry accompanied by its affordable cost, speed, formalities, and exclusive service, just as its name implies.
To gain access to the restaurant’s unique menu, visit our website at www.deluxeexclusiverestaurant.com to place your order or visit our restaurant at Suez Venez 21 road, Gracy layout, Manchester city to have a taste of our specially prepared dishes and cuisines. To stay updated on our upcoming menus, and interact directly with our chefs, subscribe to our newsletter channel at www.deluxeexcluive.mailchip.org.


Star food is a Chinese based restaurant specialized in exceptional Chinese, Indian cuisine, and soups made from fresh daily ingredients. Its vision is to provide a high standard and 100% hygienic food consistently. For more information, visit starfoodcrusine.com.


King’s Meal is an international restaurant whose aim is to alleviate food ethical problems by providing a wide variety of local and intercontinental dishes and making it available to the masses via its logistics and international delivery system. For more information, visit www.kingsrestaurant.com.

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