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How to Write a Catchy Political Campaign Press Release Announcement [Examples/Samples Included]

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Politics in some parts of the world has become extremely competitive in recent times, especially in countries practicing a multi-party system of government where each political party tries to outdo their opponents both in promises, speech, wits, finances, popularity, and even campaign.

Campaigns from political parties have become expensive in this current dispensation, gulping effort, time, and money while trying to outdo your political opponents in reaching out to the voting populace and spreading your political ideology across your constituencies. 

It becomes essential for a serious political party to come out with potent and convincing political campaign press releases. 

You may be the chief press officer of your political party, campaign manager, or even the candidate of your party bedeviled with the burden of coming out of your party’s press release. This article will help you get started with the A-Z of what a perfect political campaign press release announcement should look like.

A solid political campaign press release announcement fit for press release should have a tone consisting of :

  1. The political campaign purpose (Why the need to campaign?)
  2. The political campaign management, structure, and strategy
  3. How is the campaign to be funded (Crowdfunding or party member donations?)
  4. The breakdown of how the fund is to be expended.
  5. When the campaign is kick-starting
  6. The use of social media (Recommended in this 21st century)
  7. The foot soldiers/volunteers.

With the above outlined in your political press release, you would have been ahead of most of your political opponents since most notable media houses are extremely busy and would be glad if your press releases are as detailed as possible. Doing this will help them save time instead of having to be on a goose-chase looking for details you should have included in your press release before they can air or broadcast them.

A press release is unlike other forms of news articles whereby the scene comes first, leading up to a climax. Your press release must shoot out the critical elements of your story from the start.

Your audience must immediately know the message of your story is and its importance.

The body of your political campaign press release announcement should include:

  1. A catchy headline – It must be worth the attention of your readers and constituencies. It must convey the newsworthy aspect of your story to get your audience glued to reading further.
  2. Release date – This is as important as the press release; you do not want your campaign program to become stale.
  3. Campaign details like notable names, organizers, goals and objectives, upcoming conferences, meetings and events, slogan/hashtag (recommended for social media), affiliated parties/groups/agencies, and donations/funding/sponsorship. – Build your story around the details.
  4. Relevant Images of the organizer(s), candidate(s), sponsors, or party.
  5. Specific quotes from the candidate(s), organizers, sponsors, or party
  6. Boilerplate statement from the candidate(s), organizers, or party
  7. The campaign website – Where followers, readers, and undecided minds can periodically visit to get any information they demand.
  8. Dateline – Each activity should have a dateline attached to them for those who would like to follow your schedule.
  9. Contact information of the organizer(s), e.g., Contact person’s phone number, email address, or mailing address.

The goal here is to help you lessen the hassle of getting stuck and wasting valuable time trying to come up with your press release; we just do not give tips, we go all the way to making sure you end up with a befitting press release. 

Remember that your political campaign press release announcement is a form of marketing your party to your constituencies, you would not want to appear lackluster and unprepared, do you?

Be aware that a perfectly written political campaign press release announcement can put you on the radar of the media and even sponsors, which can help your cause in numerous ways.

Apart from having a catchy headline and the other details listed above, your press release must also be straight to the point. Your first paragraphs should capture the meat of your message, and then you can build on these paragraphs by including other essential details needed to be read by your audience.

Distribute Your Press Release

Now that you are done crafting a captivating press release, the next step is to distribute your press release to the media and drive media buzz around your political campaign.

At NewswireJet, we well help syndicate your press release to over 350+ media sites, including top affiliate media sites of NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX and Marketwatch. We are trusted by top brands like FlyReva Air Ambulance and other businesses looking to gain media attention with ease.

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Below is a template to follow

{Political campaign announcement press release headline}

{City if applicable} {State if applicable} Date of release: {“If not immediate”}

{Summarized section: Give a precise description in a few lines}

{Include few quotes from the candidate(s), organizer(s), party, or sponsor related to the press release}

{Come up with additional paragraphs to give more details about the press release which should cover all important questions like the “where, why, what, when, and who”}

{Include another section containing the campaign details}

{Your press release must include a call to action with a website address where your audience can explore more information about your political campaign}

{Boilerplate details about the candidate(s) or the organizer with the information below:

Contact info – campaign contact person, candidate (s), or political party – mailing address, and phone number} 

The above template should aide your political campaign press release announcement once you put into practice the above tips and guidelines. If you need bad in marketing your product (Party and candidacy), you will find it difficult to sway the public’s sentiments and loyalty to your direction.

