Prince Ikeobi of Umuleri spotted at Museum opening without date Sophia Mascaro.

African Royal Prince Ikeobi of Umuleri spotted at the Louis J Mascaro Automative Museum in Birdsboro without long time friend Sophia Mascaro.

Spotted: Prince Ikeobi of Umuleri spotted at the Louis J Mascaro Automotive Museum opening without long time friend Sophia Mascaro. Recently we were able to spot the son of billionaire philanthropist; The Okwoto Ekeneze of Umuleri at the exclusive opening of the Louis J Mascaro Automotive Museum. We noticed that Prince Ikeobi of Umuleri was not at this event with long time friend Sophia Mascaro. With our research it is known that this pair has been friends for quite a while going back to their early college days as seen in pictures on Prince Ikeobi’s Instagram. 

Today that spark was missing. We spotted Prince Ikeobi in the crowd mingling with fans, taking pictures and signing autographs. He was looking his best dressed head to toe in Calvin Klein. We were able to catch up with him during the event and ask him some questions about where Sophia was. “I am not sure,” says Prince Ikeobi. “Sophia does the strangest things, we are probably going to hook up later in the day for dinner”. We also got some very interesting insight on Prince Ikeobi’s opinion of the museum opening. He said “Sophia’s dad has some awesome rides in his collection”. 

We also had the chance to check out the Mascaro car collection ourselves. The crown jewel was the 1992 Masterati Barchetta. There have only been 17 produced. It is one of the rarest vehicles in the Mascaro collection. Based on the number of production models, the 1992 Barchetta (“little boat”) is believed to be one of nine left in existance. 

The Maserati Barchetta car was developed for “gentlemen drivers” by Formula 1 driver (and then-Maserati owner) Alessandro de Tomaso. and designed by Carlo Gaino, the Barchetta took inspiration from the Maserati Tipo 65, which was quickly assembled for the 1965 Le Mans competition. Never intended for road use, the Barchetta was built for a series of single-make races (The Grantrofeo Monomarca) held in Italy, The Netherlands, and Denmark in 1993. The car was entirely handmade, using carbon fiber and composite for its body and aluminum for its chassis, unique in 1992 when all other Maserati models utilized steel unibody construction.

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