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How to Promote Your Blog with 7 Smart Content Promotion Tactics

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When AOL bought Huffington post at $315 million in 2011, lots of persons rushed to open blogs, while thinking about the millions of dollars they could make in a few months or years.

However, as months turned into years and their blogs had not even become profitable, many soon realized that blogging was not as easy as they thought.

Like most things in life, there are tactics, secrets, etc. needed to excel in them. Blogging is not any different. To have a successful blog with lots of visitors daily, weekly, and monthly, there are steps to take, things to put in place, etc.

One secret to having a successful blog is promoting it. This article will be guiding you on how to promote your blog with 7 content promotion tactics. Are you ready for this?

Let’s get going!

7 Smart Content Promotion Tactics to Promote Your Blog

So what are these tactics for promoting your blog? We will be looking at them here.

Make it easy to share your content on Social Media

After you have taken the time to write that amazing content, it is very important you add features that make it easy for readers to share your content on their social media handles.

This is very common in most blogs today because they realize how much publicity your everyday readers could bring to your blog.

For instance, if you usually have an average of 1800 visitors to your blog per day. Now, out of these 1800 persons, only 50 persons decide to share your content on social media. Andon average, each of these 50 persons has 500 friends or connections.

That means your content has been promoted to 25,000 persons that may never have visited your site. If 1/5 of this 25,000 visited your site, your site traffic would have increased to 6800 in just one day!

Now just imagine that the whole of this population or a part of them decides to start visiting your blog daily? You would have grown your site traffic by over 200%! It’s amazing, right?

That is what you have been missing if you don’t have this. So go ahead and ensure that all your content has a visible share button that remains visible throughout the article, such that it would be easy for a reader to quickly share your content should they wish to do so.

Optimize Your Visuals for Social Media Sharing

We all understand how captivating pictures can be when scrolling through your social media page. You can use this to your advantage when preparing images to be shared on social media pages. Ensure that they are properly optimized for the social media platform they will be shared.

For instance, the dimension for images on Twitter is 440-by-220 horizontal rectangle. While that of Instagram is a 640-by-640 pixel square image. This is especially important because if you share an image that is smaller than the dimension required on a platform, it will be enlarged and may become blurry.

Ensure to optimize your images for each social media platform (you place sharing links to), for the best visual quality.

Use Keywords Effectively

Do you know that you can promote your blog by using keywords effectively in your blog posts? Yes, it is true! It is called search engine optimization (SEO). What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization refers to the process of growing the traffic to a blog or website from search engines such as Google. The focus here is to increase the number of visitors to a blog through natural or unpaid traffic. So how does this work?

One of the key ways Search Engine Optimization increases traffic to a website is through the use of keywords that people search for. If you use highly researched keywords effectively on your blog posts, it will improve the position of your blog in search engine results. This is an effective means of promoting your blog.

To research the right keywords to help promote the ranking of your blog, you can use any of the following helpful websites

Maximize Email Marketing

As the name suggests, email marketing simply refers to using emails for Marketing. In more plain terms, in email marketing, you reach out to proposed customers to inform them about your product offerings and encourage them to take advantage of it, via emails.

So how can you use email marketing to promote your blog?

The first step, build up an email marketing list. There are several ways to build a comprehensive email marketing list. Visit any of the following sites to learn how to build up a comprehensive email list:

Next, send emails to your contact informing them about available content on your blog, especially when its a new content. Ensure to send these emails at times when they have the highest chances for success. To learn about the best time to send an email for best results, visit any of the following

According to research findings from several organizations, email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing tools available. This is because it enjoys a high opening and click-through rate.

All you need to start enjoying the dividends of email marketing is to build up your email list, properly word your emails, and then send them at the best times as suggested by research data.

Promote Your Content on Social Media

Although we made mention of putting tools in place to allow your audienceto share your content on their social media channels, that does not rule out the need for you to promote your blog on social media.

Youshould not sit idly by, waiting for your audience to do all the sharing. You should participate in it as well. You should share all your new blog posts on all your social media channels.

This is an effective way of promoting your Blog.

Use Influencers in Your Niche

Influencers are people with a large following on social media, usually with hundreds of thousands or millions in followers. These persons wield a large influence on social media even beyond their followers, as their posts can influence the perception of people about anything.

How can you use this to your advantage? It’s quite obvious, right?

Contact an influencer in your niche or area of specialization, and get them to post a positive review about your blog or share a brilliant article from your blog on their social media channels. Since they have a huge following, you can expect several thousands of their followers to check out your blog and maybe even become consistent readers.

The only challenge with this approach is that it could be an expensive way to promote your blog, since some of these influencers may request payments before they promote your blog. However, if you can afford the payments, this is an important way of promoting your blog that guarantees quick results.

Use Paid Adverts

Every year, large corporations like Netflix, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, etc. spend millions of dollars on adverts to promote their products, on various platforms. That says a lot. Among other things, it just demonstrates how important adverts could be for any business.

The same goes for blogs. You could maximizethe power of adverts to promote your blog.

You could advertise your blog using Google ads, and whenever any search query is made on Google that relates to your keywords, your blog articles will appear and will be placed on top of the search results.

Alternatively, you can use paid social media adverts to promote your Blog. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. all offeradvert services thatcan promote your blog. The best part is that they will only advertise your blog to persons interested in your niche.

For instance, if you run a tech blog and you advertise on Facebook, they will only show your advert to tech lovers, thereby ensuring that your adverts are targeted and will be productive.

What’s more, paid adverts services on social media are not as expensive as you may expect. You can advertise your blog with as little as a few dollars or as much as millions of dollars. You only pay for what you can afford or what you need.

You should consider adding this to your blog promotion arsenal as it is effective.


These tactics listed above are highly effective and are currently used by several top blogs to remain at the top of their game.

But as we conclude it is important to state that no matter how much promotion you implement for a blog with fluffy content, it will never produce lasting success.

All you may achieve are visitors that come and go! That’s not what you want right?

So take the time to post only top-quality stuff on your blog and you will find out that these steps can truly work wonders.

In addition, improve the design of your blog and give it a nice feel.A blog with a nice design is always a pleasure to visit.

Furthermore, make your blog easy to navigate, such that visitors can easily find their way around to helpful resources they need.

Other things being equal, if you have these in place and then implement a promotion strategy, you can be sure of having resounding success.

Cheers to your success!

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