A new product launch press release helps you share your story and let the world know what your product is all about, what makes it different and your visions as well. You can write a great press release by following a template or using a press release sample.

Launching a new product is an exciting milestone, but its success greatly depends on effective promotion. A well-crafted new product launch press release can be the key to generating buzz, attracting media attention, and engaging potential users.

What is a New Product Launch Press  Release?

A new product launch press release is a brief public announcement by a company to introduce a new product to the market. It provides essential details about the product’s name, features, platform availability, and its benefits to users. A new product press release should follow the standard AP style format and stay within 350-450 words.

The purpose of a new product launch press release is to inform the public, media outlets, and potential customers about the product’s official release, with the aim of garnering interest and driving sales.

A press release written for your new brand can help you generate media attention giving you quick traction and brand trust as well.

A new brand launch press release should emphasize on the 5 Ws (Why, What, Where, When and Who) of a press release, showing What the Product is all about, Why the Product is newsworthy, Who produced the product and Who the target audience is, Where it can be obtained and When it will be available at different stores

The “Why” is more like the unique selling point (USP) of the product and the problem it solves.

The “What” should focus on the specific nature and functionality of the product. It outlines its key features, capabilities, and any unique attributes that distinguish it in the market.

The “Where” should focus on which platform the product can be procured. This typically encompasses well-established marketplaces such as the Play Store and Apple App Store, among others, contingent on the nature of the product.

The “Who” should focus on the identity of the publisher and their credentials. Additionally, this section can provide insight into the target demographic for the product.

The “When” should focus on the anticipated availability of the product for consumers to acquire.

To effectively craft a compelling story for your new product launch and set the stage for its grand success, you can either learn how to write a press release and use a press release distribution service to get the news out there, or hire a PR company to help you get it done. The first option, will help you control the tone of voice of your PR and save you cost as well.

In this article you will learn how to write a press release for your new product launch like an expert saving you the cost of hiring a professional to write your press release and giving you full control of your press release style and tone.

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How To Write a New Product Launch Press Release Step-by-Step?

  1. Strong Headline
  2. Compelling Lead Paragraph
  3. Elaborate on What and Why
  4. Highlight Who, Where, and When
  5. Incorporate Quotes
  6. Provide Supporting Information
  7. End with Contact Information
  8. Add a Boilerplate
  1. Start with a Strong Headline

Create a clear and attention-grabbing headline that encapsulates the essence of your new product. It should be concise and engaging, compelling the reader to continue.

  1. Craft a Compelling Lead Paragraph

The opening paragraph should provide a succinct overview of the product and why it’s noteworthy. Include the essential details like the product name, its purpose, and its key features.

  1. Elaborate on the What and Why

In subsequent paragraphs, delve deeper into the specifics of the product. Explain its unique features, benefits, and how it addresses a particular need or solves a problem for your target audience.

  1. Highlight the Who, Where, and When

Clearly state who is behind the product (your company), where it can be accessed or purchased (platforms, stores), and when it will be available for the public. This section provides context and logistical information.

  1. Incorporate Quotes

Include quotes from key stakeholders such as company executives, product managers, or developers. These quotes add credibility and a human touch to the press release.

  1. Provide Supporting Information

Offer additional background information about your company, its mission, and any noteworthy achievements. This reinforces your credibility and can help establish trust with readers.

  1. End with Contact Information

Conclude the press release with relevant contact information. This should include a media contact person’s name, email address, and phone number. This makes it easy for journalists or interested parties to get in touch for further inquiries.

  1. Add a Boilerplate

Include a brief paragraph about your company at the end of the press release. This boilerplate provides a quick overview of your company’s history, mission, and achievements.

Remember to add the following key standard elements to your new brand launch press release: headline, dateline, lead, body, company details & media contact information. When writing a product launch press release, make sure to add the five W’s, Who, Where, When, Why and What. Also, have a curated list of media contacts or use a newswire to distribute your press release.

What to Avoid in a New Product Launch Press Release?

