Virtual Human NFT Project Ailey Targets Fashion Industry with Innovative Marketing

Recently, the fashion industry has shown interest in leveraging NFT, a digital cryptographic asset as an added consumer incentive. In attempts to create new business models through the union of fashion and technology, Project Ailey seems to be the perfect marketing tool to be positioned as one of the new models just mentioned. Moreover, the speed at which luxury brands like Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy creating its own gaming platform and granting NFT rewards to users is surprisingly fast. Other luxury brands such as Gucci, Burberry, and Jimmy Choo are also making a foray into the NFT market, leveraging the platform’s exclusivity and ability to enhance the collection value of digital assets. This move reflects the growing demand among consumers for original content that aligns with rapidly evolving trends.

As the industry increasingly demands NFTs with higher levels of scarcity and utility, Project Ailey, an AI based virtual human NFT born in a virtual space based, is drawing attention as the next-generation trend to meet this need. Based on the analysis of big data regarding physical categories of 300 global celebrities, including actors and singers collected by the development team, this virtual human will be created conducive to the characteristics of various markets such as sports, luxury, and beauty.

The key competitiveness of Project Ailey in the fashion industry is that it removes the “human error” factor which increasingly has been controversial as any unscrupulous acts of its models directly impact the brands they promote. However, the great advantage of the virtual human is that it can alleviate some of this conflict if not all eventually. The customization factor (race, physical attributes, etc.) of these virtual beings also makes it significantly convenient for brands to cater to various markets and seasons.

Project Ailey goes beyond simple NFT issuance, as it plans to launch Aileyverse, a platform that allows users to leverage NFTs. Project Ailey NFT holders can enable new customer experiences such as virtual human fashion contests, collections, collaborations with brands, and virtual fitting solutions through Aileyverse.

According to a Project Ailey official, “Nowadays, pursuing a lifestyle that either favors the virtual world or expresses one’s unique personality has become a culture of its own. In order to quickly provide an opportunity for individuals to showcase their personalities through Project Ailey’s NFT, we are planning to mint NFTs soon.”

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