In the ever-evolving world of press release distribution, GlobeNewswire and Brandfeatured have established themselves as notable platforms offering varied features and benefits. 

This article seeks to unpack the offerings of both platforms, providing a detailed comparison that can guide businesses and PR professionals in making informed decisions.

Key Takeaway

1. Historical Background and Ownership

   – GlobeNewswire: A well-established name in the industry, primarily known for its extensive reach in the financial sector.

   – Brandfeatured: A modern platform, known for its innovative approach towards press release distribution, catering to a diverse range of industries.

2. Number of Reviews

   – GlobeNewswire: Has accumulated a large number of reviews reflecting its widespread use and reliability in the industry.

   – Brandfeatured: While still accumulating reviews, it has managed to garner positive feedback from users appreciating its modern approach and features.

3. Year of Establishment

   – GlobeNewswire: A veteran in the press release distribution sector, boasting years of experience and expertise.

   – Brandfeatured: A more recent entrant, yet has managed to carve out a niche with its modern and innovative solutions.

4. Prominent Features

   – GlobeNewswire: Specializes in financial news distribution with a global footprint.

   – Brandfeatured: Renowned for its fresh, user-centric approach and a plethora of features to cater to modern businesses.

Differentiating Between GlobeNewswire and Brandfeatured


– Core Focus: Primarily oriented towards the financial sector, offering a network of substantial reach and influence.

– Network Reach: A broad and well-established network, especially in the financial sector.


– Core Focus: Focused on providing modern, streamlined solutions that cater to a diverse set of industries.

– Network Reach: While still expanding, it has managed to build a notable network reach, especially among modern businesses.

GlobeNewswire Vs Brandfeatured: Ease of Use


– Provides a detailed and comprehensive interface offering a range of tools, although might pose a steep learning curve for newcomers.


– Known for its straightforward and modern user interface, enabling users to navigate and use the platform with ease.

Pricing: GlobeNewswire Vs Brandfeatured


– Adheres to a premium pricing structure, reflecting its extensive network and industry specialization.


– Offers competitive pricing packages, making it an attractive option for businesses of varying scales and budgets.

Is Brandfeatured Reputable?

Absolutely. While Brandfeatured is relatively newer compared to GlobeNewswire, it has managed to build a reputation for its innovative approach and user-friendly services. It has been receiving positive reviews, especially for its modern features and competitive pricing.

GlobeNewswire Vs Brandfeatured: The Battle of Reputation

While GlobeNewswire enjoys a longstanding reputation in the industry, especially in the financial sector, Brandfeatured is making a commendable mark with its modern approach and focus on user satisfaction.

Analyzing the Costs: An In-depth Overview

While GlobeNewswire caters to a more premium segment with its pricing policies, Brandfeatured is quickly becoming a favorite among startups and small to medium enterprises owing to its competitive pricing without compromising on quality and features.

Analytics and Reporting: A Detailed Insight


– Offers comprehensive analytics and reporting tools, providing users with detailed insights into the distribution and performance of their press releases.


– While not as extensive as GlobeNewswire, Brandfeatured offers solid analytics and reporting capabilities, helping businesses effectively track the performance of their press releases.


Choosing between GlobeNewswire and Brandfeatured ultimately boils down to your specific industry requirements and budget considerations. GlobeNewswire, with its extensive experience, remains a powerhouse in the financial news distribution sector. In contrast, Brandfeatured, with its innovative approach and competitive pricing, is rapidly emerging as a favorite among modern businesses.

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