A new store opening press release helps you share your story and let the world know what your new store is all about, what makes it different and your visions as well. 

Launching a new store is an exciting milestone, but its success greatly depends on effective promotion. A well-crafted new store opening press release can be the key to generating buzz, attracting media attention, and engaging potential users.

What is a New Store Opening Press Release?

A New Store Opening press release is a brief public announcement by a company to introduce a new store location to the market. It provides essential details about the store, distinctive features, opening hours, its location and its benefits to your customers. A store opening press release should follow the standard AP style format and  should be within the 350-450 words range.

The purpose of a new store launch press release is to inform the public, media, and potential customers about the opening of your store lounge and encourage visits to see opportunities available. A press release written for Store Opening can help you generate media visibility opening you to new potential customers and boost your brand as well.

A Store Opening press release should emphasis on the 5 Ws (Why, What, Where, When and Who) of a press release, showing What the new store signifies, Why the new store will be important to customers, Who is behind the establishment and Who the target audience is, Where it is situated and When it will be accessible to the public.

The “Why” is more like the unique selling point (USP) of the new store and solutions the new store will provide.

The “Where” should focus on the location of the new store, opportunities in the new location which will also be of benefit to stakeholders. 

The “What” outlines the core essence and purpose of the store, encapsulating what users can expect to experience.

The “Who” should focus on the identity of your company and its background. If your company has a strong reputation in the industry, it will be ideal to mention that in the press release. The Who can also touch on the target audience. 

The “When” should focus on when the new store will be launched.

To effectively establish a strong foundation for the launch of your new store and come up with a compelling narrative around it, you could either acquire the skill on how to write a press release, and make use of a press release distribution service to disseminate the news out there, or enlist the services of a PR company to help you get it done. The former option, will help you control the tone of voice of your PR while still being a cost-effective approach.

In this article you will discover how to write a professional press release for the opening of your new store, saving you the expenses associated with hiring a professional to write your press release and yet give you full control of your press release style and tone.

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How to write a New Store Opening Press Release Step-by-Step?

  1. Create a Captivating Headline 
  2. Introduce the Store Opening 
  3. Highlight Key Aspects 
  4. Showcase Attendee Benefits 
  5. Include Visuals
  6. Share your Registration Links
  7. Feature Quotes
  8. Provide Contact Information
  1. Create a Captivating Headline: 

Compose a headline which immediately captures the essence of your store opening and its significance. Your headline should be precise yet convey the most exciting aspect of the event. A well-crafted headline will arouse readers’ curiosity and entice them to explore the press release further.

  1. Introduce Your Store Opening:

Introduce your store opening event to readers in the opening paragraph. Provide a succinct summary which outlines the purpose of the event, your target audience, and the major message it conveys. Include here the name of the event and a single sentence description of the main highlights. 

  1. Highlight Key Aspects:

Write the details of the key aspects of your store opening in such a way that it will showcase its uniqueness and value. Focus on the major features that make this store opening stand out instead of putting up an exhaustive list. Describe them in a concise but engaging manner.

  1. Showcase Attendee Benefits:

Explain the benefits attendees will gain by participating in your store opening. Clearly detail how the event will enhance their professional lives, offer networking opportunities, or even give valuable insights. Link these benefits with the Key Aspects you mentioned earlier to show how they directly impact the experience of attendees.

  1. Include Visuals:

Use high-quality images of the store or graphics that represent your store and the atmosphere of the event. These visual elements not only break up the text but also give readers a glimpse of what to expect. These visuals are of benefit to the press release as it will make it easier for readers to visualize the store space and event setup.

  1. Share Registration Links:

Make available direct registration links or provide event details where interested individuals can sign up to attend the store opening physically or even virtually. This removes barriers for potential attendees, increasing the likelihood of their participation.

  1. Feature Quotes:

Add quotes from key individuals involved in planning or leading the store opening event. This could be the CEO or the event organizer. These quotes give a personal touch to the press release and give insights into the motivation behind the event or what this means to your organization. 

  1. Provide Contact Information:

Conclude the press release by providing contact information for media inquiries or questions related to the event. Also offer a contact email address or phone number that Journalists can use in requesting for interviews, obtain additional information, or seek clarifications. With these information interested parties can also readily reach out for further details about your store opening. 

Remember to add the following key standard elements to your store opening press release: headline, dateline, lead, body, company details & media contact information. When writing a store launch press release, make sure to add the five W’s, Who, Where, When, Why and What. Also, have a curated list of media contacts or use a newswire to distribute your press release.

What to avoid in a New Store Opening Press Release?

