In this post, you will learn a lot about what differentiates Article Syndication and Press Release Distribution.

Article Syndication is also known as contentment syndication because now many contents beyond just blogs are being syndicated. Content syndication is regarded as a crucial element of growth marketing and its methods have changed over the years so as its contents.

What is content syndication?

Content syndication is simply a process of publishing your online content on third-party platforms (usually digital domains with a higher authority than yours) with the primary aim of reaching a larger audience, increasing awareness, and directing traffic to your website all to increase engagement with your published content.

What are the benefits that motivate Businesses to Syndicate their Online Content?

A lot of things can motivate businesses to willingly submit the original content to be redistributed on a random website. For the original owner of the content, this action generates fresh traffic to their site and this is seen as a relatively cheap or free and easy way to get the desired online exposure for advertisement.

To the subscribing website, syndication helps in getting fresh content to their website without having to face the challenge of writing new content to meet an increasing number of subscribers on their website. This also makes the website attractive to visitors.

This is a highlight of some of the benefits of Content Syndication

•             Fresh traffic to your website leading to a potential audience expansion

•             Your online content will gain maximum exposure

•             It makes your readers see you as an authority in your niche

•             Your search ranking gets a boost

•             You will generate backlinks for your website

•             You gain more followership

•             Increased brand awareness

What is Google’s Stand on Content Syndication?

Many people are generally skeptical about adopting content syndication to prevent a negative effect on their search engine rankings. They believe Google would penalize their websites or blogs for duplicate content that originate from content syndication.

Though this is not exactly what happens. Syndication does not attract penalties from Google as long as it is done the right way like when the third-party publishers show a link that takes readers to the original content. Though we all know it is not something they love, in fact, they discourage it.

Yet, the issue of duplicate content may arise in many cases as you will find soon find out.

What are the Disadvantages of Article Syndication?

The major disadvantages of article syndication include but are not limited to the following:

•             No mails- You can get emails because big publishers don’t allow to add email opt-in widgets to their site and this is a great turnoff for those who want to try out content syndication. You get exposure but you can’t build an email list.

•             Undesirability- over time, the article will no longer be desirable and will be out of date.

•             Loss of right of ownership- if the essence of creating your content is to earn, you can lose the right to earn from it when others claim ownership of the article.

•             Spam- articles which are syndicated are considered spam when featured without observing spam policies.

•             Unauthorized Modification- you don’t have control over third-party distributors of your content and alteration will occur which you may not approve of.

•             Being outranked by your own content- If a third-party platform agrees to republish your content, when someone is searching for it Google might bring it ahead of yours which is the original content.

Press Release Distribution & Its Treasured Benefits

When individuals and companies have items that are newsworthy that they want the public to know about, the marketing approach they use is press release distribution. Branding is an exponentially vital part of online marketing and a major form of branding is Press Release.

Press releases can be achieved via specific platforms like media, newspapers, magazines, and other online sources.  Some of the outstanding benefits individuals and companies get are building links to their websites, increasing website rankings, a boosting their online exposure and visibility.

Contrary to some people’s opinion, a press release is not only for big companies and it is still very much alive. The truth is that the new era we are in has only enabled press releases to offer valuable publicity to local businesses just as it does for the bigger ones.

All business niches can now get organic and unique media coverage all thanks to press release distribution. These companies can build stronger relationships from the opportunity press distribution offers for sharing stories about their company, products, and even events in their businesses with potential clientele and customers.

5 unexpected benefits of Press Release Distribution

1.            Inexpensive Cost- As a business owner you always try to cut the running cost of your business without jeopardizing standard and quality. Press release distribution is not only affordable (especially when compared to other forms of traditional paid advertisement) but also highly effective.

2.            Speedy Online Exposure to Established Audience- one of the sure ways to get speedy online exposure for your business from already established media outlets with target organic followers and readership. This is even more important as a new business that you hit the ground running.

3.            Increased Potential Sales- The press release gives the opportunity to highlight the benefits the features of your product to the clients will get from your product in the release. Press releases can also help create a buzz for your new products or promotions. It provides reach to new audiences in different markets that previous marketing strategies could not reach.

4.            Creates Authenticity and credibility- press releases give your business credibility and provide authenticity as your product or even website will be directly associated with media publications willing to create awareness. Your brand then gets a boost as press releases build trust between your customers and your product.

5.            Key SEO Benefits- a valuable way to enhance the SEO of your business website is the use of press release. As your details which include your website and email are included in the press release clients usually get back to your website. Some even get back via mail and by so doing you can build your email list.