Craft an impactful new product launch press release by steering clear of these common pitfalls

  • Overly Technical Jargon: Avoid using excessive technical language that may be difficult for the general audience to understand. Keep the language clear and accessible.
  • Exaggeration or Hype: While it’s important to highlight the benefits of your product, avoid making exaggerated claims or overhyping its capabilities. Be truthful and transparent.
  • Neglecting the Target Audience: Ensure the press release is tailored to the interests and needs of your target audience. Don’t make it too generic; instead, focus on what matters most to your potential customers.
  • Lack of Visuals or Multimedia: Neglecting to include relevant images, videos, or multimedia elements can make your press release less engaging. Visuals can enhance understanding and capture attention.
  • Ignoring Proofreading and Editing: Spelling and grammar mistakes can diminish the credibility of your press release. Always thoroughly proofread and edit before sending it out to ensure a professional presentation.

How To Format a New Product Launch Press Release?

  1. Headline
  2. Release Date
  3. Contact Information
  4. Dateline
  5. Lead Paragraph
  6. Body
  8. Boilerplate

Organize your new brand launch press release effectively by incorporating essential elements like headline, introduction, quotes, and contact information.

  1. Headline: Use a clear, attention-grabbing headline that summarizes the essence of the product launch.
  1. Release Date: Place the release date, usually in bold, at the beginning to indicate when the press release can be published.
  1. Contact Information: Include the contact details of the media contact person (name, email, phone number) at the top of the press release.
  1. Dateline: Below the contact information, include a dateline that includes the city and state where the press release is issued from.
  1. Lead Paragraph: Start with a concise lead paragraph that provides the most important information about the product launch, including the who, what, when, where, and why.
  1. Body: Elaborate on the product, its features, benefits, and the problem it solves. Use paragraphs to provide additional details and context.
  1. Quotes: Insert quotes from key stakeholders, like company executives or product managers, to add credibility and a human touch.
  1. Boilerplate: At the end of the press release, include a brief company overview (boilerplate) that highlights the company’s history, mission, and any notable achievements.

When to Publish a Press Release For Your New Product?

Your new product press release should be published around two weeks prior to the products’s official release date. This timeline provides journalists and bloggers sufficient time to review, prepare, and share your press release with their audiences. Make sure your press release is within the 350-450-word range and features an attention-grabbing headline. This approach ensures that your product launch gains the necessary media coverage and generates anticipation among potential users.

New Product Launch Press Release Template

[Your Company Logo]



[Company Name] Unveils Groundbreaking [Product Name] Redefining [Industry/Niche]

[CITY, STATE] – [Company Name], a leader in innovation and technology, is thrilled to announce the official launch of [Product Name], a revolutionary [product category] designed to transform the [industry/niche]. This cutting-edge product aims to redefine the way [target audience] experiences [key benefit/advantage] like never before.

[Product Name] boasts an array of groundbreaking features, setting new standards for [industry/niche]. With [key highlight #1], [key highlight #2], and [key highlight #3], it offers unparalleled performance and exceptional user experience. This product represents a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering top-notch solutions that cater to the evolving needs of our customers.

Key features and benefits of [Product Name] include:

[Feature #1]: [Describe the feature and its benefits]
[Feature #2]: [Describe the feature and its benefits]
[Feature #3]: [Describe the feature and its benefits]
[Feature #4]: [Describe the feature and its benefits]

“We are excited to introduce [Product Name] to the [industry/niche]. Our team has put in countless hours of research and development to ensure that this product not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our valued customers,” said [Spokesperson/Founder Name], [Job Title] of [Company Name]. “[Product Name] represents the pinnacle of our dedication to innovation and delivering excellence.”

[Product Name] will be available for purchase starting [availability date], and customers can pre-order it on our website at [website link]. To celebrate the launch, we will be offering an exclusive discount of [Discount Percentage] for the first [Number] customers.

For more information about [Product Name] and to stay updated on the latest news, please visit [product website link] or follow us on [social media handles].

About [Company Name]:

[Company Name] is a [brief description of the company and its mission/vision]. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, we continue to lead the [industry/niche] through cutting-edge products and exceptional services.

Media Contact

[Media Contact Name]

[Job Title]

[Company Name]

Phone: [Contact Number]

Email: [Contact Email]


New Product Launch Press Release Example

[Your Company Logo]

Vinemobile Unveils AiPad: The Next Evolution in Mobile Technology

[CITY, STATE] – Vinemobile, a leading innovator in the technology industry, is proud to announce the highly-anticipated launch of AiPad, a revolutionary advancement in mobile technology that promises to reshape the way we experience the digital world.

