Your new product is about hitting the market? Getting the word out definitely is on your mind and that’s absolutely what you should be thinking about.


Informing journalists and customers about your new product is very important. A press release can be very helpful when it comes to letting people know about your company’s new product. A well written press release will also help you drive attention and generate enough media hype around your new product.


Most small business owners or local service providers do not understand how much they are missing when they fail to get in to the news about their new service, product or pricing.


You can create a press release for your new pricing. Take for example the average cost of repairing a toilet in your area is $250, you can let people in your area know that you are helping them save $50. Look at this narrative… XYZ Plumbing Will Help Local Area Households Save $50,000 in the next 6 months.


If you come across this and you live in the area, you are likely going to read the press release..

A press release can be very helpful when done the right way. Knowing how to write a press release that actually gets attention is very important and using a press release distribution channel with wide coverage as well. If you do not have enough time or not too sure if you can write a great press release, you can consider using our press release writing service.


Let’s get down to details if you want to learn how to write a powerful product launch press release.


How To Write A Product Launch Press Release: 4 Key Concepts


  1. Beam The Light On Your USP: Some people fail when it comes to drawing attention on their products while writing a press release. Do no sound salesy and do not fail to show the world what your product can do. What works best in this case is to let people the type of problems your product can solve. Let the world know what makes you different and why they should care about what your new product. They will care if they feel the product cares about their needs or it can help them solve a problem. That brings us to the next point..
  2. Speak Your Reader’s Language: If you are about launching a mobile device software that will replace Android. You need to research and know what problems people are having with Android and how you are providing the right answers to that. Let them know your new product is the right solution for “that” particular problem.
  3. Stay On Track: A press release should not be more than 400 words and that is all you need to let people know what you have to say. You will need to stay on point as your build your case with the press release. Start with a powerful and compelling title for your press release (You can try to write this after you are done with the press release. Use your first paragraph smartly and continue the build-up to the next paragraph.
  4. Stories Stick Better: You can infuse a little story about how your product can help solve a problem or how your company has been so successful with other clients. Stories are powerful because people hardly forget them. You can be creative with your press release without going off track.



Your Product Launch Press Release Should Include The Following


  • Catchy headline
  • Details about the new store
    • name
    • location
    • products/ services
    • opening date
    • opening times
    • owner
    • history of the brand
  • Quote from involved parties – CEO, owner, buyer/seller, (recommended)
  • Relevant image: company logo, store building, owner, CEO, manager (recommended)
  • Company website URL
  • Release date
  • Dateline
  • Boilerplate – about the store and the brand;
  • Contact information (contact person, store address, phone)

How To Write A Product Launch Press Release: Step-By Step-Guide


The writing process is the next thing we will cover. We have talked about the concepts that must be followed and now you need to know how to get it done!

Write A killer Headline (Do This Last)

You might want to jump on and write your title. This sound very smart and that’s what everyone would do, but then why not consider saving the best for the first in the case…


Writing your headline when you are done with the press release draft gives you more clarity about the essence of the press release. You can write a good title right from the beginning, but the best titles come from the having a better perspective about the essence of the PR after taking other aspects of the PR into consideration.


Your title is like a wire that ties all other paragraphs together. Your reader wants to look at that single wire and have a clue about your press release or know why they should try to untie the whole package.


Your title is what compels your reader to delve in further, and you want to make sure that really happens. Regardless of how you choose to structure it, it’s essential to ensure that the header stays succinct, clear, and easy to understand.


Argue Your Points


After the title, the next thing you must take good care of is your first paragraph. This should contain the 5 Ws. The Where, What, Why, When and Who. If you are successful in pulling your readers to this stage, you should do well enough to hold them in, and take them further.

Your introduction should explain and summarize all that they need to know at a glance.  The introduction should effectively show the Where, When, Who and Where. You may not have enough space to argue the “Why” in your first paragraph, the next few paragraphs should help you get that done.

A press release should has about 4- 5 paragraphs including the boiler plate. You have the next three paragraphs to argue why your product is a very important for your target audience.

 Your Boiler Plate

A boiler plate is like a summary of your business, what you do and what makes you great. You can easily do this by using the content in your About Us Page.  Every press release should end with a boiler plate and you can do this as well. The boiler plate explains about your business and let people know more about your company.

Edit..ProofRead and Read Again


This stage is very important. You should go through your press release draft all over again to be sure there are not mistakes. People can easily develop an opinion about how serious your products would be just by looking at the type of efforts you put into your press release.


If there are obvious grammar blunders, you can be sure no one will take your serious. A press release is a silent ambassador or your business and you need to make sure your ambassador looks great.


Distribute Your Press Release

You can take out time to reach out to journalists within your area and bloggers as well. Send them a pitch and let them know you are about launching a product that can help their audience.  While reaching out pay more attention to what you think will benefit them and their audience, not marketing your product directly. Be simple in your approach and let personal as well.


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