NFTs & the Crypto Kings Club: How to Level Up to Web 3.0

With the explosion of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the blockchain ecosystem, it seems as though everyone has an opinion on how these new collectibles will revolutionize the world. However, with all of the buzz, it can be difficult to find trusted resources to explain this new digital asset.

With the explosion of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the blockchain ecosystem, it seems as though everyone has an opinion on how these new collectibles will revolutionize the world. However, with all of the buzz, it can be difficult to find trusted resources to explain this new digital asset. 

Crypto Kings Club (CKC), an NFT creator, has a solution. They are launching a trading academy to pair future NFT holders with experienced mentors who will teach them best trading practices. “Buying our NFT doesn’t just get you digital assets but also access to experienced trading mentors who want to help their communities thrive by being able to participate in this financial revolution,” CKC Founder Jihad Faraj explains. The trading academy will also consist of a series of live and recorded webinars where NFT holders can ask questions and get answers from experienced traders. 

As of August 2022, Crypto Kings Club (CKC) has a YouTube initiative called CKC Chats, which brings together notable NFT collectors, Binance Ambassadors, and long-time Crypto traders to share tips and pointers on how to get started in the space. CKC also hosts mentorship sessions on its Discord server to educate its active community members.

Fundamentals of Web 3.0: What is the Hype About

In the first few years following the inception of the internet, the term Web 1.0 was used to refer to the initial version of the internet, when most websites consisted only of text. A few niche users used the internet, and its concept was limited to research and a few minor commercial experiments.

Next, the Web 2.0 era began, which was characterized by user-generated content on the Internet. The era of websites, blogs, and social media was dominated by billions of people creating and interacting with user-generated content. In Web 2.0, user-generated content is usually owned by the platform on which it is created.

The Web 3.0 era is based on the concept of decentralization. In this new era, content created on the internet is owned by the creator rather than the platform. This model restores control of user content to the users who create it and allows them to monetize it. Read a deeper dive into this topic on our CKC Academy Blog. 

What is an NFT? What is the role of NFTs in Digital Communities?

NFTs are Non-Fungible Tokens. They’re a new digital asset that can represent anything from a collectible to an asset on the blockchain. NFTs have many uses, but one thing they’re not is cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. They’re designed to be owned and controlled by their owners, not centralized companies or governments. Because they’re blockchain-based, they can be traded freely without needing third parties like eBay or Amazon, meaning NFT traders don’t need to share their personal information with anyone to buy and sell the asset. NFTs can even be sold for crypto, which means no more exchanging cash at a convention. These tokens will help bring about the Metaverse as we know it–a world where every aspect of our lives exists in digital form and interacts seamlessly with other users (the same world Ethereum plans to achieve). With all of these different uses, it’s easy to see why web 3.0 needs a full ecosystem of interoperable tokens, so users can easily trade them back and forth between themselves. That’s why Digital Communities need people who know how to navigate this brave new world, and the CKC Academy is here to guide them. 

Trading 101 – Primary and Secondary NFT Markets – How to Make the Right Decision

There are different pros and cons in both the primary and secondary markets for NFTs. The main advantage of buying the primary market is that traders get to buy an NFT collection as soon as it is listed and have the opportunity to make a profit if the price of the NFT increases in the secondary market.

In contrast, one of the biggest reasons for the recent surge in popularity of secondary markets is that traders get access to more variety, perks, utility, and more of a sense of security in terms of scams. By purchasing from a reputable, trusted, and verified collection, you can rest assured that you will be receiving a real, verified NFT in return for your money. With secondary markets, collectors and investors can select the exact NFTs that they want.

Whether to buy in the primary or secondary market is a decision unique to each trader. This decision is based on their individual investment strategy, how much risk they’re willing to take, and how a trader wants to earn in return for their investment. That’s where the help of an experienced trader can be key. 

Minting an NFT

“Minting” an NFT is the process of taking a digital asset and recording it on a blockchain so that it is saved and transformed into a unique digital token that can then be traded. Put simply, when a company “mints” an NFT, they are creating a new block and recording that transaction onto the blockchain.

Minting digital assets as NFTs is an effective way for content creators and artists to monetize their work. Read more here on our CKC Academy blog post for the 5 Steps to Minting an NFT.

About Crypto Kings Club

The Crypto Kings Club NFT Collection will be available for mint in September. The company is focused on educating and empowering its holders through the CKC Academy and giving back to community-based projects.

To learn more about the exclusive collection, visit or watch this YouTube interview:

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