As a non profit you need maximum exposure for your cause, events, achievements and and future plans. The more people know about the good you, the more likely they get encouraged to do the same or even more.

Non profit organizations tend to easily forget the PR side of things and expect to gain media attention solely because of what they do. While this may sound logical enough, unfortunately, public awareness is not a right but a price.

The more engagements you create with the media, the more media traction you stand to generate. Press release can help you achieve this faster. You can literally have you press release published on over 350 media sites.

Key Components of a Non Profit Press Release Format

  1. The title: is very important since it helps you improve CTR (Click-Through-Rate). You should make your title compelling but not look like a click-bait. Avoid using words that promise a particular amount of returns, negatively portray a third party or de-humanize.
  2. The 5 Ws: A well-written press release must cover the What, Why, When, Who, and Where. These are called the 5 Ws of a press release. Crafting your press release around those key points, will help you convey your message in the most precise way possible.
  3. The Second Paragraph: The second paragraph should built on the first paragraph which covers the 5 Ws. Use the second paragraph to further explain why the press release is important.
  4. Quotes: A press release is hardly complete without a quote from a top level executive or owner of the company. This helps in adding some authentication to the press release and a good opportunity to share your company’s thoughts with your target audience.
  5. Boiler Plate: This is the last part of a press release. The Boiler plate is the section where you write about the company.

For immediate Release

Headline- PenBee Raises Funds on Kick Starter to Develop World’s First Fold-able and Green Car

Sub-headline- Changing the future of cars, PenBee Finally introduces a Foldable Car Designed For a Greenworld

January, 2021, Texas- Fast rising auto maker, PenBee, proudly announces it’s fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for it’s audacious foldable car initiative. The foldable car was announced six months ago and has generated lots of interest as people eagerly wait to see the game changing invention from PenBee.

Non Profit Press Release Example/Format

For immediate release

Headline– Heal The Planet Creates Global Synergy For Fight Against Climate Change

Sub-Headline – Fighting To Secure The Next Generation, Heal The World Leads the Way To Climate Change

January, 2021- Heal The Word announces the successful launch of its climate advocacy program designed to form a global alliance of leaders and the private sector across the world. Launched in Australia, the program seeks to reduce carbon footprint to the lowest possible within the next 10 years.

As a non-profit organization, Heal The Planet, plans create aggressively educate high school and university students, thereby focusing on the next generation of leaders who will be well informed enough to see the real danger of Climate Change if left unchecked.

“Our goal is to impact the world by focusing on the young minds. Pushing for a change of direction with the present crop of leaders might not give sustainable results as getting the future leaders. We hope to make the world know that the best time to act is now, and we are engaging with youths by educating them on how climate change is changing their world.” Says Heal The World’s spokesperson.

About Heal The World

Heal The World is a leading climate change advocacy organization in Florida. The non profit has been involved in over 100 educational campaigns in the U.S and more than 50 educational campaigns across the world in the past 5 years.

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Please note that organization cited here is not real and was only used for educational purposes.