A book launch press release helps you share your story and let the world know what your book is all about, what makes it different and your visions as well. You can write a great press release by following a template or using a press release sample.

Launching a new book is an exciting milestone, but its success greatly depends on effective promotion. A well-crafted book launch press release can be the key to generating buzz, attracting media attention, and engaging potential users.

What is a Book Launch Press Release?

A Book Launch press release is a brief public announcement by a company to introduce a new book to the market. It provides key information about the book, including its title, author, genre, and a brief overview of the content. It sets the stage for what readers can expect from the book.. A book promotion press release should follow the standard AP style format and stay within 350-450 words.

The purpose of a Book Launch press release is to inform the public about the book’s release and to generate excitement and interest. It serves as a bridge between the author and the readership. A press release written for your Book Launch can help you generate media attention giving you quick traction and brand trust as well.

A Book Launch app press release should emphasize on the 5 Ws (Why, What, Where, When and Who) of a press release, showing What the Book is all about, Why the Book is newsworthy, Who published the book and Who the target audience is, Where it can be purchased and When it will be accessible.

The “Why” is more like the unique selling point (USP) of the Book and the problem it solves, its relevance in today’s literary landscape.

The “What” outlines what the book is about, its themes, and any special features that make it stand out.

The “Where” specifies where readers can purchase the book, such as major bookstores, online retailers, or the author’s website.

The “Who” mentions the author’s name, their background, and any notable achievements. For established authors, this is an opportunity to leverage their reputation.

The “When” should state the release date of the book, giving readers a clear timeline for when they can access it.

To effectively craft a compelling story for your book launch and set the stage for its grand success, you can either learn how to write a press release and use a press release distribution service to get the news out there, or hire a PR company to help you get it done. The first option, will help you control the tone of voice of your PR and save you cost as well.

In this article you will learn how to write a press release for your new book launch like an expert saving you the cost of hiring a professional to write your press release and giving you full control of your press release style and tone.

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How To Write a New App Press Release Step-by-Step?

  1. Attention-Grabbing Headline
  2. Opening Paragraph
  3. Follow the Inverted Pyramid Structure
  4. Highlight Unique Selling Points (USPs)
  5. Include Author Quotes and Endorsements
  6. Address the 5 Ws
  7. Author and Media Contact Information
  1. Start with an Attention-Grabbing Headline

Begin your book launch press release with a captivating headline that succinctly conveys the essence of your book and its launch. Make it engaging and intriguing to pique the reader’s interest.

  1. Provide Key Book Details in the Opening Paragraph

In the first paragraph, offer essential information about your book launch. Include the book’s title, author’s name, genre, and a brief overview of the book’s theme or content. This sets the stage and gives readers a quick understanding of what the press release is about.

  1. Follow the Inverted Pyramid Structure

Organize the content in descending order of importance, following the inverted pyramid style. Begin with the most critical information, such as the book’s release date and venue, and gradually delve into more specific details.

  1. Highlight Unique Selling Points (USPs) of the Book

Within the body of the press release, emphasize what makes your book stand out. Focus on its unique selling points, such as its relevance, the author’s background, awards received, or any notable features.

  1. Include Author Quotes and Endorsements

Incorporate quotes from the author or endorsements from well-known figures or reviewers who have read the book. These quotes add credibility and provide a personal touch to your press release.

  1. Address the 5 Ws

Ensure that your press release answers the fundamental questions of Who, What, Why, Where, and When.

  1. Conclude with Author and Media Contact Information

Close the press release by including contact information for media inquiries. Provide the author’s or publisher’s contact details, including their name, email address, and phone number, to facilitate further communication and interviews.

Remember to add the following key standard elements to your book launch press release: headline, dateline, lead, body, company details & media contact information. When writing a book promotion press release, make sure to add the five W’s, Who, Where, When, Why and What. Also, have a curated list of media contacts or use a newswire to distribute your press release.

What to Avoid in a Book Launch Press Release?

Craft an impactful book launch press release by steering clear of these common pitfalls

  • Overly Lengthy Content: Avoid making your press release excessively long. Keep it concise and focused on the most crucial information to maintain the reader’s interest.
  • Exaggeration and Hype: Avoid using hyperbolic language or exaggerated claims about your book. Stick to the facts and let the book’s merits speak for themselves.
  • Grammatical and Typographical Errors: Avoid any grammar or spelling mistakes in your press release. Errors can undermine your professionalism and credibility.
  • Lack of Clarity: Avoid vague or unclear language. Ensure that your press release communicates the key details about your book launch clearly and effectively.
  • Neglecting Contact Information: Avoid forgetting to include contact information for media inquiries. Ensure that reporters and journalists can easily reach out for additional information or interviews.

