TandemPad: the missing link in the world of game controllers launching on Kickstarter

Designed from scratch for healthier ergonomics. Modular, highly customizable and wireless – TandemPad fills the gap between a gamepad and a mouse & keyboard. Entirely new approach in control devices will debut soon on the Kickstarter platform.

“I have noticed that, while gaming software is developing at an amazing pace, hardware is not really keeping up, and peripherals (keyboards, mouses, controllers etc.) seem even frozen in time. They don’t answer the needs and problems of modern gamers, such as hand injuries”, says Krzysztof Szymański, the Founder and creator of TandemPad.

The biggest focus of his solution is proper ergonomics. TandemPad consists of two controllers that can work separately or together. Modular design enables healthier body positions and changing them freely while playing. The devices are also perfectly tailored for human hands: they minimize finger movements to normal flexion and allow the palm to close naturally.

Ergonomic design

Together with health benefits come powerful controlling possibilities. Both TandemPad sub-controllers can be combined with a mouse, a keyboard, or a mobile device, so you can create multiple layouts suitable for how and where you play. Compact size, no wires and shareable power stock (that can power your phone or tablet) make TandemPad the best travel controller, without compromising on precision and functionality, thanks to the built-in joystick and touchpad.

Additionally, the designers declare over 1 MLN possible button combinations, so it seems there is no game that TandemPad wouldn’t cover! It can be also used as a TV remote, an interactive presentation/pitch controller, or even for graphic design.

TandemPad looks like the first real revolution in controlling solutions since the 90’s, being a fully functional alternative, while eliminating actual problems experienced by gamers.

To learn more about the campaign and sign up for the 50% early bird discounts, while Kickstarter is launching, visit TandemPad page.

Media Contact
Company Name: Krzysztof Szymański Tech Consulting
Contact Person:  Krzysztof Szymański
Phone:  +48 609 333 588
Address: 123 Gorzków St., 32-020 Wieliczka, Poland
City: New York
Country: United States