Ensure your new store opening press release announcement is a memorable and effective one by avoiding these common mistakes:

  • Excessive Technical Language: Steer clear of complex terminology which may seem common in your industry; use clear and straightforward language instead for broader comprehension.
  • Overwhelming Detail: Focus on the essential features, concise content is what captures and maintains the interest of your audience.
  • Hyperbole and Exaggeration: Stay true to your message; simply avoid any extravagant claims and just maintain a balanced, credible tone throughout.
  • Lack of Clarity: Clearly express the purpose and benefits of your store opening to guarantee immediate understanding for the reader.
  • Neglecting Proofreading: Don’t overlook the need for proofreading; typos or errors can diminish the professionalism and effectiveness of your message.

How to Format a Store Opening Press Release?

  1. Headline
  2. Dateline
  3. Introduction
  4. Body Text
  5. About the Store
  7. Contact Information
  8. Boilerplate

Effective incorporation of essential elements like headline, introduction, store details, quotes, and contact information is key in writing a professional press release.

  1. Headline: Come up with a compelling and concise title that encapsulates the essence and value proposition of your store opening.
  2. Dateline: Start your press release with the release date and location information to provide context. 
  3. Introduction: Begin with a brief overview of your store opening, emphasizing on its significance and key highlights.
  4. Body Text: Delve into the details of your store opening, highlight its features, benefits, and innovations. Make sure the paragraphs are well structured for clarity and readability.
  5. About the Office: Give insights about the purpose of the new store, its target audience, and what sets it apart from other stores.
  6. Quotes: Include quotes from major figures such as your company’s leaders, notable guests or individuals that endorse the opening of the new store.
  7. Contact Information: Make sure you include media contact details to facilitate inquiries and requests for interviews. 
  8. Boilerplate: Conclude with a standard company description which includes your company background, achievements, and mission statement.

When to Publish a New Store Opening Press Release?

Ideally, your store’s grand opening announcement should go live approximately two weeks before the official opening date. This strategic timeframe will allow for ample opportunity for journalists and bloggers to assess, craft, and help disseminate your announcement to their respective audiences. Make sure the announcement falls within the 350-450 word range along  with a captivating headline. This will help guarantee the announcement garners essential media attention and create excitement among prospective clients and partners. 

New Store Opening Press Release Template

[Your Store’s Logo]



[Store Name] Announces Grand Opening of New Location in [City]

[City, Date] — [Store Name], a leading [type of store], is excited to announce the grand opening of its newest location in [City]. The new store will be located at [Address] and will officially open its doors to the public on [Date].

“We are thrilled to expand our presence to [City] and become a part of this vibrant community,” said [Your Name], [Your Title] at [Store Name]. “Our team has worked tirelessly to bring a wide range of high-quality products and exceptional customer service to this location. We can’t wait to welcome our new customers and provide them with an unforgettable shopping experience.”

The new store will feature an extensive selection of [mention some of your store’s main products or services]. In addition to a diverse product offering, customers can expect [mention any special features or services unique to this location].

To celebrate the grand opening, [Store Name] will be hosting a special event on [Event Date] from [Event Time]. The event will feature [mention any special activities, promotions, or giveaways planned for the opening day].

“We want to invite the entire community to join us on [Event Date] to celebrate this milestone with us,” added [Your Name]. “There will be exciting surprises and exclusive promotions throughout the day, making it an event you won’t want to miss.”

For more information about [Store Name] and the grand opening event, please visit [Website URL].

About [Store Name]:

[Provide a brief background about your company, including its mission, values, and any notable achievements.]

About [Store Name]:

[Provide a brief background about your company, including its mission, values, and any notable achievements.]

Media Contact:

[Your Name]

[Your Title]

[Your Company]

[Your Phone Number]

[Your Email Address]

[Your Website]


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New Store Opening Press Release Example

Certainly! Here’s a fictional New Store Opening Press Release for a company called “Sunrise Electronics”:

[Sunrise Electronics Logo]


Sunrise Electronics Announces Grand Opening of New Location in San Francisco

San Francisco, September 25, 2023 — Sunrise Electronics, a leading provider of cutting-edge electronics and smart home solutions, is pleased to announce the grand opening of its newest location in the heart of San Francisco. The new store will be situated at 123 Tech Boulevard and will welcome customers starting September 30, 2023.

“We are absolutely delighted to bring Sunrise Electronics to the vibrant city of San Francisco,” said John Stevens, CEO of Sunrise Electronics. “Our team has poured dedication and expertise into curating a selection of the latest and most innovative electronic products to cater to the tech-savvy community of this city.”

The San Francisco store will feature an extensive range of state-of-the-art electronics including smartphones, laptops, home automation devices, and more. In addition, customers can expect personalized assistance from our knowledgeable staff and access to exclusive in-store promotions.

To mark this significant milestone, Sunrise Electronics will host a special launch event on September 30th from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The event will feature product demonstrations, exciting giveaways, and exclusive discounts for early visitors.

