Preparing Homes for Oklahoma’s Extreme Weather │ Expert Advice on Surge Protection

Expert advice from Above + Beyond on how to keep your home HVAC systems, electronics, and family members safe.


In light of Oklahoma’s unpredictable and harsh weather conditions, Above + Beyond, a leading HVAC contractor has released a new blog post titled “Extreme Weather: How to Protect Your Home from Mother Nature’s Fury.” The article discusses the importance of surge protection and provides expert advice on how to prevent weather-related damage.

As Oklahoma experiences frequent extreme weather events, including tornadoes, thunderstorms, high winds, and hail, the potential for power surges and electrical damage to homes is a real concern. Recognizing this, Above + Beyond emphasizes the urgent need for whole home surge protection and other solutions to safeguard homes and ensure the longevity of essential appliances.

 “I’ve seen firsthand the devastation caused by power surges during thunderstorms. Whole house surge protectors act as the first line of defense against extreme weather,” shares Jason Brady. “In addition, installing a surge protector is a relatively small investment in comparison to what you might spend repairing or replacing a home HVAC system.” 

Most homeowners are familiar with power strips, or strip surge protectors, which act as a buffer between an electronic device and an outlet. Conversely, whole house surge protectors protect the entire electrical system by being installed at the main electrical panel. While strip surge protectors are great for protecting small electronics and appliances, to safeguard your air conditioner during a thunderstorm or protect your HVAC system from lightning damage, A+B recommends installing a whole house surge protector.

“As a local HVAC company, we consider it our duty to guide community members in the various ways they can keep their homes safe,” said Jason Brady. “In addition to surge protectors, for a truly comprehensive protection system, homeowners should also consider devices such as rain shields for air conditioners and HVAC unit protection cages.”

The article goes on to explain the steps homeowners can take to prepare for extreme weather, including the importance of proactive electrical system repairs and regular HVAC and electrical system maintenance.

To learn more about surge protection and preparing your home for Oklahoma’s extreme weather, read the full blog post on Above + Beyond’s website. For professional assistance and personalized advice, contact Above + Beyond at (405) 963-2351.

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