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In the competitive world of PR and media relations, Prezly and PRunderground stand as two notable platforms offering distinct services and functionalities to help businesses disseminate their news effectively. This article delves into a comparison between these platforms, evaluating them based on various factors such as ease of use, cost, reputation, and the analytics and reporting tools they offer.

Key Take Away

Ownership: Prezly operates as a private entity, with a focus on providing CRM and newsroom services. In contrast, PRunderground is a digital press release distribution service that offers affordable press release distribution.   

Year Established: Prezly has been serving PR teams with its innovative solutions since 2010, whereas PRunderground has been active in the industry since 2008.

Number of Reviews: Both Prezly and PRunderground have garnered several positive reviews online, with users praising their respective features and services.   

Important Data: Prezly is praised for its CRM and beautiful newsrooms, while PRunderground is recognized for its affordability and SEO benefits.

What is the difference between Prezly and PRunderground?

Prezly is a comprehensive PR software that aims to facilitate seamless media relations through CRM and newsroom functionalities. On the other hand, PRunderground specializes in offering affordable press release distribution services with an emphasis on digital media outlets and SEO benefits.

Prezly vs PRunderground: Ease of Use

Prezly: Prezly stands out for its user-friendly interface that facilitates easy management of media contacts and distribution of press releases. The platform also offers aesthetically pleasing newsrooms to showcase your press releases.   

PRunderground: Known for its simplicity, PRunderground offers an easy-to-navigate platform where businesses can quickly distribute their press releases to various digital media outlets.

press release distribution newswirejet

Prezly vs PRunderground: Cost

Prezly: Prezly offers different subscription plans, where the pricing is based on the range of features and services included. The basic plan starts with a monthly subscription fee.   

PRunderground: PRunderground stands as a more affordable option, offering various packages to distribute press releases without burning a hole in your pocket.

Is PRunderground reputable?

Yes, PRunderground has built a reputation for offering affordable and effective press release distribution services, gaining popularity particularly among small to medium-sized businesses.

Which is better Prezly or PRunderground?

Determining the better option between Prezly and PRunderground depends on your specific needs. If you are looking for a CRM-centric platform to build and maintain relations with journalists, Prezly might be your choice. However, if you are focusing on affordable press release distribution with SEO benefits, PRunderground could be the more suitable option.

Prezly Vs PRunderground: The Most Reputable

Both Prezly and PRunderground hold their ground as reputable platforms in their respective domains. Prezly shines with its modern CRM features and beautiful newsrooms, while PRunderground is known for its affordability and efficiency in press release distribution.

How much does it cost to send a press release on PRunderground?

PRunderground offers several pricing tiers, with the basic package starting at a nominal fee that allows for distribution to several digital media outlets, providing an affordable option for press release distribution.

How much does it cost to send a press release on Prezly?

The cost of sending a press release via Prezly depends on your subscription plan, with the basic plan offering a range of features including CRM and newsroom functionalities at a monthly subscription fee.

Prezly Compared to PRunderground: Which Is the Best in Analytics and Reporting

Prezly: Prezly offers detailed analytics and reporting features, allowing businesses to track engagement and measure the impact of their PR campaigns effectively.   

PRunderground: PRunderground provides basic analytics, giving insights into the reach and online visibility of your press releases.

Prezly vs PRunderground: Overall Conclusion

In conclusion, both Prezly and PRunderground offer valuable services in the realm of PR and media relations. While Prezly provides a comprehensive solution for nurturing media relations through a CRM-centric platform, PRunderground offers an affordable and efficient way to distribute press releases, especially for small to medium-sized businesses. Your choice between the two should align with your specific needs and budgetary considerations. 

press release distribution newswirejet