When it comes to press release distribution platforms, both Brandpush and LinkingNews hold significant places in the market. 

This comparison will help you understand the finer nuances that differentiate these platforms, assisting you in making an informed decision.

Key Take Away

1. Ownership: The ownership details of both Brandpush and LinkingNews are not publicly disclosed.

2. Year Established: The establishment year of both platforms is not publicly listed.

3. Customer Reviews: Reviews for both platforms are mixed, with users noting a variety of experiences.

4. Core Features: Both platforms offer extensive networks for press release distribution, aiming to help businesses expand their reach and visibility.

Ease of Use

Brandpush: The platform is known for its simplicity, offering an easy-to-navigate interface that helps in the efficient distribution of press releases.

LinkingNews: Its user interface is designed to be intuitive, facilitating a seamless process for press release distribution.


Brandpush: Offers competitive pricing structures, catering primarily to small businesses and startups looking for cost-effective solutions.

LinkingNews: While its pricing might be on the higher side compared to Brandpush, it provides a range of packages that can cater to diverse business needs.

Is LinkingNews Reputable?

Yes, LinkingNews has a reputation for being a trustworthy and reliable platform in the press release distribution sector. It offers a network that helps businesses to effectively reach a larger audience.

Which is Better: Brandpush or LinkingNews?

The determination of which platform is better depends greatly on individual business requirements and budget. 

Brandpush would be the go-to choice for those seeking budget-friendly options, whereas LinkingNews stands as a solid option for those looking for a comprehensive package of features and services, albeit at a higher price point.

Analytics and Reporting

Brandpush: Provides fundamental analytics to help users track the success of their press releases, although it may not offer detailed insights.

LinkingNews: Offers detailed analytics and reporting features, facilitating a deeper understanding of the performance and reach of press releases.


To sum up, both Brandpush and LinkingNews are noteworthy contenders in the press release distribution market. 

Your choice between the two would depend largely on your specific needs, preferences, and budgetary allocations. If you prioritize budget-friendly options, Brandpush could be your best bet.

 Conversely, if you are seeking a platform with a blend of extensive features and a wider network, LinkingNews might be the preferable option.