Many of us know how important ice breakers are when you walk up to a pretty Lady. In fact, before you say the first word, she has started forming her opinion about you.

After your first few lines, you would have either succeeded in putting her off or making her interested in having a conversation with you.

Most guys and ladies understand this when they walk up to a random guy to make friends, but for some reason forget this when they write.

How do you expect any person to open your blog post when the blog title is so drab? The importance of having a catchy blog title can never be over-emphasized in blogging.

The good news is, no matter how poor you are at writing blog titles, like making friends witha pretty Lady, it can be learned. You do not have to continue suffering.

This article will set you on your journey to being a pro at writing catchy blog titles.

Let’s get going!

What are Blog Titles?

So what are blog titles in any case? To ensure we all are on the same page, we will be defining this term.

As the name suggests, blog titles refer to the title of any blog post. They are also known as the “Headline”. They are often the first part of a blog post that a reader gets to see before they decide to read or skip a blog post.

Catchy Blog titles are blog titles that intrigue, interest, or appeals to the reader, such that they immediately click on the blog title to read the entire blog post. It has been confirmed that the nature of a blog title goes a long way in determining if the reader gets to open the blog post or not.

This makes it necessary to master the art of writing catchy blog titles to ensure your blog posts enjoy a high click-through rate.

So what are the features of a catchy blog title? We will be discussing that below.

Features of Catchy Blog Titles

Regardless of what the title reads, catchy blog titles share some characteristics. What are those characteristics or features?

We will be discussing some of those characteristics here.

They are Eye Catching

One of the obvious features of a catchy blog title is that they are attention-grabbing. That is, they have a way of grabbing your attention and making you interested in the article. This is a key feature of catchy blog titles.

They are believable, yet intriguing

If you saw a title that reads: “How to make a trillion dollars in a year!” I am sure you would at once recognize it as a fraudulent or misleading title because an individual can’t pull off such a feat in a year.

Even though catchy blog titles sound intriguing, they are also very believable. They border on the high points people can reach if they were to acquire certain key information that the blog post offers.

A good example of a believable catchy blog title will read something like this:

“The easiest way to become a successful Copywriter”.

They are easy to read and comprehend

Another key feature of catchy blog titles is that they are easy to read and understand. They consist of words that their target audience can read and easily understand.

They are Brief

There is a reason they are called titles because they are supposed to give a hint of what the blog post is about and nothing more.

Catchy blog titles are brief and are never a pain to read.

They are precise, not vague

Catchy blog titles are precise and not vague. Among other things, vague titles have a way of confusing your target audience and making them quickly scroll past your blog post.

Catchy blog titles are always precise, giving the reader a clear hint of what they can expect to find when they open the blog post.

Catchy Blog Title Formulas That Will Boost Your Traffic

Add “Best” to YourBlog Title

If you go online to research anything, maybe to learn how to bake wheat bread. You will agree with me that many times you use the word “best” in your search query. For instance:

“The best way to bake wheat bread.”

Even if you did not include the word best in your search query, but then you find a resource among your search result with the title “best way to…”!

I guess you will be open, if not eager to see what the blog post is all about. This goes to show how effective using the word best is in blog titles.

In addition, it is powerful for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), since most persons who research your niche online are likely to use the word best.So you can be sure that your blog posts are likely to rank higher on search result pages when people research your niche.

Add “Easiest Way” To Your Blog Title

Another phrase that is frequently used in search queries is – “the easiest way to”! Why?

Because man has consistently been searching for the easiest way out since time immemorial. What do you think was responsible for the inventions of the industrial revolution and that of the 21st century?

People sought easier ways to do things and then boom, they arrived at a solution which was many times an invention.

Truth is, people are always in search of solutions that will make life easier for them, help them quickly complete a task, etc. So your blog title will be very attractive to lots of persons if it promises to show them the easiest way to accomplish something.

In addition, it is a frequently used search query and so is powerful for SEO.

Make it “Quickest” or “Fastest”

You would have noticed that today everybody seems to be in a hurry. They need things done urgently. Nobody wants to take the time to learn or do anything, we all prefer a quick solution.

The internet speed of today is way faster than it was just a few years ago. Computers are now built with faster processing capacities because nobody wants to be slowed by a device. All of these areto show how people want quick solutions.

The good news is, you can use this to your advantage as a blogger or content writer. You can increase the traffic to your blog post by simply using the word “quickest” or “fastest” in your blog title. This is bait will attract lots of your target audience.

For instance, how many persons will ignorea blog title that promises to show them “the fastest way to make a thousand bucks”? Not many right? You too can use this to your advantage.

The best part is that this formula is also SEO-friendly. It will help improve the position of your blog onsearch engine result pages.

The Backed by Data or Science Blog Title

These days where there are so many blogs or websites online that peddle false information, people are wary of what they read or even believe. That is why having a blog title that reads “backed by data or science” is a sure winner. Why? Because data never lies!

All you need to do is conduct proper research to backup your claim, and voila!There will be lots of traffic on your blog post.

What I Learned or Personal Experience Blog Title

Everybody loves a good story filled with key lessons right?

Probably that is the reason why movies like “Catch Me If You Can (2002)”, 12 Years a Slave (2013)”, etc. based on true life stories experienced much success.

Many times, people going through a learning process needs a person who has gone through the same process to guide them.

Better still, they believe you can guide them to do it if you have successfully navigated through the process before.

Use this to your advantage by writing about things you have learned from your experience and titling them accordingly. Your target audience will be interested in learning what your experience was. A good example of such a title is:

“What I learned about running a successful digital marketing business.”

Avoid These Mistakes Blog Title

Nobody wants to look like a rookie, even rookies don’t like it. That is why blog titles with – Avoid these mistakes or Mistakes to avoid in ….! Are always attention-grabbing.

The fear of making a mistake they may not be yet aware of is a powerful force that will drive your target audience to click on your blog title.Examples of such blog titles are:

“8 mistakes to avoid as a content writer”.

“5 Mistakes that are slowing the growth of your blog”.

You can always use this to attract traffic to your blog post.


These are just a few of the many effective ways to boost your blog traffic. You can experiment with each from time to time until you find what works best for you.

Additionally, always ensure that your blog post lives up to expectations. If people come expecting to see a huge lion, at least they should find a grown lion. They should not find a cub.

If your blog content is way below their expectation, you can expect them to quit the blog post almost as fast as they opened it.

Finally, as you may have noticed, the bulk of the formulas discussed here are based on frequent user search queries. As you go ahead to write your blog titles, always remember to make it SEO-friendly. Because that is what will ultimately count.

If your title sounds interesting but it’s not SEO friendly, it could get buried in the thousands or millions of search pages and may never be seenby anybody.

Wishing you the best as you proceed to writecatchy blog titles!