In a digital era dominated by content, selecting the right platform for press release distribution is pivotal. 

In this comparison, we will scrutinize Marketersmedia and LinkingNews, two noteworthy platforms in the industry, to assist businesses in making an informed choice.

Key Take Away

1. Ownership: Marketersmedia has been a stable player since its inception in 2012, while LinkingNews is a relatively newer yet robust player in the market.   

2. Year Established: Marketersmedia was established in 2012, whereas the establishment year for LinkingNews is not clearly documented.

3. User Reviews: Marketersmedia enjoys positive reviews for its services, while LinkingNews also has garnered good reviews, especially praising its innovative approach.

4. Distinctive Attributes: Marketersmedia is lauded for its extensive distribution network, while LinkingNews stands out with its white label solutions and strong media connections.

The Marketersmedia and LinkingNews Difference

While Marketersmedia is acknowledged for its extensive network and user-friendly interface, LinkingNews is carving a niche with its white label solutions and a strong network of media connections, offering businesses anonymity and exclusivity.

Ease of Use: Marketersmedia Vs LinkingNews

Marketersmedia: Offers a seamless user experience with a simplified process for press release submissions. 

LinkingNews: Recognized for its user-centric approach, offering an uncomplicated process for press release distribution with white label solutions.

Cost Analysis: A Comparison

Marketersmedia: They offer varied packages to suit different business needs, with transparent pricing listed on their website.  

LinkingNews: The pricing structure is competitive, with an emphasis on providing value-added services, including white label distributions.

Is LinkingNews a Credible Platform?

Yes, LinkingNews has established itself as a credible platform, especially known for offering white label solutions that allow businesses to distribute press releases without the LinkingNews branding, maintaining confidentiality.

Deciding Between Marketersmedia and LinkingNews

The choice between Marketersmedia and LinkingNews depends largely on your business requirements. While Marketersmedia is renowned for its wide-reaching distribution network, LinkingNews might be the go-to option for businesses seeking white label solutions and strong media connections.

Which Platform Holds a Better Reputation?

Both platforms are well-regarded in the industry. Marketersmedia, with its expansive network, holds a strong reputation, whereas LinkingNews is praised for its innovative approach to press release distribution, especially with white label solutions.

 Getting to Know the Cost Aspects

Marketersmedia: Offers a range of packages with pricing details available on their website to suit various business needs.   

LinkingNews: Provides a competitive pricing structure, with details available on their official website, catering especially to businesses seeking white label solutions.

 Analytics and Reporting: A Comparative Overview

Marketersmedia: Offers comprehensive analytics to help businesses track the performance of their press release campaigns.

LinkingNews: Provides detailed reporting, with an emphasis on tracking the performance of white label press release distributions.


In conclusion, the selection between Marketersmedia and LinkingNews boils down to specific business preferences and needs. Marketersmedia stands as a reliable choice for extensive distribution, while LinkingNews is carving a niche with its innovative white label solutions. Businesses should make a choice based on their unique requirements and budgetary considerations.

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