Marketersmedia and Meltwater are notable entities in the press release distribution landscape. While Marketersmedia primarily focuses on distribution services, Meltwater offers a broader suite of PR and media intelligence services. Here’s an in-depth comparison to help you understand their unique offerings.

Key Take Away

1. Ownership: Marketersmedia’s ownership is not as widely documented, while Meltwater was founded by Jørn Lyseggen in Oslo, Norway. 

2. Year Established: Marketersmedia has been in operation since 2012, whereas Meltwater started its journey back in 2001.

3. Number of Reviews: Both platforms are popular in their domains, and as a result, they have accumulated a plethora of reviews and testimonials.

4. Unique Offerings: Marketersmedia provides distribution to numerous premium sites, while Meltwater is renowned for its media monitoring and intelligence services.

Distinct Features of Marketersmedia and Meltwater

While Marketersmedia emphasizes premium press release distribution, Meltwater has branched out into various PR-related services, including media monitoring, social media tracking, and PR analytics.

Marketersmedia vs Meltwater: Ease of Use

Marketersmedia: Offers a user-centric interface with a streamlined process for press release submissions.  

Meltwater: With a broader range of services, its platform is intuitively designed, catering to various PR and media monitoring needs.

Marketersmedia vs Meltwater: Cost

Marketersmedia: Adopts a modular pricing strategy with different packages tailored to various distribution needs.   

Meltwater: Given its vast array of services, pricing can vary significantly based on individual requirements.

Is Meltwater Credible?

Yes, Meltwater is recognized globally for its extensive suite of PR and media intelligence services. Their robust media monitoring tools and analytics have made them a top choice for many global enterprises.

Which Stands Out Marketersmedia or Meltwater?

The preference largely depends on specific requirements. If the primary need is press release distribution, especially to premium channels, Marketersmedia might be a fitting choice. However, for businesses seeking extensive PR analytics, media monitoring, and more, Meltwater holds the edge.

Reputation Insights: Marketersmedia Vs Meltwater

While Marketersmedia is esteemed for its distribution prowess, Meltwater is recognized for its comprehensive media intelligence tools, making both platforms reputable in their domains.

Cost Implications for Press Releases on Marketersmedia

Marketersmedia’s pricing varies based on the chosen package, with detailed insights available on their official site.

Financial Considerations for Meltwater Services

Meltwater’s pricing structure is more intricate due to its diverse service offerings. It’s advisable to contact them directly for a customized quote.

Analytical Tools: Marketersmedia and Meltwater

Marketersmedia: Provides comprehensive analytics to gauge press release performance.   

Meltwater: Offers an advanced suite of analytics and reporting tools, covering PR campaigns, media coverage, and more.


While both Marketersmedia and Meltwater are leaders in their fields, the choice between them comes down to specific needs. 

For premium press release distribution, Marketersmedia stands strong. However, if one’s needs span beyond mere distribution to encompass media monitoring and PR analytics, Meltwater emerges as the more comprehensive solution.

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