Marketing your newly established restaurant starts from the way you package your grand opening press release. Writing a powerful and compelling press release can, in some ways, become an issue to you if you had not written one before or worked in a capacity that exposes you to the nitty-gritty of writing press releases.

In this article, we will be showing you step by step what a grand opening press release should look like.

The first step is to start with a catchy headline. Your headline is the first point of contact with your audience and will determine if your audience will continue reading or not. 

If you come up with something uninspiring, you will likely kill off readers’ interest in going further. Remember that the attention span of an average person is about 20 seconds.

A solid headline will keep your readers glued to your grand opening press release, so keep the hook alive.

The second step is having a captivating opening paragraph containing details that expose the meat of your grand opening press releases like the name of your restaurant, type of restaurant, the dishes and services expected to be served and provided in your new restaurant, the opening date and time and also your location(s) and other relevant information.

Your press release should contain your restaurant’s unique selling point; it must whet the appetite of your audience. Try making your headline stay within 20 words to make your headline concise.

After your headline, include the date of your release to keep media houses informed, followed by the location of your release, which is usually just the city and state.

Relevant and Important Information

A follow-up paragraph should follow suit but concentrate more on the features of your services and your restaurant’s uniqueness. Do not forget to include a quote from the owner or somebody of authority in the establishment. This quote should focus on what your potential customers should be expecting to enjoy when they visit your new restaurant.

There are customers meant for every product and services out there, make sure your press release announcement points to your type of audience after you must have determined your audience from research.

Kindly note that the Who, Where, What, Why and When questions called the “W-questions” in the first sets of paragraphs must address the question of who is releasing the press release, what is the press release all about, where is the who and what taking place, why is this important and when is it taking place.

The whole essence of this restaurant grand opening press release must be all about them.

It’s not necessary to list all the services you offer in your restaurant in the press release, but let your audience have an opportunity to get more details by providing a website or a direction to where more information can be gotten about your newly opened restaurant.

Your press release announcement should end with a “call to answer” conclusion by including your website, social media handles, or an option for your potential customers to opt-in for a reservation.

Do not forget to include keywords in your write up to get the most possible visibility and to be easily found if a search is being done online for any of the services your restaurant offer.

Let your keywords be visible in the first few paragraphs starting your press release for maximum visibility.

Restaurant Grand Opening Press Release Format

  • An attractive headline
  • Your restaurant’s details like the name, type of cuisine, luxurious offers and services rendered if available, location(s), opening date,
  • Working hours
  • Relevant images, logos, or flyers.
  • One or two notable quotes from the owner or any important member of the restaurant.
  • restaurant’s website address· Boilerplate which include contact information like contact person’s name, address, and phone number

Restaurant grand opening press release template

Creating an expert looking press release should make your target audience’s appetite go wide, a potent restaurant grand opening press release should make your audience and readers hunger for more information.

Below is a template created by us to aide your restaurant grand opening press release write up 

{Headline Of your Restaurant Grand Opening Press Release}

{Restaurant City} {Restaurant State} Release Date:{If not to be released immediately}

{Press release summary section: Describe your announcement briefly}

{Include a quote from either the restaurant owner or an important member of the restaurant related to the press release}

{Include additional paragraphs to reveal more details about the grand opening: try to answer all the relevant W- related questions (Who, Where What, Why and When)}

{Include other quotes that should shed more light into the details of your restaurant’s menu, service, and location}

{Add a call to action and a website address where your audience or potential customers can explore more information about your restaurant and an option of making a reservation or requesting for a home/office delivery}

{Boilerplate – information about the restaurant: include the following information:

Contact person’s name, phone number and email if available, restaurant’s address and restaurant’s phone number(s)}

With the above template, your restaurant’s grand opening press release should come out well grilled and tasty enough to push your audience into making a reservation decision or spending some bucks at your newly opened restaurant.