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Prezly and Marketersmedia are two significant players in the PR platform landscape. While Prezly focuses on offering CRM capabilities and customizable newsrooms, Marketersmedia stands as a press release distribution network catering to marketers across the globe. Let’s delve into a comprehensive comparison to find out which platform aligns with your business needs.



  Prezly: Established in 2010, Prezly offers a PR software solution that integrates CRM functionalities and customizable newsrooms, aiding businesses in fostering better media relations.

  Marketersmedia: A part of the larger NewsReleaseNow network, it offers widespread press release distribution services, helping businesses reach a global audience.


   Prezly: Has built a strong reputation for its focused approach to enhancing media relations through CRM tools.

   Marketersmedia: Enjoys a substantial standing for offering reliable press release distribution services with a vast network reach.

Features Comparison


CRM Functionality: Offers a detailed CRM functionality allowing businesses to streamline their media relations.

Customizable Newsrooms: Lets users create personalized newsrooms, improving the visibility and reach of their press releases.

Media Database and Analytics: Provides access to a comprehensive media database and analytics to measure the effectiveness of PR campaigns.


Global Distribution Network: Offers a vast distribution network, helping businesses reach a global audience with their press releases.

SEO Optimization: Integrates SEO optimization features to enhance the online visibility of press releases.

Media Monitoring: Offers media monitoring features to track the performance and reach of press release campaigns.

Cost Comparison

Prezly: Adopts a subscription-based pricing model with packages catering to different business needs. Detailed pricing can be found on their official website.

Marketersmedia: Provides various pricing packages that are designed to be budget-friendly, enabling businesses to choose based on their distribution needs and budget.


 Prezly: Features a user-friendly interface that facilitates easy management of PR activities.

 Marketersmedia: Known for its intuitive user interface that simplifies the process of press release distribution.


When it comes to choosing between Prezly and Marketersmedia, the decision boils down to the specific requirements of your business. If a comprehensive CRM tool with customizable newsrooms is your priority, Prezly might be your go-to platform. On the other hand, if a vast distribution network and SEO optimization features are what you seek, Marketersmedia could be a more suitable option.

As we conclude this analysis, it’s evident that both platforms offer distinct features that can aid in enhancing your PR campaigns. Your choice would thus depend on whether you prioritize media relations management or a broad distribution network for your press releases.

press release distribution newswirejet