How To Format a Book Launch Press Release?

  1. Headline
  2. Subheadline (Optional)
  3. Dateline
  4. Introduction Paragraph
  5. Body Text
  7. Media Contact Information
  8. Boilerplate

Organize your book launch press release effectively by incorporating essential elements like headline, introduction, quotes, and contact information.

  1. Headline: Create a captivating and centered headline that concisely represents the essence of your book launch.
  1. Subheadline (Optional): If necessary, add a subheadline below the main headline to provide additional context or intrigue.
  1. Dateline: Start with a dateline, indicating the city and date of the press release, positioned at the beginning of the first paragraph.
  1. Introduction Paragraph: In the opening paragraph, provide essential information about your book launch, including the book’s title, author’s name, genre, and a brief overview of the book’s theme or content.
  1. Body Text: Organize the body of the press release in a standard format. Write in a clear, concise, and journalistic style, using short paragraphs and double-spaced lines for readability.
  1. Quotes: Incorporate quotes from the author or endorsements from notable figures, enclosed in quotation marks and attributed to the respective sources.
  1. Media Contact Information: Conclude the press release with clear and easily accessible contact information for media inquiries. Provide the name, email address, and phone number of a media contact who can provide further details or interviews.
  1. Boilerplate: Include a brief boilerplate about the author or publishing entity. This section provides general information about the organization, its mission, history, and contact details.

When to Publish a Press Release For Your New Book Launch?

Your Book Launch press release should be published around two weeks prior to the book’s official release date. This timeline provides journalists and bloggers sufficient time to review, prepare, and share your press release with their audiences. Make sure your press release is within the 350-450-word range and features an attention-grabbing headline. This approach ensures that your book launch gains the necessary media coverage and generates anticipation among potential users.

Book Launch Press Release Template

[Your Name]

[Your Title]

[Your Contact Information]


[City, State] – [Date] – [Book Title], an [Genre] by [Author’s Name], is set to captivate readers with its [unique selling point or brief description of the book]. The official launch of this literary masterpiece is scheduled for [Date of Book Launch] at [Event Venue] in [City, State].

[Author’s Last Name]’s [Book Title] takes readers on a journey [brief overview of the book’s plot or theme]. With [mention any notable aspects of the book, such as unique characters, twists, or settings], this book promises to [describe the emotional impact or takeaway for readers].

The launch event will feature [highlight any special activities or guests], providing attendees with an immersive experience into the world of [Book Title]. [Author’s Last Name] will be present to [mention any specific activities the author will participate in, such as book signings or readings].

“We are thrilled to introduce [Book Title] to readers who are seeking [what the book offers],” says [Author’s Last Name]. “This book represents [brief insight into the author’s inspiration or motivation].”

[Optional: Include a quote from a notable endorsement or early review, if available.]

[Author’s Last Name]’s writing style and storytelling prowess have garnered [mention any previous accomplishments or awards]. [Briefly mention the author’s background or credentials if relevant.]

[Book Title] will be available for purchase on [mention where the book will be available, such as online retailers, bookstores, or the author’s website]. For more information about the book launch event or to request review copies, interviews, or media appearances, please contact [Your Contact Information].

About [Author’s Last Name]:

[Brief author biography, including notable achievements, previous works, and relevant information.]


[End of Press Release]

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Book Launch Press Release Example

Sophia Roberts

Media Relations Coordinator

Email: sophia.roberts@email.com

Phone: (555) 987-6543


New Fantasy Novel “Realm of Enchantia” Takes Readers on a Mesmerizing Journey into a World of Magic and Adventure

New York, NY – August 15, 2023 – The captivating world of “Realm of Enchantia” is about to unfold as readers immerse themselves in an enthralling adventure like no other. Bestselling author Emily Turner introduces her latest masterpiece, promising to transport readers into a realm where magic reigns and destinies collide. The official book launch is scheduled for September 5, 2023, at the Grand Haven Bookstore in New York City.

In “Realm of Enchantia,” readers will embark on a thrilling quest alongside the young protagonist, Aria Nightshade, as she discovers her hidden magical abilities and uncovers a long-lost prophecy that threatens to reshape her world. Turner’s vivid prose and intricate world-building have created a tapestry of enchantment that is sure to captivate readers of all ages.

The launch event promises an enchanting evening of book signings, interactive readings, and discussions with Emily Turner herself. Attendees will have the opportunity to step into the magical world of Enchantia through immersive decorations and thematic activities.

