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Best Press Release Distribution Services

Press release distribution is the process of sending out press releases to journalists. It’s that simple. However, press release distribution has evolved over the years with the use of technology to fast-track connection and delivery of releases to journalists.

Press releases are distributed with the sole purpose of gaining media coverage both online and the traditional media which includes radio, TV, news bulletins, podcasts and blogs. Effective press release distribution helps brands connect with relevant influencers and journalists in their industry and ultimately, boost their brand visibility.

Will anybody get to see your press release when not shared around? No one will see a release that is not distributed and that means loss of potential brand exposure, audience connection and media traction.

Press releases are considered as one of the most trusted sources of information by journalists. Over 44% journalists trust press releases as a valid source of information as the release comes officially from the company and not any intermediate source.

Press releases when used the right way can help pivot a brand to prominence and relevancy. Smart business owners, marketers and PR agencies distribute their press release as they understand the immense benefits of press release distribution.

Press release distribution works in two different ways. Some people prefer to stick with one of the two while others use both at the same time. Sending out a release can be done through newswire services or press release distribution services like NewswireJet, PR Newswire, eReleases, PR Web,, e.t.c.

How to send out a press release

  1. Newswire Publication/Syndication Services: Newswire publication/syndication or press release distribution services helps you fast track gaining media attention and traction. They have an ongoing relationship with hundreds of media outlets and are able to send out press releases and sometimes with guaranteed publication on the news media sites.

Some of these services include NewswireJet, PR Newswire, eReleases, and PR Web. You get a report showing all the picks and analytics detailing coverage and submission desks. The cost for these services starts from $49 to as high as $600 depending on the  provider you decide to go with.

  1. Media Database or PR CRM Software Providers: Theses type of services specializes in providing software solutions that help business owners or PR Pros to build relationships with journalists in their industry. Unlike the first approach, this takes one-one conversation with journalists and building relationships over a period of time.

While this takes longer to achieve, it is also an effective way of gaining media coverage and the services often charge on a monthly or annual basis. Such services are provided by Cision, MuckRack or Prowly.

According to Conversion Hub, the best time to send out a press release is between Tuesday and Thursday. Most people would think Monday is the first day in week, why not send out on Monday. Most people try to get their week planned out on Monday and might not be in the proper work mood. Most times, emails pile up through late Friday, over the weekend and it might not be effective to start competing with those mails.

Here are some of the best press release distribution services according to and

  1. NewswireJet
  2. PRWeb
  3. eReleases
  4. Gebbie Press
  5. Release Wire
  6. PR Newswire
  7. PR Distribution

According to, ranks top above other six press release distribution companies considering the price, ease-of-use, customer support, and coverage.

  1. Standard Press Release: A standard press release is a release sent out to announce an event that has taken place. Standard press releases are used for announcements such as a new hire, or product launch
  2. Embargoed Press Release: An embargoed PR is a release sent out to the media for an event scheduled for a later date. In such cases the PR will be tagged with a release date so the journalist will keep up with the company until there is an official announcement.
  3. Media Advisory: This is a different type of release as it is only done to invite the media to an event. The details of the event are included in the release and the media can publish about the event.

Press releases are often written following a standard as this helps journalists while checking through their mail of releases. A press release should be written in the reportage language and not as a self-promoting piece.