As businesses continue to compete for visibility in a crowded marketplace, effective press release distribution becomes increasingly essential. Marketersmedia and Prezly are two of the prominent platforms in this sector. 

In this comparison, we will evaluate the strengths, features, and capabilities of both platforms.

 Key Take Away

1. Ownership: Marketersmedia has made a name for itself with its expansive distribution network, while Prezly has positioned itself as a PR CRM platform, blending traditional press release distribution with advanced media relations tools.  

2. Year Established: Marketersmedia was launched in 2012, gaining traction due to its vast distribution reach. Prezly, established in 2010, has been known for its user-friendly approach to PR and communications.   

3. User Reviews: Both platforms have accumulated positive feedback over the years, with users praising their respective efficiencies and features.   

4. Notable Features: Marketersmedia shines with its distribution prowess, whereas Prezly stands out with its integrated PR CRM, which allows for improved relationship management with media contacts.

Differences in Services: Marketersmedia Vs Prezly

While both platforms serve the purpose of press release distribution, Marketersmedia emphasizes broad distribution, whereas Prezly offers tools like visual press releases and a CRM for better media relations.

Ease of Use: Comparing the Two Platforms

Marketersmedia: It boasts a straightforward user interface, guiding users effortlessly through the press release submission and distribution process.

Prezly: Its dashboard is known for being intuitive, integrating press release creation, distribution, and media relations in a single platform.

A Look at the Costs: Marketersmedia Vs Prezly

Marketersmedia: Their pricing is transparent, with various packages catering to different business needs, details of which can be obtained from their website.  

Prezly: Offers tiered pricing based on the functionalities a business requires, providing flexibility and scalability.

Prezly’s Standing in the Press Release Industry

Prezly, having been in the industry since 2010, has been appreciated for combining traditional press release distribution with innovative media relations tools, making it an integral tool for many PR professionals.

Which Service is Superior: Marketersmedia or Prezly?

The choice between Marketersmedia and Prezly depends on specific business objectives. For businesses aiming for maximum reach, Marketersmedia might be the go-to. However, for those focusing on building and nurturing media relations, Prezly offers tools tailored to that purpose.

Identifying the Most Trusted Platform

Both platforms have established a strong reputation in the industry. Marketersmedia, with its vast distribution capabilities, and Prezly, with its integrated PR CRM, cater to distinct needs but are equally reputable.

Delving Into the Costs

Marketersmedia: Offers packages tailored to different scales of business requirements, with detailed pricing available on their website.   

Prezly: Adopts a tiered pricing approach, which can be customized based on the functionalities a business demands.

Analytical Capabilities: Marketersmedia Vs Prezly

Marketersmedia: Furnishes users with detailed analytics, offering insights into press release reach and interactions.

Prezly: Not just providing distribution metrics, it also offers insights into media relations, helping businesses understand and nurture their media contacts better.


Both Marketersmedia and Prezly have their unique strengths, tailored to distinct business needs. While Marketersmedia shines in distribution reach, Prezly’s integrated approach to PR and media relations offers businesses a holistic PR management experience.

Choosing between them hinges on whether a business prioritizes broad distribution or a more integrated PR approach.

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