“I’m thrilled to share ‘Realm of Enchantia’ with readers who are looking for an escape into a world of wonder and magic,” says Emily Turner. “This book is a culmination of my love for fantasy and storytelling, and I can’t wait to introduce Aria’s journey to readers.”

Advance praise for “Realm of Enchantia” has been pouring in, with acclaimed fantasy author, Sarah Johnson, describing the novel as “a spellbinding tale that transports readers to a realm of pure imagination.”

“Realm of Enchantia” will be available for purchase on major online retailers, local bookstores, and Emily Turner’s official website starting September 5, 2023.

For media inquiries, review copies, or interview requests with Emily Turner, please contact:

Sophia Roberts

Media Relations Coordinator

Email: sophia.roberts@email.com

Phone: (555) 987-6543

About Emily Turner:

Emily Turner is an award-winning author known for her captivating storytelling and richly imagined worlds. With a background in folklore and mythology, Emily’s novels have enthralled readers around the world. “Realm of Enchantia” is her latest release, promising to weave magic into the hearts of all who read it.


Other Types of Press Releases

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How To Distribute Your Book Launch Press Release

One thing is to write a great press release for your book launch event, another thing is to have it published where it really matters.

You can explore different strategies in publishing your press release and start creating some buzz around your book release.

Press Release Distribution Services

One of the fastest ways to get your word out there is using newswire syndication services like NewswireJet. While there are a number of press release distribution services out there, NewswireJet will help you publish your press release on media sites like Yahoo Finance, AP News, Business Insider, Top media affiliates of FOX, CBS, and ABC.

With a newswire distribution service, you can have your news published within hours. This gives you speed as you don’t need to spend tons of hours or days looking for where to have your press release published.

Press Release distribution services again have access to tons of media sites and they get to do the heavy lifting for you while you focus on what really matters about your book release news.

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Find Journalist/Media Contacts

Using contacts of journalists that are interested in your industry is another effective way to get your news out there. You can curate out lists of journalists in your industry, introduce your book to them and have them publish your story.

While this can take time, it can be very rewarding as well.

Using this approach means you can use different tactics to get a journalist to write about your book launch.

Pitch Your Story to Journalists

Crafting a compelling pitch is essential to capture the interest of journalists for your book launch press release. Research the journalists or media outlets that cover your industry and tailor your pitch to match their interests and audience.

It should be concise yet intriguing, offering a glimpse of the exciting story your press release holds. Highlight the uniqueness of your book. Focus on unique aspects or highlights of the announcement, such as characters, mysteries, or any other remarkable aspects that make your story newsworthy.

Provide supporting resources by attaching to your book launch press release, high-resolution images, and any relevant multimedia. This allows journalists to access all the necessary information easily. Show how your book launch announcement can inspire and engage their readers, making them eager to cover your book release story.


Now you have the essential knowledge for crafting an impactful book launch press release and distributing it successfully. In summary, remember that a compelling press release for a book launch announcement includes an attention-grabbing headline showcasing unique benefits and features. 

Follow the standard press release elements while focusing on your target audience and the publications they read. Clearly highlight why your announcement is worth discussing and generating excitement. For maximum impact, include the story behind your book release news, what sets you apart from the competition and your unique selling point as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About A Book Launch Press Release

How Can I distribute my Book Launch press release?

You can distribute a Book Launch press release through newswire distribution sites like NewswireJet. A press release or newswire service will help you publish your press release quickly. Using a press release distribution will help you save time and cost so you can focus on other things that will help you launch your book release news to the market.

What is the purpose of a press release for a Book Launch?

A Book Launch press release is written to announce a book release news to the market and make the news available to journalists or news sites.

Organizations use press releases in many ways and one of these ways is to announce a book launch. Doing this can help you quickly get the word out about your book release giving you speed in getting this done. 

 What should a book launch press release include?

A book launch press release should cover key details: book title, author’s name, genre, launch event information, book synopsis, author background, endorsements, and 

contact details. Samples and templates enhance its effectiveness.

How do I structure a Book launch press release?

Start with a catchy headline, followed by a compelling lead paragraph. Include the who, what, where, when, and why in the opening. Provide book details, author insights, and endorsements. Conclude with contact information.

How can I make my Book Launch press release stand out?

Craft a captivating headline, use engaging language, and focus on the book’s unique angle. Include visuals like book cover images or author photos. Highlight any compelling endorsements or notable events associated with the launch.

When should I send out the press release for my Book Launch?

Aim to send your press release about 2-4 weeks before the launch event to allow media and bloggers time to schedule coverage. Follow up with reminders closer to the event.

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