It is good you first understand that DIY Press Release is not so easy. But if you continue reading to the end what you will learn would make it must simpler. That is when you apply the principles and use the free templates provided.

It is one thing to sing a great song or musical composition but one of the greatest challenges of Rock Bands and musicians is getting people to listen to it. Very few things bring joy to musicians like their music being heard by new audiences. So you see the general challenge is now how to bridge the gap between a piece of great music and new listeners.

Advancement in technology has brought quite a lot of advantages to the musician. An example is that it is easier to produce your musical track, upload it to various streaming services available, and even promote it through various social media channels. The challenge only arises due to the increase in competition created by these same advantages as many rock bands or musicians also have easy access and it can be quite challenging to stand out or get heard among the crowd.

There is a powerful tool available to you reading this write up which many do not know can be available to a band or musician as there is the misconception it is only for big companies. You are wondering what this tool is? It is a tool that when well-crafted can increase the awareness of people about your music and band.

So what are Press Releases?

This is regarded in the music industry as a tool that gives a ban or artist relatively free publicity, especially in comparison to other means of advertisement.

To you as an artist press release is your official announcement. It is in a simple and concise format that provides reporters or other media people with news about you and your band. It is a great skill for you to be able to write a press release and with the materials provided in this write up you should be good at this in no time with practice and dedication.

When you use certain keywords related to music in your press release, you can get better results on search engines when people search for your type of music genre, band name, or other related content.

Part of the reason you should use this tool is that all publications you get from the press release are free except maybe for the cost of distributing your press release. Also, you can use this tool to promote your upcoming events, album launch, updates about your music tour, video release, and updates about your band.

Yes, You Can!

That is the answer to the question you may want to ask which is “can I write the Press Release for my band?”. Once you follow certain guidelines even you could create a great press release and this is great news, right? Following these guidelines will ensure the press release for your band covers all the essential details about what you want to be promoted.

The guidelines to follow when writing your press release is that certain key information must be highlighted.

Your Rock band’s press release should contain this information:

  • The first is a Compelling Headline using your band’s hometown and genre of music (To attract those specifically interested in your band add your band name in the headline)
  • Include specific details about what you are promoting with the press release like a new video release or slated music tour
  • Include information about the genre of music your band plays and other details about your band
  • Provide information about the previous works of your band or other press releases
  • Help people coming across your band for the first time know what to expect by expressing your source of inspiration or motivation.
  • Worthwhile quotes from your followers or a review of previous music tours, tracks, and bands.
  • Use relevant multimedia materials like pictures or videos from previous tours, pictures of band members, and album cover.
  • Call-To-Actions: Your band’s website or social media handles or link to your music track
  • Date of Release or dateline
  • Specific details about your rock band – boilerplate
  • The band’s contact information- contact person, phone number, email address, studio address


This example can be used to promote a new video released by a rock band with a focus to grow the YouTube Channel and increase traffic to their music on various major streaming services.


Denver Band Blue Avalanche launches 19/11 inspired new video

Denver, CO, Release: April 22, 2022. For Immediate Release  

Blue Avalanche has launched their latest video, “Standing Strong”, for fans and lovers of classic rock with a knack for a fresh and lively track for their playlist.  

Blue Avalanche, a classic rock band from Denver, has announced the launch of their new music video, “Standing Strong”, which was inspired by the aftermath of events of September 2011 in the United States and the need to stand together.  

Visit https://www.blueavalanche.rock/ for more information about this music video.  

The new video, Standing Strong, is a single from their forthcoming album launch in the year. The band’s love for classic rock, blues, and country music is evident in this lively track.  

Listeners of Standing Strong will find it entertaining and inspirational as there’s a highlight of how each band member was impacted by the 9/11 event and how rock music helped in moving on. The video showcases the lively performance the Blue Avalanche has been known for.  

The Blue Avalanche rock band comprises five talented individuals led by Hillary Curt who is the lead vocalist, backup vocalist John Finney, drummer Bob Flint, bassist Ken Stone, and lead guitarist William Adam. Every band member is an accomplished musician with an electrifying stage presence which is evident all through the video.

The five-member band has thrilled audiences to electrifying live performances since 2010 at famous venues such as First Ave, Minneapolis; Tower Theater, Philadelphia; and many other venues.  

The Blue Avalanche’s new video, Standing Strong can be viewed on their YouTube Channel and you can purchase the track on all major music streaming sites like Spotify and Apple Music. Also, the track can be purchased on the band’s website.”  

A fan’s review of the new video on their YouTube channel said, “Wow! This is a great song. I was inspired by what you overcame during the 9/11 event.”  

Stella Stone, one of our professional fitness trainers was praised by a satisfied client shared on her Facebook handle. She shared “Stella is absolutely amazing. Her approach to training and her encouragement has helped me to still to my fitness routine and watched my nutritional intake which I haven’t been able to achieve in a long time. I won’t say all has been easy but certainly the benefits I have enjoyed making it worth it.”  

All interested can simply visit https://www.blueavalanche.rock/


A great press release stands out and is a perfect means of spreading the word about your band’s music to new listeners online. This also increases the chances of being seen on searches based on keywords specific to your band and genre of music.

With consistency, you get better at writing your press release and you can use it to announce various upcoming events of your band. This is a template you can use in crafting your band’s press release:

(The Press Release Headline)

(Your City) {Your State} The Release Date: “For Immediate Release”

(Summary Section: Give a brief description of your announcement)

(Use a quote from your band’s representative related to the announcement)

(Include an additional paragraph which provides more details on your announcement: it should answer the 5Ws i.e. where, what, why, when, who)

(Include another quote by a music fan related to the announcement)

(Insert a Call-To-Action in the form of an URL address with more information about the announcement, the band’s upcoming event, or link to watch the video)

(Boilerplate: this is a message about your studio or gym using the following as a guide

Contact info:





Phone:  )

Having finished writing your press release (or you could choose to use the services of professional writing services provided by some press release distribution service providers). Take it to the next level by getting in touch with a press release distribution service provider who will publish it to the top-tier media outlets, music streaming platforms, and search engines.