Shincheonji Church of Jesus’ Worldwide 100,000 Graduation: Captured in Time and on Display

On the 20th of November 2022 marked a historic day in the religious world, as a total of 106,186 people graduated from a single theological institution by the name of Zion Christian Mission Centre (ZCMC). That day, class 113 of ZCMC saw 80,000 graduates gathered in Daegu Stadium in South Korea.

Over 300,000 people participated online through a live broadcast of the graduation ceremony which was translated into 9 different languages. With over 100,000 graduates from ZCMC of Shincheonji Church of Jesus, it will be recorded as the largest graduation in the world from any theological institution. Notably, graduates from Australia came to a total of 1,016 people out of the 1,158 graduates within the region of Oceania.

There were a total of 522 pastors who completed theology courses and participated in the graduation ceremony. Two of them gave representative speeches on behalf of the graduates, namely Mr. Heo Jeong-Wook, a Korean pastor of 20 years and Pastor D. Jackson from India, who represented the overseas graduates.

One can only imagine how profound the impact of the teachings from ZCMC under The Shincheonji Church of Jesus must be for so many people from different backgrounds, races and cultures, as well as experienced pastors to learn the same Word of God according to the Bible. Mr. Heo shared in his testimony that after having studied at ZCMC, “my true life of faith begins today”, and confessed that he only taught his congregation members “what was easy and left out what was difficult” as he “didn’t know anything about Revelation”.

Pastor Jackson shared a similar sentiment, expressing that whilst undergoing theological course at ZCMC, he decided to sign an MOU with Shincheonji Church of Jesus in November 2021. He also changed the name of the theological seminary he operated, to Hepto Zion Christian Mission Centre in May 2022.

Presently, 294 members including 2 head pastors of its branch churches, are also studying the same word Pastor Jackson studied with ZCMC. During his testimony, Pastor Jackson urged people all around the world to listen to the word coming from Shincheonji Church of Jesus.

In the words of Chairman Man-Hee Lee of Shincheonji Church of Jesus, all people must “become one in the Word”. The 106,186 graduates of class 113 of ZCMC have studied, come together and have become one through the words of the Bible. Included in this record-breaking graduation are over 1000 graduates from the land of Australia.

As such, the Sydney branch church of Shincheonji Church of Jesus held a photo exhibition on Sunday, 18th December 2022, to commemorate this extraordinary event. The photo exhibition took place from 4:00pm to 6:00pm at Little B.I.G House in Summer Hill, NSW and was open to the general public. Set to attend were various pastors and prominent community leaders who were eager to gain further insight into the graduation ceremony, and immerse themselves in the celebratory atmosphere that was felt by both those in Daegu Stadium and the graduates participating in the live broadcast all over the world.

To support all Australian graduates and see highlights of the 100,000 graduation ceremony of class 113 of ZCMC, 390 guests were in attendance, and were also able to witness the amazing work that the Sydney church has been doing for the community through volunteering activities such as tree planting, blood donation and aged care volunteering. All who were in attendance were incredibly touched and amazed at all the incredible milestones achieved by Sydney church, and the most incredible experience, according to guests, was witnessing the 100,000 graduation display, which can best be described as “miraculous” as it is only through the power of God that this could be achieved.

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