Have you been considering how to go about your next social media campaign for maximum results? Well, look no further, as this article will be presenting you with 11 examples of successful social media campaigns to guide you on how to organize your social media campaign for maximum results.

However, before discussing the examples, let’s define what a social media campaign is all about.

What is a Social Media Campaign?

Oberlo defines a social medial campaign as an organized marketing effort to increase consumer awareness, interest, and loyalty to an organization, brand, product, or service, through social media channels.

Hootsuite defines a social media campaign as coordinated marketing designed to reinforce information or sentiments —about a product, service, or overall brand—through at least one social media platform.

So from the above definitions, it is clear that social media campaigns refer to any organized marketing effort an organization initiates on social media, to engage consumers, advertise products/services, etc.

11 Creative Social Media Campaign Examples

Airbnb: “We are here campaign”

Airbnb is an internet platform that connects folks who wish to rent their homes with people who need to rent accommodation in that locale.In 2016, Airbnb launched the “we are here campaign” to demonstrate the amazing experience their customers can get to enjoy as they use Airbnb hosts.

It was a creative social media campaign that enjoyed much success, as customers got to see for themselves the experience they could enjoy using Airbnb.

Lessons to Learn

Add live videos shot in amazing locations to your proposed social media campaign as they have a way of engaging your audience. However, ensure that the locations where your videos are shot are relevant to your brand.

Blendtec: “Will it blend campaign”

Blendtec is an organization headquartered in Utah, the USA that sells residential and commercial blenders. On November 24, 2015, she launched a creative social media known as the “will it blend campaign.”

This campaign featured videos that emphasized just how powerful Blendtec blenders are. In each of these videos, they tried blending objects they found around them at random. Needless to say that these videos attracted thousands of views on Facebook.

Lessons to Learn

If you wish to achieve a result similar to what Blendtec achieved with this campaign, attempt to share videos that emphasize just how great or amazing your products or services are.

Videos naturally capture the interest of most social media users. Use this to your advantage by sharing videos that emphasize the advantages of your product.

Wix: “Melt the Ice Campaign”

Wix is a software company that provides cloud-based web development services. It allows users to create their websites or mobile sites, by simply utilizing online drag and drop tools that they make available.

On January 23, 2017, Wix launched its “melt the ice campaign”. What was it all about?

Wix tried to encourage social media users to join their super bowl contest where they could win as much as $10,000. In this game, footballs were placed on some blocks of ice and each time a block of ice melts (and the ball on it drops), a draw is done and a winner is selected to get $10,000.

This campaign was done on Facebook live video, and it was a huge success as it attracted thousands of users. They asked viewers to comment on the live video, so they will melt the ice faster. This resulted in more engagement with their audience. For a look at what the campaign was like, visit www.facebook.com/wix/.

Lesson to Learn

To replicate the success of this social media campaign, you can organize a contest for your audience, as social media users will always be eager to participate in a contest for some rewards.

However, ensure that the contest reinforces your products or services, or it is done in such a way that it attracts attention to your products or services, and leads to conversion.

Purdue: “Day of Giving”

The University of Purdue is located in Indiana, USA. Every year, Purdue hosts her annual day of giving to help raise funds for her student scholarship.

In these campaigns, she reaches out to her alumni network and tries to convince them to give to support other students, it is easier to convince their alumni network because they have firsthand experience with the university and challenges students may face without adequate financial support.

Lessons to Learn

To apply this in your social media campaign, reach out to your target audience with a message that will appeal to their emotions or they can relate with. People tend to act when you appeal to their emotions, or when your message paints a picture they have experienced.

McDonald’s: I’m loving it Super Bowl Campaign

McDonald’s is an international fast-food franchise that has its headquarters in the USA. On February 2, 2015, she launched her I’m loving it super bowl social media campaign, targeted at reaching out to a large audience and to stand out among her other brands’ advertising during the super bowl.

How did it run? They tweeted about other organizations’ advertising during the super bowl, thereby putting themselves in front of the audience of other organizations. These tweets were however friendly and supported the products of the organizations they tweeted about.

Lessons to Learn

Just like McDonald’s, you can run a social media campaign that allows you to use the steam of your competition to get ahead. However, be careful to do this in a way that does not directly undermine your competition. Because slighting them could lead to a long string of backlash, you may not be interested in having.

Charmin:“Sit or Squat App”

Charmin is an American brand of toilet paper owned by Procter and Gamble. On August 4, 2017, Charming launched her sit or squat social media campaign. What is it all about?

They used this campaign to draw attention to the Sit or Squat app they were about to launch. In this campaign, they encouraged their audience to rate local toilets they use as they travel. Clean toilets were rated “sit”, while the not-so-clean ones were rated “squat”. The ratings were done on the Sit or Squat App.

