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In the evolving landscape of PR management and press release distribution, both Prezly and Prowly have carved out niches for themselves. With Prezly offering dynamic CRM tools and personalized newsrooms, and Prowly providing comprehensive PR software with storytelling features, selecting the right platform can be a decisive factor in the success of your PR strategies. This article will analyze the two platforms side by side, focusing on their respective features, pricing, and overall effectiveness.

Key Points


   Prezly: A standalone platform that strives to enhance PR management through innovative solutions.

   Prowly: A part of the SEMrush family, it specializes in offering all-encompassing PR software solutions.

Primary Focus:

   Prezly: Aims to provide CRM tools and allows the creation of personalized newsrooms for effective PR management.

    Prowly: Focuses on offering an integrated PR software platform with a variety of storytelling and media relations features.

Features Comparison


CRM Tools: Offers a set of tools designed to streamline the process of managing relationships with journalists and stakeholders.

Personalized Newsrooms: Enables businesses to create tailor-made newsrooms, hosting all their press releases and media stories.

Analytics and Reporting: A robust analytics and reporting module allows for a detailed assessment of the performance of PR campaigns.


Storytelling Platform: Prowly’s core is its storytelling platform, which facilitates the creation and distribution of engaging PR content.

Media Database: Offers an expansive database of media contacts to aid in building and nurturing media relations.

Pitching Tools: Provides tools for personalized media pitching, enhancing the chances of success in media outreach campaigns.

Cost Comparison

Prezly: Operates on a subscription-based model, with different packages tailored to meet various business requirements.

Prowly: Offers a flexible pricing structure, with various plans designed to accommodate the needs of diverse business setups.

User Experience

Prezly: Boasts a user-friendly interface with CRM functionalities and customizable newsrooms enhancing the user experience.

Prowly: Provides a seamless user experience, with a focus on storytelling and media relations management.


Choosing between Prezly and Prowly boils down to the specific needs and objectives of your PR strategy. Prezly, with its focus on CRM tools and personalized newsrooms, emerges as a powerful ally for businesses seeking to build and manage media relationships effectively. Meanwhile, Prowly, with its storytelling platform and media relations tools, serves as a one-stop-shop for creating and distributing engaging PR content and fostering strong media relations.

Ultimately, your choice would hinge on whether you prioritize relationship management and personalized newsrooms (Prezly) or an integrated PR software with storytelling capabilities (Prowly).

press release distribution newswirejet