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How To Write A Fashion Press Release [ Samples And Examples Included]

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Now that you are thinking of exposing your creativity to the world and have it get the kind of attention it deserves, you might as well want to know how to write a fashion press release and see some examples as well. Press releases are getting more popular among entrepreneurs and they can now leverage on it’s power just like the big brands out there.

If you have the time and the confidence to write, you can write your fashion press release without having to pay $300 to have your captivating press release (If you need a Pro to handle this for you, just for $100 we have you covered).

In this article you will get to see the vital parts of a fashion press release, how to find a winning angle to your press release and make it engaging to your audience. You will also get to see some examples to help you as you try to write your own release.

Why A Press Release Is Important To Your Brand Awareness

The business of fashion is a unique business. More than anything, what you are selling the intangible part of your business. That is what drives the sales of your tangible stocks. You are basically selling a dream, a feeling and trust. You customers want to trust you, your brand and your products and they want to have this feeling that they are associated with a successful brand.

You need to power up your brand exposure and online reputation presence. Press release help you achieve faster than anything else. You can have your brand mentioned on authority news sites and ranking impressively well on Google. So when anyone searches for your brand name, they will see press releases and media sites written to boost your brand’s image or announce critical milestones.

Key Components Of a Fashion Press Release

  • Captivating Title
  • Sneak peak summary: Let the cat out of the bad and create more curiosity with the summary section
  • Introduction: Your introduction should be brief and must entail the 5 Ws (Who, What, Why, When and Where)
  • Details about the product, collections, features, benefits, specifications, origin
  • A quote from a company executive or the CEO
  • A quote/review from a previous customer
  • Captivating product images
  • Boiler plate section ( Company name, contact person, phone number, email and website)

Fashion Press Release Examples

Using a few press examples help you understand various PR techniques used by successful brands in connecting with their audience and promoting their brands. You will get to analyse how the Headlines are formed and the type of words familiar to the industry while you use your own creativity and brings your brand’s uniqueness to the mix as well.

You can also study how the first two paragraphs are constructed as this will help you in writing a powerful press release that will resonate with your audience. You will learn from other PR Pros as to how to craft their words and various writing styles and possible word play for your releases.

Here are a few examples:

  • Press Release Example
  • Press Release Example
  • Press Release Example
  • Press Release Example

Important Recommendations For Your Next Clothing Line Press Release

Writing a press release can technical and that is why most people prefer contracting it out to professional press release writers. However, writing it yourself is not out of reach if you understand the simple and basic rules of writing one. You might be surprised at how great your press release would turn out to be, if you give it a try.

Unlike other forms of content like blog posts, press releases are written in formats and the tone must defer depending on the type of press release you are writing.

Our focus here is to help you understand how to write a fashion press release so you can start getting some hot buzz around your brand.

The Headline Dynamics

This is sauce of your release. A powerful headline must have the power to captivate your readers without sounding out of this universe or promising the whole galaxy. Your press release must capture the essence of the announcement and give your readers a good view of what’s in for them.

Your headline should contain your brand name, name of product or collection to be launched and the value or glamour it brings. You can add specific words that addresses your target audience if your product is for a specific set of people, a good example is if you are trying to market pregnant ladies.

Use Industry Relevant Words With Brevity

You might need to research some important words or use phrases that will help you convey your message in a way that is relevant to them. This way you are connecting with them which is a smart way to boost engagement.

Using words that are relevant will help you boost your conversion rate as you will be able to connect more with your readers. When your readers can relate to your content, they are more likely to open up the article and see what’s in it for them.

If you are writing a release for a casual wear collection, you might want to use words that people shopping for casuals will find important in their choice of a casual wear. A casual wear should be made with light and flowing fabrics and wearable to casual parties, at home or to a friend’s house or shopping.

You will want to research out the best words to describe a beautiful and an easy to wear cloth. Probably, one major criteria for someone looking to buy a casual wear would be how easy it is to wear the clothe.

Understanding The 5 Ws

The 5 Ws are the key points every press release must have. Most time they appear within the first paragraph of a press release. Depending on the type of release, some writers still add this to the second paragraph,

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