How To Write a Grand Opening Press Release

A grand opening press release is the press release written to help businesses/organizations create stunning awareness about the opening of a new store, branch, office or any other type of property. A grand opening press release is written with a focus on the business and why it is such a big deal for the people in the particular area where it is located.

Who Should Do a Grand Opening Press Release?

A grand opening press release can be done by almost anyone looking at generating media buzz for their new business outlet. As a press release distribution and writing service provider, we have noticed over time that the following businesses tend to do a grand opening press release for their new outlets.

  1. Music Studio
  2. Local Business Owners
  3. Large corporations

Grand Opening Press Release Template [Sample]

For immediate Release

Headline- XYZ Logisitics Announces The Grand Opening of New Location in Texas

Sub-headline- XYZ Opens Texas To Reduce Delivery Time And Boost Customer satisfaction

January, 2021, Texas- Leading national logistics company, XYZ, proudly announces they are opening a new branch in Texas. The opening event starts at 10:00 am, at the Hillview Center, Texas. The new branch opening is to further the company’s drive-in changing the face of logistics for small business owners with their proprietary logistics management software and lightning-fast delivery rates.

Logistics remains a serious problem for local businesses who are fighting daily for survival. Businesses like local restaurants that wants to stay in business by taking home delivery orders within a few miles radius need a reliable solution that enables them to meet customers’ demand within the shortest time possible. Inability to solve problems like this will pave way for large corporations to strangle out such local businesses.

“At XYZ Logistics, our passion is keeping all customers within our service chain happy. More than ever, we understand how local businesses who are the engine of our great nation’s economy need to not only stay in business but find every available opportunity to grow.” Says the company’s spokesperson.

She comments further, ” Everyone in our team keeps working hard to make sure we deliver and this is our own way of preserving thousands of American businesses who are part of what makes America a great nation. As we make our entry into Texas, we are proud to share in the city’s history of success and help businesses here get better.”

About XYZ Logistics

XYZ Logistics is a leading logistics company with over 70 branches across the US. Founded in 2010, XYZ Logistics is led by Chris Chris with a team of passionate workers who have transformed the logistics industry.

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