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eReleases Reviews And Alternatives: All You Need To Know About eReleases

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eReleases is a reseller press release distribution company working under PRnewwire.com. Though a long time player in the industry, eReleases has an average rating of 3.3 on fitsmallbusiness.com. In this short article, we will look at their pricing, ratings, what to expect from them and the best alternatives.

eReleases: What They Promise

eReleases offers press release writing and distribution services. They promise to help their users get media coverage from both local and global news sites, social networks, blogs and international news wires. Over 100,000 subscribing journalists is what look very unrealistic; How many journalists do we have in the U.S that will always rely so much for latest news from eReleases which is not a news aggregating platform like AP.

Most Recent eReleases Review on FitsmallBusiness.

Review given by TheindieFox

Question: What does the software or service do well?

Answer: SCAM CUSTOMERS. Promising that “pigs will fly”

Question: What does the software or service not do well?

Answer: Absolutely unacceptable discrepancy between what is false advertised and what kind of reach is really provided – the stats of press/media views on the release are beyond terrible! eReleases gets paid for the reach, and what reach they provided is absolutely laughable. You cannot advertise yourself as promoting press release to thousands upon of thousands of people, and then provide BARELY ANY release views! Especially, given the most extensive and expensive packet was chosen for distribution, after the consultation and promises of how incredible reach they have! In no way charging hundreds of dollars and promising the reach of thousands upon thousands of people and not getting a single feature out of it can be considered a decent promotion. $649 paid.

NOT A SINGLE LINK BACK back from any site or outlet. Not even some local news that nobody even reads. Nothing. Zero. All that thanks to the nonexistent reach that they failed to provide! Second thing. Trying to quickly upsell additional services when not even a day has passed from your original purchase, and none of your questions has been answered? Totally unprofessional. Third thing. Even when you buy the most expensive packet, you will be asked for an additional $150 for putting 2 pictures into press release – which is again laughable. Otherwise good luck with your press photos being posted as links.

Question: What do you wish you had known about the software or service before using?

Answer: That they are just another SCAM company, not worth a single penny. We are using multiple sites for promoting our artists, and some of them get better results some of them get worse results – which is something natural and realistic. We are not expecting miracles. What eReleases provided is though and total and utter scam.

Summary of Positive eReleases Reviews

Users who gave eReleases a positive review said that it provides an easy and simple way to distribute press releases and announcements. A lot of them also commended the excellent quality of media coverage that they generate using the platform. Great customer support was also consistently cited. This is what a supposedly fair site like Fitsmallbusiness wrote their site… While the three reviews on their sites shows something else. The first two reviews were dropped about two years ago and the most recent was well detailed….A Super Negative Review.

Summary of Negative eReleases Reviews

The most detailed review on eReleases on Fitsmallbusines.com is very damning and can be summarized as this: eReleases promises you a pig will fly and will even charge you $150 for adding two images which is free at NewswireJet.com

eReleases: What They Offer

Your press release will be syndicated to a list of websites, and this is the best you get. eReleases has about three packages with the least being Buzz Builder at $299. You will receive a link report showing where your press release has being featured and a simple statement to let you know your press release has been sent to AFP, Reuters and other top news websites. You earn some no-follow backlinks to your website.

eReleases Features

Check out the list below of some of eReleases’ features:

  • Integrated with PR Newswire
  • Press release writing
  • Press release distribution
  • Access to eReleases’ network of journalists, media contacts, industry publications, bloggers, and more
  • WireWatch: proprietary media monitoring and coverage report

The Best eReleases Alternative

Why waste your money on eReleases and end up being screwed. NewswireJet offer done-for-you press release distribution service at $150 and this is a limited offer. Your press release will be featured on over 400 media sites including top affiliate sites of NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX.

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