“We invite the entire San Francisco community to join us on September 30th and celebrate with us,” added Emily Thompson, Marketing Director at Sunrise Electronics. “This is a day filled with not only fantastic deals but also an opportunity to explore the latest in electronics and smart home technology.”

For more information about Sunrise Electronics and the grand opening event, please visit www.sunriseelectronics.com.

About Sunrise Electronics:

Sunrise Electronics is a forward-thinking company dedicated to providing customers with the latest in cutting-edge technology. With a commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Sunrise Electronics has become a trusted name in the electronics industry.

Media Contact:

Emily Thompson

Marketing Director

Sunrise Electronics

Phone: (555) 555-5555

Email: emily.thompson@sunriseelectronics.com

Website: www.sunriseelectronics.com


Other Types of Press Releases

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How To Distribute Your New Store Opening Press Release?

It’s one thing is to write a great press release for your new store unveiling but another thing is to have it published where it really matters.

You can explore different strategies in publishing your press release and start creating some buzz around your store launch.

Press Release Distribution Services

One of the fastest ways to get your word out there is using newswire syndication services like NewswireJet. While there are a number of press release distribution services out there, NewswireJet will help you publish your press release on media sites like Yahoo Finance, AP News, Business Insider, Top media affiliates of FOX, CBS, and ABC.

With a newswire distribution service, you can have your news published within hours. This gives you speed as you don’t need to spend tons of hours or days looking for where to have your press release published.

Press Release distribution services again have access to tons of media sites and they get to do the heavy lifting for you while you focus on what really matters about your store’s launch.

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Find Journalist/Media Contacts

Using contacts of journalists that are interested in your industry is another effective way to get your news out there. You can curate out lists of journalists in your industry, introduce your store launch to them and have them publish your story.

While this can take time, it can be very rewarding as well.

Using this approach means you can use different tactics to get a journalist to write about your store launch.

Pitch Your Story to Journalists

Crafting a compelling pitch is essential to capture the interest of journalists for your new store unveiling press release. Research the journalists or media outlets that cover your industry and tailor your pitch to match their interests and audience.

It should be concise yet intriguing, offering a glimpse of the story your press release holds. Highlight the uniqueness of your store. Focus on unique aspects or highlights of the announcement, such as technological advancements, innovations, or any other remarkable aspects that make your story newsworthy.

Provide supporting resources by attaching to your store launch press release, high-resolution images, and any relevant multimedia. This allows journalists to access all the necessary information easily. Show how your new store launch announcement can inspire and engage their readers, making them eager to cover your new launch story.


Now you have gained the essential knowledge for crafting an impactful store  opening press release and distributing it successfully. In summary, remember that a compelling new store opening press release includes an attention-grabbing headline showcasing unique benefits and features. 

Follow the standard press release elements while focusing on your target audience and the publications they read. Clearly highlight why your store launch announcement is worth discussing and generating excitement. For maximum impact, include the story behind your new store unveiling news, what sets you apart from the competition and your unique selling point as well.


How Can I distribute my Store Opening press release?

You can distribute a store opening press release through newswire distribution sites like NewswireJet. A press release or newswire service will help you publish your press release quickly. Using a press release distribution will help you save time and cost so you can focus on other things that will help you launch your store news to the market.

What is the purpose of a press release for a Store Opening?

A Store Opening press release is written to announce a new store launch to the market and make the news available to journalists or news sites.

Organizations use press releases in many ways and one of these ways is to announce a new store. Doing this can help you quickly get the word out about your new store giving you speed in getting this done. 

What elements should be included in a Store Opening Press Release template?

An effective template encompasses a compelling headline that grabs attention, comprehensive event details such as date, time, and location, a description of key store features that set it apart, quotes or statements from company leaders expressing enthusiasm and vision, logistical information for event attendees, a brief overview of the company’s background, and relevant contact information for media inquiries.

How can I personalize the Store Opening Press Release template?

To personalize the template, insert specific details related to your company and the new store location. Customize the event date, address, and any unique amenities of the store. Tailor the quotes to align with the company’s values and aspirations. Make sure to replace all placeholders with accurate and relevant information.

Are there different types of Store Opening Press Releases?

Yes, Store Opening Press Releases can vary based on the specific context. Examples include expansions to new markets, relocations to more strategic locations, and specialized store unveilings like technology hubs or research centers. Each type caters to distinct goals and announcements.

What are the benefits of using press release samples?

Press release samples offer practical guidance on structuring content, language, and formatting. They serve as templates to streamline the writing process, helping you capture the essential elements of a successful press release. Samples also provide inspiration and insights into effective storytelling techniques.

Other Types of Press Release