This campaign was largely successful because it tried to solve a challenge that consumers face (dirty bathrooms).

Lessons to Learn

To replicate the success of this campaign, design an interactive social media campaign that is directed at solving a familiar challenge your audience faces frequently.

Sevenly: 12 Days of Giving Campaign

Sevenly is a lifestyle brand that donates to charitable causes from the sale of each of her products. That is, each time a Sevenly product is sold, a percentage of the money received is donated to a charitable cause.

In her12 days of giving social media campaign, Sevenly gave $7 from each product sold, to a new charity each day.

A major reason why this campaign was successful, was because it was done in a holiday season (Christmas season) when customers are more disposed to give.Also, their message appealed to the emotions of their customers, making it more difficult for them to say no.

Lessons to Learn

Choose a charity to contribute some of the proceeds of your campaign to and build your message around the impact your audience will be making when they patronize your products or services. Consumers are often moved to patronize brands that support charitable causes.

Nintendo: Nintendo Switch Launch

Nintendo is a multinational electronics and video game company headquartered in Kyoto, Japan.The Nintendo Switch launch was done as part of the launching of Nintendo’s Switch Console. This device allows users to switch easily from a handheld game to a TV console.

A major reason for the success of this campaign was the fact it was built around the launch of a new product that lots of users around the world were looking forward to. In addition, they had clear and consistent messaging that kept their audience knowing what to expect next.

Lessons to Learn

Build your next campaign around the launch of a product and maintain a clear message throughout your campaign. This will help you record a high rate of engagement with your audience.

Anthropologie: “Open Call”

Anthropologie is an American brand known for retailing female clothes. In her “Open Call” campaign (which ran on Instagram), Anthropologie encouraged her customers to enter the competition for a chance to model for the brand. To join the competition, users had to post pictures of themselves wearing Anthropologie clothes, with the hashtag #AnthroOpenCall.

This campaign was a huge success for many reasons. Firstly, it had a high reward attached to it – an opportunity to model for Anthropologie (which comes with financial and other types of rewards).

In addition, it allowed users to share their beautiful pictures with a lot more persons using the hashtag. Anthropologie also enjoyed the free advert users gave her products, by modeling them and posting on Instagram. In the end, it was a win-win for all involved.

Lessons to Learn

Build your social media campaign around a contest with a beautiful reward attached to it. The condition for joining the contest should be so easy that any person can join, and it should involve something that promotes or your products and services by placing it in front of potential customers.

Applebees: Fantographer Campaign

Applebees is an American chain restaurant brand that offers grill and bar services, among others.In her Fantographer campaign, Applebees used her Instagram page to share fans-generated photos, using the hashtag #fantographer.

Fans were also encouraged to share their photos using the hashtag #fantographer. These photos showed food ordered by fans at an Applebee’s restaurant, or fans enjoying themselves at an Applebee’s location.

This campaign was largely successful because it shared fan-generated content withits audience. In addition, people are more likely to believe the content shared by a fan than the content shared by an organization.

Lessons to Learn

You can build your social media campaign around a hashtag and encourage customers to share their content using your hashtag. This helps to push your content in front of the connections of your fans and gives it a wider reach.

However, ensure that the content you are asking your audience to share is something interesting, an activity that people will love to be involved in. If it is not, you will have little or no engagement with your audience.

Apple: #ShotOniPhone

Apple Inc. is a multinational technology company headquartered in California, USA. Apple ran her ShotOniPhone campaign on Instagram, to demonstrate to her audience the camera capacity of the iPhone.

In this campaign, users were encouraged to post photos taken with an iPhone on Instagram, using the hashtag #ShotOniPhone.

Among other reasons, this campaign was a huge success because it relied on fans-generated content. In addition, it gave users the opportunity to showoff their beautiful photos to a wider community. Since it was fun, many people from around the world participated in it.

Lessons to Learn

Design your social media campaign in such a way that it shows-off the abilities of your products. If you wish to take things a notch higher, allow users to share their experience using your product, using a hashtag of your choice. This will really boost the success of your campaign.


These examples are just a few of the many successful social media campaigns that have been witnessed so far. Although several strategies could be gleaned from these examples, you do not need to employ them all to be successful. You just need to apply a couple, and it will suffice.

As you may have noticed, a couple of strategies stand out among these examples, because of how frequently they were used and how they always produced good results.

These strategies include using fan-generated content, giving fans the opportunity to participate, demonstrating the efficacy of your products, etc.

If you apply any of these or combine two or more of them brilliantly, you will definitely arrive at a brilliant social media campaign you will be proud of. Cheers to your success in your next Social Media Campaign.