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How To Write A New Website Launch/Announcement Press release? (Free Template And Sample)

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Introducing a new site to the public is an actually interesting time for your business. A lot of time and money would have been invested in the last couple of months to guarantee every detail is excellent. Now what? Just how do you get others to care? What do you do to perfectly launch your new site?

Your website is a sales and advertising asset, so it ought to be shared as such. Some firms choose to start teasing that “something brand-new” is coming or even share that a brand-new site is on the way. Others like to make this a full surprise. Whichever one you determine is ideal for you, go all in! Make the most of the chance to share and attract web traffic to your brand-new website.

new website launch press release

Key Components Of A Website Launch Press Release

  • Captivating Headline: The Headline will help you draw attention from journalists and your audience as well.
  • Your brand/company name
  • Why the new website was built
  • The key differences between your old website and the new one
  • Problems solved by the website and why your users should care
  • A snapshot/visual display of the new website
  • Quote from a company executive
  • Quote from a user who have used the new website
  • The link to the new website
  • Dateline
  • The Boiler plate ( A paragraph about the company with the media contact details immediately after that.

Likewise bear in mind that “brand-new” is a relative term, and you aren’t going to reach every person on the day you launch. Keep the energy going and also continue to share your brand-new site for a few weeks. Truly capitalize on this exciting launch. While you’ve been dealing with this web site for months, others haven’t seen it until now. Let them have a good chance to dig in as well as see to see what the new site is all about.

7 Factors You Must Consider Before Doing Your New Website Launch/Announcement:

  1. Test And Test Again: When you launch a new website you want to give your users a better experience, make it easy for them to find what they are looking for and given them a new total experience. You need to test things all over again to be sure, everything is really working as planned. Hire testers to help you check and look at the functionalities of the site once again before the final launch.

  2. Share with your internal team first: Consider how each member of your team uses the website and also what they ‘d need to know before the site launches. Let them understand what changed and when the website is releasing. Have a full strategy outlined as well as present it in an enjoyable way to your group.
  3. Inform your clients/customers: They might or might not use your site daily, however your consumers are your crucial asset and also it is important they know. Be they know where to find important places like a login button. This is best done via an email. Share why you have a new site and also what this means for them and also include screenshots to make it easy on the customer.
  4. Blast the news to your email listing(s): You must have email listings that consist of greater than your customers/clients. Tell them concerning the brand-new website! This is a terrific opportunity to show to those that have not involved with you for a while however are still on your list. It’s one more chance to obtain them to your web site.
  5. Publish a blog post: This is not just excellent for Search Engine Optimization, however you’ll likely desire something that includes the complete story of your brand name and why you got a new website. Share what’s transformed as well as why it matters. You can then connect to this post in emails or social articles.
  6. Share on social networks: Boast of your new web site and also tell your followers! Why did you transform your site? What is brand-new and also amazing regarding it? This ought to be a variety of articles for a month or two after the first launch depending upon your social method. These aren’t constantly “hey we got a new site!” articles, however extra messages around what’s new on the website. You could also want to advertise these social blog posts via paid media.
  7. Do a Press Release: If you are a firm that frequently does news release, this would be a fun time to do one. Include essential details and also, naturally, a web link to the website.

Launching your new website can be fun-filled if you follow the steps listed above. Most organizations publish a press release when they revamp their website and send out emails as well highlighting the benefits and important service upgrades available on the site as well. Make sure to get the word out about your new website and place a lot of emphasis on what has really changed or improved to give your users more value.

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