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How To Write a Captivating Press Release Announcing An Art Exhibition (Samples & Templates Included)

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Have you ever wondered why your paintings and arts are not recognized or have you noticed the public do not really know much about your Art?

If yes, then read to the end to know the reason and how you can create awareness for you Paintings and Art Exhibitions.

What is a press release?

A press release is a written or recorded document used to create awareness concerning An Event, A Book Launch, A Movie Launch, An Art Exhibition, etc. sent to a Journalist or to the media for publicity. There are different types of press releases, but the focus here is “How To Write An Art Exhibition Press Release.”

What is an Art Exhibition Press Release?

An art exhibition press release is a written or recorded document used to create awareness and also publicity for an art exhibition.

It is sent to a journalist or the media so that the public can be aware of the Art Exhibition. It also helps with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when you use captivating headlines with relevant keywords.

An Art Exhibition Press Release should not be more than 400 to 1000 words. They should be very engaging because peoples have a short attention span and do not forget that while reading the press release, other information can also pop up on the screen of the reader that course them to lose interest. Hence, you want the announcement to be concise, precise, and attention-grabbing, so the reader doesn’t get tired of reading your press release or lose interest in it while learning about the exhibition.

Where to send an Art Exhibition Press Release?

When sending an art exhibition press release, you have to consider who you want to see the press release because you do not want your press release sent to the wrong audience. Hence, you have to be on a lookout for journalists and bloggers interested in Art to get your press release to the right audience.

When to publish an Art Exhibition Press Release?

Your Art Exhibition Press release should be published at least two weeks before the program to give the journalist or the blogger time to publish the press release and also announcement it to the public.

Your Art Exhibition Press Release must have the following information.

1. A very captivating Headline or Title.

The headline of your art exhibition must be very captivating and catchy and must be very engaging because that is the first thing that the reader sees. If it is not captivating enough, then you have already loosed the reader at the beginning, so they won’t even bother reading the rest of the release.

2. Details of the Exhibition

• The name of the Art and also what it is all about.

After the captivating Headline to grab the reader’s attention, the next is to give the details about the Art Exhibition and why it is newsworthy. That is what the Art is about just a summary of the Art and why the public should be interested in the Art Exhibition.

• The Name of the Artist

You have to give details of the artist who made the arts and his accomplishments and why the artist is unique, what makes him special, and what arts he has exhibited before.

• Location

The where must also be added for easy location of the venue of the exhibition you do not want your audience to use more than 30min in searching for just the location of the venue most people would have gone back home by then.

• Opening date of the Exhibition.

You also want to add when the program will be and also the time the program will begin because you will not want people to take hours sitting down, waiting for the program to start.

• Sponsors

You also what to tell people about the sponsors and VIPS coming attending the program as it will help in motivating the public to attend

• Entry fee if there is any

The public should know if there will be paying for the exhibition or if it is free to make them prepare ahead if they will be attending and also avoid any embarrassment.

3. Quotes from Other Artist, Gallery owner stating why the Art is exceptional.

Add a quote from either your mentor, worker, or anyone who has seen your Art and appreciated. This is very important as it helps you get some recommendations and validation.

4. Relevant Pictures of the Art

Add pictures or videos of your works to the press release to drive some level of engagement.

5. Pictures of the Artists

Also, add a picture of the artist for recognition.

6. Website URL for more information concerning the Art Exhibition.

Add the website URL also for more information about the artist and the art Exhibition.

7. Boilerplate

A boilerplate is a final statement written to describe the company or organization. It should be written concisely.

After making sure all the necessary things are added, you send it to 2 or 3 colleagues for proofreading to check for any grammatical errors. After all the corrections, then it can be sent to the journalist or blogger.

Sample of an Art Exhibition Press Release

Museum of Arts and Design To Present Major Exhibition Of Works By World’s Leading Stained-Glass Artist

NEW YORK, Jan. 16, 2020 /NewswireJet/ — From March 21 through August 23, 2020, the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) will present a major exhibition of works by celebrated architectural artist and painter Brian Clarke (b. 1953, United Kingdom). The first museum exhibition in the U.S. of Clarke’s stained-glass screens, compositions in lead, and related drawings on paper, Brian Clarke: The Art of Light showcases the most considerable artistic and technical breakthrough in the thousand-year history of stained glass.

Brian Clarke, Flowers for Zaha, 2016. Photo: Fraser Watson.
Brian Clarke, Flowers for Zaha, 2016. Photo: Fraser Watson.

More than twenty stained-glass screens form the centerpiece of the exhibition. Begun in 2015, these works are described by Clarke as “the expression of ideas that started forming in my mind in the 80s. They possess a cinematic drama that, until now, we haven’t had the technology to express.” Produced using advances developed with and for them, the works dispense with the dividing lead support that has been a necessary component of stained glass through most of its existence. Merging the traditional techniques of glassblowing with the artist’s decades of exploration of the medium of glass, the screens are Clarke’s major independent work of the past four years.

“Brian joins a long and illustrious history of extraordinary glass artists that MAD has championed over the decades and this exhibition will reveal the technological innovation that is integral to Brian’s sublime artistry,” said Chris Scoates, MAD’s Nanette L. Laitman Director. “There is palpable excitement in the art world today for the creative breakthroughs currently happening in media such as glass and I am extremely excited to share what will be an unforgettable encounter with the union of art and design in contemporary stained glass.”

Consistently, Clarke has pushed the boundaries of stained glass, both in terms of technology and its poetic potential, in tandem with his investigations in painting. His practice in architectural and autonomous stained glass has led to successive innovation and invention in the fabrication of the medium and, through the production of leadless stained glass and the creation of sculptural works made primarily or wholly of lead, he has radically stretched the limits of what stained glass can do and express.

Organized by the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts and curated by Director Paul Greenhalgh, the exhibition’s more than 100 works, completed by Clarke over the last two decades, will be arranged thematically at MAD. In the light-filled fourth floor gallery, Clarke’s impressively scaled, free-standing screens will immerse visitors in exuberant, saturated colors. By contrast, the fifth floor will display the artist’s earlier leaded works, striking a more somber and contemplative chord. The dual presentation of work and materials in relation to light or its absence reinforces central themes in Clarke’s practice, such as morality, modernity, and memory.

“Brian Clarke is widely recognized as the most significant artist working in stained glass in the contemporary world. Clarke is also recognized as an important painter, and his painterly sensibility underpins the whole of his output. He also regularly works in sculpture, ceramic, metalwork, and mosaic,” said Greenhalgh. “Ultimately, this vortex of activity contributes toward his central goal to produce ‘total works of art,’ which combine all aspects of the visual arts to transform the architectural environment. This exhibition is the first leg of an international tour. It explores the culture of stained glass, and repositions it as a medium of vital importance in the twenty-first century.”

For more information, visit madmuseum.org. 

SOURCE Museum of Arts and Design

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