Say Goodbye To The Zip File: Niftyz is UK’s First B2B NFT Platform

Manchester, UK – New tech company delivers cutting edge web3 capability to start-ups, legal and financial firms, emerging brands and agencies who can mint B2B NFTs and create new digital property from IP and assets they already own.

Media Contact
Company Name: NIFTYZ
Contact Person:  Andy McGarry
Phone:  00447398488055
Address: Digital Oracles Ltd T/A NIFTYZ, 6th Floor, 49 Peters St, Manchester, England, M2 3NG.
City: Manchester
Country: United Kingdom

Key Points

1. We are announcing a September 2022 beta launch for web3 start-up Niftyz. We are launching a new NFT platform for businesses to turn ideas into new revenue streams. We call this innovative approach the “input economy”. Full launch in Q4 later this year. 

2. Manchester UK based blockchain company delivers cutting edge web3 capability to start-ups, legal and financial firms, emerging brands and agencies who can mint B2B NFTs and create new digital property from IP and assets they already own. Say goodbye to the zip file.

3. Niftyz female founder Sara Simeone and her British-European team can count web industry titans Animoca Brands and Brinc among its backers. Businesses can sign up now for a PRE-LAUNCH Premium account at a cost of 0.2 ETH (around $227 at time of writing) and the first 1,000 members will enjoy a wide range of perks. 

Our Why: Here’s why we think B2B NFTs have a future. In 1995 while on a US talk show Bill Gates was asked by David Letterman to give use cases for this new thing called The Internet. Gates lacked a convincing argument and was laughed at by the audience. 

Fast forward to 2022 and when asked about NFTs most people would associate it with art or metaverse fashion at a stretch. Real world examples are lacking because cutting edge web3 infrastructure has not been readily available for the B2B space until now. Niftyz is here to change that.

If you thought NFTs were just for art and bored ape enthusiasts, then you thought wrong. That was just the starting pistol. Once upon a time folks said PayPal was only for scams. Look how that turned out.

The business side of knowledge-based work doesn’t get discussed enough. If you’ve ever created work for free, delivered in a digital format, then you owe it to yourself to hear what Niftyz is about.

From marketing briefs to creative pitches, free audits to process guides – not forgetting all those startup decks and roadmaps – there is a digital trail of stuff that goes unpaid.

The business pitches and deals of the future might not involve ZIP files, PDFs or PowerPoint, none of which were invented in a mobile-first world, let alone an AI-first, quantum computing decade.

It’s time for a mindset shift.

The dilemma is how much, if anything at all, should ever be given away for free during a business pitch or proposal?
Is it a valid approach to win new business or secure investment, or does it devalue the experience and expertise needed to know the right answers in the first place?

Think about the numerous pitches (creative and non) that are supposedly declined or overlooked on a daily basis.

The brain drain of asking multiple companies or freelancers for pitches and free proposals is very real.

But what if there was a way you could:

– organise your experience, knowledge, methods, ideas

– turn that into digital property rights

– in an easy to distribute format

– a format that can be paid for

– in a socially driven way that promotes your brand

New B2B platform Niftyz aims to solve all these real-world challenges of managing licensing rights and royalties in the input economy.  Guided by female founder Sara Simeone, platform backers include industry heavyweights Animoca Brands and Brinc.

On the subject of energy and environmental concerns, Niftyz is committed to promoting “green” technology with members also able to mint B2B NFTs using the most carbon friendly blockchain option. This is more energy efficient than your tumble dryer or favourite airline.

At Niftyz we believe intellectual property, content licensing and knowledge-based products need a better delivery system than creating work for free.

Perhaps there is a better way to turn your ideas into digital property. 

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