AiPad represents a significant leap forward in the tablet market, incorporating cutting-edge artificial intelligence to elevate user interactions to new heights. With its exceptional performance, sleek design, and unmatched functionality, AiPad sets a new standard for the entire mobile device industry.

Key Features of AiPad:

AI Integration: AiPad harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to deliver personalized user experiences, intuitive interactions, and seamless multitasking.

Ultra-HD Display: The crystal-clear Ultra-HD display of AiPad brings stunning visuals and vibrant colors to life, enhancing the way users view images, videos, and applications.

Extended Battery Life: AiPad’s optimized power management system ensures prolonged usage time, keeping users connected and productive throughout their day.

Cutting-Edge Security: Vinemobile prioritizes the security of user data and privacy, incorporating state-of-the-art biometric authentication and robust encryption protocols.

“We are excited to introduce AiPad, the result of our team’s relentless pursuit of technological excellence,” said [Spokesperson/Founder Name], [Job Title] of Vinemobile. “AiPad’s AI integration and exceptional performance will revolutionize how users interact with their mobile devices.”

AiPad is set to hit the market on [availability date], and customers can now pre-order this groundbreaking device at [website link]. As a special offer, early adopters will receive an exclusive [Discount Percentage] discount.

Stay up-to-date with the latest news and developments about AiPad on [product website link] or follow Vinemobile on [social media handles].

About Vinemobile:

Vinemobile is a leading innovator in the technology sector, committed to enhancing user experiences through state-of-the-art products and solutions.

Media Contact:

[Media Contact Name]

[Job Title]

Phone: [Contact Number]

Email: [Contact Email]


New Product Launch Press Release Distribution

One thing is to write a great press release for your new product, another thing is to have it published where it really matters.

You can explore different strategies in publishing your press release and start creating some buzz around your new product.

Press Release Distribution Services

One of the fastest ways to get your word out there is using newswire syndication services like NewswireJet. While there are a number of press release distribution services out there, NewswireJet can help you publish your press release on media sites like Yahoo Finance, AP News, Business Insider, Top media affiliates of FOX, CBS, and ABC.

With a newswire distribution service, you can have your news published within hours. This gives you speed as you don’t need to spend tons of hours or days looking for where to have youre press release published.

Press Release distribution services again have access to tons of media sites and they get to do the heavy lifting for you while you focus on what really matters about your business.

Find Journalist/Media Contacts

Using contacts of jounrlists that are interested in your industry is another effective way to get your news out there. You can curate out lists of journalists in your industry, introduce your business or idea to them and have them publish your story.

While this can take time, it can be very rewarding as well.

Using this approach means you can use different tactics to get a journalist to write about your new product.


Now you have the essential knowledge for crafting an impactful new product launch press release and distributing it successfully. In summary, remember that a compelling product press release for a product launch includes an attention-grabbing headline showcasing unique benefits and features.

Follow the standard press release elements while focusing on your target audience and the publications they read. Clearly highlight why your product is worth discussing and generating excitement. For maximum impact, include attractive product visuals directly within the press release, avoiding attachments whenever possible. With these elements in place, you’re well-prepared to make your product launch a resounding success.


How Can I distribute my product launch press release?

You can distribution a new product launch press release through newswire distribution sites like NewswireJet. A press release or newswire service will help you publish your press release quickly. Using a press release distribution will help you save time and cost so you can focus on other things that will help you launch your new product to the market.

What is the purpose of a press release for a product launch?

A new product launch press release is written to announce a new product to the market and make the news available to journalists or news sites.

Companies use press releases in many ways and one this way is to announce a new product launch. Doing this can will help you quickly get the word out about your new product giving you speed in getting this done.

How do you craft a product launch press release?

To write a press release for a new product, craft an attention-grabbing headline, provide a concise product description with unique selling points, include quotes from key company personnel, add visuals, and include a clear call-to-action. Format the press release properly, proofread for errors, and distribute it to relevant media outlets.