The Security Team of Lunaray has Completed the Audit of the CyberCat Smart Contract

On Dec 13, 2021, the security team of Lunaray Technology received the security audit request of the CyberCat project. And recently , the team finally completed the audit of the CyberCat smart contract .

The smart contract file provided by CyberCat and the corresponding MD5 contain CoreCat.sol, CyberCat Blind Box.sol, Health Potion.sol, and Reward Claim.sol.

And Lunaray found a total of 2 low risks and 1 information risk.

During the audit process, the security audit experts of Lunaray Technology and the CyberCat project interface personnel communicate and maintain symmetry of information.

Lunaray insists on conducting security audits under controllable operational risks, and avoid risks to project generation and operations during the testing process.

CyberCat is a Play-to-Earn mode crypto game published by CherrySwap. In the CyberCat world, players are able to collect, breed, raise, fight and trade the creatures known as CyberCats, and anyone can earn in CyberCat through skilled play and contributions to the ecosystem.Visit learn more.

“CyberCat is the first client audited by Lunaray in the field of Play-to-Earn mode crypto games. It’s a new attempt but Lunaray will take it seriously as always“, says the company’s spokesperson.

He says further,” Lunaray team members have extensive experience in the security field and are competent in various types of blockchain security audits. In the future, Lunaray will continue to experiment with audit work on various projects in the blockchain and crypto fields.“

Through communicating and feedback with CyberCat project party, it is confirmed that the loopholes and risks found in the audit process have been repaired or within the acceptable range.

The result of this CyberCat smart contract security audit: Passed. Detailed audit reports can be viewed on the Lunaray website or in Lunaray’s GitHub account. (

About Lunaray

Lunaray is a network security company focusing on blockchain ecological security, and its team members are all security researchers from leading network security companies and security experts from large Internet enterprises.

With rich experience in security attack and defence, the team can provide users with blockchain security vulnerability risk detection and security defence, as well as solutions. Visit learn more.

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