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15 Press Release Examples For Fresh PR Ideas

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Looking for the best examples for your next press release? You will find some of the best examples here and you can download them for free! We go one step further to explain what makes each sample so unique and effective so you know why each samples makes the list.

We have over fifty press release examples cutting across various industries. From product launch announcement to new hire press release and event press release, you can get to see some of the best press releases out there and draw some inspiration for your project.

Using press release examples help you save time and you can meet deadlines faster. Writing is an art and a few example of previous works can help give you inspiration or solve some puzzles. When writing a press release, you want to be sure your style is the best so you can get the best results for your PR campaign; if this is is something you care about, taking a look at other people’s work can be so invaluable.

Your ultimate goal is to write not just the best press release but the most result-oriented press release. The kind of press release that resonates with your audience and gain quick traction with the media. You also need to be sure your style fits into your long-term goal for your PR and communication style as well.

When you see a press release example from a company in your industry, you definitely should that a look for clear reasons; you want to see how your competitors do their thing. If the competitor is such with a stronger brand compared to yours, you will need to check everything and ask yourself WHY are they doing it this way- Doing this will help you gain insights on what works and how you can implement same concepts into your PR and Communications.

Choosing The Right Press Release Example: What To Consider

  1. Your industry
  2. Your long-term PR goal
  3. Your brand style
  4. Your communication goal
  5. Your audience
  6. Your media contact list

What To Expect From Press Release Samples

  1. Inspiration on how to craft your killer press release
  2. What works and what probably will not work
  3. Acceptable standards in press release writing
  4. Insight into different writing styles adopted by organizations.
  5. Serve as template to help you save time and do more

Press Release Examples That Can Help Inspire You

Book Launch Announcement

We have five press release examples for press release that can be of help. If you are looking at creating some buzz for your book or that of a client, the examples will be of help to you. Writing press releases can be difficult sometimes, especially when you run out of ideas.

Book launch press releases comes with a unique kind of difficulty for PR writers as they try to find a balance between showing a bit flesh of the book, giving the media enough reasons why it is important and showing the benefits to readers as well. As difficult as that might appear to be, here are some examples that can help you crack your way through.

Book Launch/Announcement Press Releases

  1. Press Release Example Number
  2. Press Release Example Number 2
  3. Press Release Example Number 3

Event Announcement

How do you announce your event and create a big buzz around it? Writing a press release for event announcement should not be as boring as most people would think it should be, it can be both informative and compelling at the same time. We have compiled a list of well written even press releases with a beautiful blend of every thing a PR should have. If you need a good guide or example to help you make your event announcement stand out, here are a few samples that can be of help.

The first paragraph for an event press release is very important. You have the first 5-70 words to showcase the importance of the event, why the media should care, the benefits for your audience, where it will take place and what time. This may look like so much to put in a single paragraph, but if done well, it can improve the engagement level and success of your PR outreach.

If you are about announcing an annual event, there should be a little element of importance or something new so everyone can know there is something new on the table this new year. Most PR professionals follow boring templates while writing event press release, but a smart PR writer definitely understand the art of information and engagement. Combining both in your press release can make a significant difference.

Event Announcement Press Releases

  1. Example Number One
  2. Example Number 2
  3. Example Number 3

Press Release For a New Hire

When you hire a new staff, announcing it comes as the next step for your PR/Media department. The job market is a very dynamic one and everyday talents move from one company to another trying to give their best and move up the ladder in their career path. For most company a new hire worth announcing means a lot. It could be a prove of their growing brand strength, their ability to attract great industry talents, a positive turnaround for their business outlook and a host of others

Most new hire/employment press release come boring and look traditional. For some PR writers, the most important thing is letting the world know the company now has a new staff or talent on board. To write a great new hire press release, you would need to understand the potential benefit of the new staff to the company and wire your press release around those points. After all, nobody hires just for the sake of doing so. There must be a reason behind such move and you should amplify the reasons or benefits anticipated.

New Hire Press Releases

  1. Example Number One
  2. Example Number 2
  3. Example Number 3

Product Launch Press Release

Ready to get the word our about your new product? That is always an exciting to do and we feel the same way too each time we have a news about our products. Announcing a new product can be great and at the same time damning if done the wrong way. For some companies, the media wait for every new product they’ve got to offer and you will even see speculations about their newest product releases before the official release.

If your brand is not enjoying that much following, you have more work to do and more brakes to pull when writing your product launch press release. While writing a product launch press release, you should avoid using sales terms or appear to just want to sell and not inform.

A press release is first a piece of information and that’s pretty much all we need it to do. But doing more than that while informing can be great and that is why most PR Pros try to find a balance between the PR and the Marketing side. Ideally you should never look like a salesman with your press releases.

Product Launch Press Releases

  1. Example Number One
  2. Example Number 2
  3. Example Number 3

Store Opening

Let’s ring the bell and create the buzz! Your store is about hitting the runway, either it’s brick and mortar nor the next big dotcom idea, a store opening press release can be so exciting to write. To create a stunning store opening press release, you should make a list of what makes your business idea or product valuable to your target audience.

If your company or store will be selling revolutionary health tracking smartwatches, that will be a great news globally so no need to find a local attache to it, but imagine you are opening the cutest coffee shop in town, let everyone know the most spiced up and best-for-health coffee is about to open.

Store Opening Examples

  1. Example Number One
  2. Example Number 2
  3. Example Number 3

Press Release For Music/Album Launch

Time to launch the best song ever! You are ready to showcase your talent one more time or for the time and you’ve got to do it right, and not just right, but the best way. We believe that is true and you need to give your new album or that of your client the best shot. For most writers, music press releases can be boring and difficult to write. To write a compelling press release, you will need to write as though the singer is talking and write in the language of the target audience.

To write a great music/album launch press release, you will need to study the industry, the language, the music style and the personality of the artist you are representing. Understanding the industry help you stay within range of what is expected of you and knowing the language help you communicate in the exact language of the music genre.

Album Launch Press Releases

  1. Example Number One
  2. Example Number 2
  3. Example Number 3

Press Release For Non-Profit

Writing a press release for a non-profit organization can be fulfilling, because you are part of something that is making the world a better place. To write an impressive non-profit press release, you need to understand how the current release goes with the overall mission of the non-profit and the immediate need they are try to meet. A non-profit press release most times seek to focus on what they are doing and how it benefits the society.

If you can write from your heart and use the right figures, you will find yourself writing an information and highly engaging non-profit press release. You can use the samples presented here to further broaden you understanding on how to write a non-profit press release.

Non-Profit Press release samples

  1. Example Number One
  2. Example Number 2
  3. Example Number 3


Even the best PR Pros revert to press release examples when they hit the road block or need to see how other people do what they do. Learning is a curve that should never be exhausted and the same goes even to best public relations experts. The constant need to be at the top of one’s game is essential to being at the top of the game and stay relevant.

A previously written press release you come across might not the best out there, but if you are open-minded enough, you might be able to see one or two things you can learn, or at the worst you can get to the horrible press releases written in the past by others. Whichever way it goes, you will eventually learn one or two things.

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