We have included a political campaign announcement press release sample using our tips and guidelines to give you a picture of what yours should look like which will make you an expert in writing political campaign press release announcement if followed diligently:

Political Campaign Press Release Announcement Sample

David Irving Shiner Announces Candidacy for Palm Beach County Commissioner, District 5

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla., June 24, 2020 /NewswireJet/ — David Irving Shiner has announced his candidacy for Palm Beach County Commissioner, District 5, representing southwest Palm Beach County, specifically West Boca Raton, West Delray Beach, and West Boynton Beach.  A graduate of Nova Southeastern University Law School, Shiner has a long history of advocacy for individuals and businesses that have suffered injuries and losses.  Shiner’s dedication to professional excellence, client service, and creative problem-solving has led to pragmatic and just resolutions for his clients.  Shiner currently practices law throughout South Florida with headquarters in Boca Raton.

Shiner spends his spare time with his wife and family, often visiting local parks like Green Cay Nature Center and Wetlands, Wakodahatchee Wetlands, and West Delray Regional Park.  It is Shiner’s connection with the environment that makes preservation and responsible growth a priority for him.  Shiner also spends his free time giving back to the community.  He is a major sponsor for the Delray Beach Police Department’s National Night Out, which helps provide school supplies for the community’s students.  Public safety is one of Shiners most important priorities.

Participation in the legal community also keeps Shiner busy.  He is a member in good standing with the Florida Bar and has been admitted to practice before all Federal District Courts in Florida.  Shiner is also a member of the South Palm Beach County Bar Association, the Palm Beach County Bar Association, the Palm Beach County Justice Association, the American Association of Justice, the Florida Justice Association, the American Bar Association, and other local organizations.

An active member of the community, Shiner was born in Fort Lauderdale and has lived most of his life in South Florida; Shiner’s main law office has been in Boca Raton since the genesis of his firm.  He is a graduate of Coral Springs High School, where he met his wife, Laura.  Shiner is also an alumnus of the University of South Florida, where he obtained a Bachelor of the Arts in Political Science and a minor degree in Religious Studies.  Today, Shiner and his wife proudly call Delray Beach their home, where their sons, Lucas and Benjamin, attend local public school.

Shiner’s extended family also proudly call the area home.  His parents, who remain a strong influence in his life, live within walking distance, providing ample opportunity for Grandma and Grandpa to spoil the boys; Shiner’s sister, also a lawyer at his firm, lives in District 5 off of Atlantic Avenue; and his brother serves the community as a Delray Beach Police Detective.

“Practicing law has given me a unique understanding of how to work to influence others, so my clients have the best chance of winning their case. As your next County Commissioner, I will use the skills I have developed in my practice to ensure District 5’s voters get professional and effective representation, and their concerns are prioritized as I tend to the business of Palm Beach County.”

For more information about David Irving Shiner’s candidacy, please contact David Irving Shiner at (561) 279-5733 or email David@VoteDavidShiner.com.

To make a contribution to the David Irving Shiner for Palm Beach County Commissioner, District 5 Campaign, click here, or visit VoteDavidShiner.com.

Paid by David Irving Shiner, Rep. for Palm Beach County Commissioner, District 5
ontact: David Irving Shiner
Phone: (561) 279-5733
Address: 10290 Atlantic Ave., P.O. Box 480933, Delray Beach, Florida 33448

The above sample from us is as detailed as possible, relating all relevant information to Imuwahen’s audience about Global Writer’s Party campaign policies while fuelling their curiosity into wanting to know more about what your party. 

Your political campaign press release announcement should contain a “call to action”, it should make your readers or audience want to get more information by clicking on a link that is expected to contain your party’s expanded plans, strategies, actions and policies towards the contested elections.

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