Dry cleaners and laundry services are usually owned by individuals or families. They are also locally situated in just one neighborhood though a few can be part of a larger chain of businesses. You may then be wondering how your laundry services can stand out from the others in your area.

With the advent of the internet, many things have now been adapted to work using this medium. Marketing of goods and services hasn’t been left out of this shift either, especially with the onset of internet marketing tools. This tool is now an essential tool for all businesses but an individual or family-owned laundry business, it presents a challenge in terms of the budget available to these businesses.

What do You Benefit from Publishing a Press Release?

Have you thought of getting the stories of your customer feedback published on multiple media outlets? This will build the reputation of your laundry service, increase your online exposure far beyond what your Facebook page or other social media channel can achieve. This exposure also improves your search engine optimization (simply out: it improves your search engine result).

Yes, you may be wondering something is not right as the limited budget was mentioned earlier and yet you are reading about publishing on multiple news outlets. Now that’s the greatest news about using this tool (Press Release) to market your laundry services: It is inexpensive! You may think this claim is not possible because of the assumption (which is a wrong one). That press releases are only for big multinational businesses or companies who have very important news to announce. Once again this is not true as anyone, including you can create your press release and publish it once you believe you have something that is newsworthy and will be of help to others.

What news can I share with my Press Release?

Your press release may be about a new service you will be rendering like a home delivery service, your participation at a charitable event, procuring a new set of machines. While making this known to your readers and target audience, you also introduce what is unique about your laundry services and the benefits they will derive as customers.

Wow, you are delighted about this opportunity but you may be wondering how do I write my release? What are the requirements or steps to follow? All these and more will be covered as you read on.

When writing your press release what is the key information that must be highlighted?

  • The first is to create a Compelling Headline
  • Full details of the laundry services in the first paragraphs. You can include:
    • The details of the services you render and laundry products you sell
    • Your location
    • Times of opening
    • The new service you’re launching or upcoming event you will be participating
  • Present some info about laundry services in line with the press release
  • Recent happenings in the laundry industry
  • Worthwhile quotes from the previous customer, manager, and especially the owner
  • Use relevant multimedia materials like pictures (the company logo is highly recommended) or videos of satisfied customers, laundry equipment and feature the Owner’s picture.
  • Call-To-Actions: Your laundry service website or social media handles
  • Date of Release or dateline
  • Specific details about the laundry service – boilerplate
  • The Laundry service’s contact information- contact person, phone number, email address, Laundry address


If you decide to publish your press release, then you need to consider how the structure is should follow. The first paragraphs of your press release get the reader acquainted with what the press release is all about. You should give details about the services and products your business offers, its location, and the latest development in your business that will interest the reader.

The following paragraph can give a contextual background about your business that is in line with the purpose of the press release. The following paragraphs should explain the purpose of your press release, give more information about your business, include quotations of happy customers and the owner of the business sharing the mission or vision of the business.

Now, let’s consider an example of a Laundry Service Press Release.

Professional St. Francs Laundromat Starts Pick-Up And Delivery Services To Neighboring Cities San Francisco, CA, Release:  July 14, 2022.  For Immediate Release St. Francs, California-based San Francisco Laundry has started Pick-Up and Delivery services for residents of Oakland, San Jose, and surrounding areas. The service stands the company out as the only laundry in the area to offer pick-up and delivery to these areas. More details are available at the company’s website: https://stfrancslaundry.com The pandemic of 2020 birthed new business orders and during this time the company did a pilot scheme of this pick-up and delivery services for areas within San Francisco. The customers are contacted via phone and online booking, stating the locations of where their laundries can be picked with human contact. The stress accompanying the lockdown measures has had a lot of effects on people’s daily routines. This resulted in simple house chores like laundry becoming a major challenge thus a need arose which we are solving. After the great feedback on the pilot, St. Francs Laundry discovered the need for pick-up and delivery service is what the company can meet efficiently. The commencement of the service in the San Francisco Area which is a pioneering feat ensures clients have laundry done with convenience, at affordable prices, and makes life more fun. A 25% discount is available on each customer’s first order to mark the beginning of this service. The procedure is simple as it automatically affects when customers order online while choosing the big size and specific instructions for laundry where available. Free bags are provided by St. Francs Laundry and express delivery can be made within 24 hours of pick-up. The clothes are dry cleaned and ironed and folded, making them ready to wear. St. Francis a family business with decades of providing professional laundry services to the San Francisco Bay Area residents. The company just took delivery of latest state of the art laundry machines so that their customers can experience the best quality available to their clothing. The company is 14 staff strong and has enjoyed steady growth since its inception when James Francis establish it. The latest announcement confirms the company’s commitment to continue developing its services in line with community needs and expectations. The manager stated that: “The commencement of pick-up and delivery services is targeted to proving more people in the San Francisco Bay area more quality laundry service.” Do you want to know more about the services available?Visit:https://stfrancslaundry.com


To put together a great press release you can utilize this template below.

(The Press Release Headline)

(Your City) {Your State} The Release Date: “For Immediate Release”

(Summary Section: Give a brief description of your announcement)

(Use a quote from a laundry representative related to the announcement)

(Include a specific paragraph that provides more details on your announcement: it should answer the 5Ws i.e. where, what, why, when, who)

(Include another quote by a customer of yours related to the announcement)

(Insert a Call-To-Action in the form of an URL address with more information about the announcement, the laundry event, or laundry products for the reader)

(Boilerplate: this is a message about your studio or gym using the following as a guide

Contact info:





Phone:  )

You can also engage the service of professional press release writers or simply submit your written press release for publishing by press release distribution service providers. They will publish it to top-tier media outlets, social media platforms, and search engines.