In the dynamic ecosystem of press release distribution services, Globenewswire and Meltwater emerge as two dominant names. 

Each with a unique set of features, they cater to businesses with different needs and objectives. 

In this article, we will dissect the finer details of each platform to help you choose the one that resonates best with your goals.

 Key Takeaway

1. Company Overview

   Globenewswire: A subsidiary of NASDAQ, renowned for its substantial distribution network, particularly in the financial sector.

   Meltwater: A global leader in media intelligence, offering a plethora of services including press release distribution, social media monitoring, and media outreach.

2. Client Reviews

   Globenewswire: Generally receives positive reviews for its reliability and extensive network.

   Meltwater: Often lauded for its comprehensive media intelligence tools and customizable dashboards.   

3. Pricing Details

   Globenewswire: Provides a variety of packages catering to a wide spectrum of budget allocations.

   Meltwater: Offers a range of pricing plans with different features, allowing for tailored solutions depending on client needs.

4. Unique Selling Points

   Globenewswire: Known for its broad reach, especially in the financial domain.

   Meltwater: Distinguished for its media intelligence tools, offering insights beyond press release distribution.

What is the Difference Between Globenewswire and Meltwater?

At a glance, Globenewswire, backed by the reputable NASDAQ, specializes in press release distribution with a significant focus on the financial sector. In contrast, Meltwater stands as a multifaceted platform offering media intelligence services, which encompasses press release distribution, alongside media monitoring and analytics.

Globenewswire vs Meltwater: Ease of Use


Features an intuitive interface, allowing for straightforward press release distribution.   


Offers a comprehensive dashboard where users can access a range of media intelligence tools, facilitating a deeper understanding of their media reach and impact.

Globenewswire vs Meltwater: Cost


Offers a variety of packages that can accommodate different budgets, with details available upon request.


Has a flexible pricing structure, with the cost dependent on the specific tools and services selected by the client.

Is Meltwater Reputable?

Certainly, Meltwater has cemented its reputation as a reliable platform in the media intelligence space, providing a broad array of tools that go beyond simple press release distribution, encompassing social media monitoring, and media outreach.

Which is Better: Globenewswire or Meltwater?

Determining the superior platform hinges on your specific requirements. If your focus is primarily on press release distribution, especially in the financial sector, Globenewswire might be your go-to. 

However, if you are looking for a comprehensive solution that offers media intelligence alongside press release distribution, Meltwater could be a more fitting choice.

Globenewswire Vs Meltwater: The Most Reputable

Both Globenewswire and Meltwater hold strong reputations in their respective spheres. While Globenewswire benefits from its association with NASDAQ, Meltwater is renowned for its comprehensive media intelligence solutions, offering a more rounded approach to press release distribution and media monitoring.

How Much Does it Cost to Send a Press Release on Meltwater?

Meltwater’s pricing varies based on the specific tools and services selected. For an accurate pricing breakdown, it’s recommended to contact them directly for a tailored quote that aligns with your needs.

Globenewswire Compared to Meltwater: Which Is the Best in Analytics and Reporting


Offers reliable analytics, although it might be seen as somewhat limited when compared to Meltwater’s comprehensive offerings.


Provides a robust suite of analytics and reporting tools, allowing businesses to gauge the impact of their press releases more effectively, in addition to monitoring media sentiments and social media engagements.

Overall Conclusion

In this comparative analysis between Globenewswire and Meltwater, your choice would depend largely on your specific needs and focus. 

Globenewswire stands as a reliable choice for businesses targeting a broad reach, particularly in the financial sector. 

On the other hand, Meltwater, with its expansive media intelligence tools, offers a more holistic approach, making it an excellent choice for businesses seeking in-depth insights into their media reach and impact.

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