Mindfulness Exercises Sets Lofty Goal to Share Mindfulness with 200 Million

Mindfulness Exercises, the top online resource for all things mindfulness, has set a lofty goal. The site plans to share mindfulness with 200 million worldwide by the year 2025.

Founded by former Buddhist-monk Sean Fargo in 2014, Mindfulness Exercises offer free and premium content for mindfulness and meditation practitioners and teachers alike. 

The site plans to reach their ambitious goal by expanding their current line-up of products and services in support of individuals, teachers and organizations. 

Supporting Individuals

Mindfulness Exercises has long been a go-to source for those interested in establishing or reigniting a consistent and meaningful mindfulness practice. Believing the benefits of mindfulness are best experienced, the site is home to thousands of free experiential downloads, including the following:

Meditation scripts
Audio meditations
Video meditations
Mindfulness worksheets
Mindfulness eBooks
Foundational courses

Meditations, worksheets and courses are thoughtfully curated to help individuals practice mindfulness with the style and technique that works best for them. With this support, anyone can integrate mindfulness into their day-to-day life.

Supporting Teachers

The recently launched Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training program has certified hundreds to share mindfulness with others. This unique, self-paced program is hosted entirely online, but offers live mentorship with Sean Fargo. Guest teachers include the world’s most respected mindfulness and meditation masters, including Sharon Salzberg, Gabor Maté, Rick Hanson, Andrew Holecek, Chris Germer and David Treleaven. 

Teachers, counselors, coaches, therapists and anyone seeking to share mindfulness with others are also supported with premium brandable content, including the following: 

200 Guided Meditation Scripts
300 Mindfulness Worksheets
Brandable Social Media Templates
Brandable Mindfulness Curriculum
68 Teachings for Mindfulness at Work 
Premium eBooks for Teachers

Mindfulness resources for teachers help anyone share mindfulness with greater confidence, compassion and skill for greater worldwide impact.

Supporting Organizations

Sean Fargo has taught mindfulness and meditation for companies such as Tesla, Google, Kaiser Permanente and Ernst & Young. Mindfulness Exercises continues to expand this reach by training and supporting individuals who wish to share mindfulness within their organizations.

New products such as Mindfulness at Work offer pith mindfulness teachings that anyone can digest on their lunch hour. Organizations also have access to free resources, such as the Search Inside Yourself Course, originally developed at Google to empower mindful leaders.   

Mindfulness Exercises

Sean Fargo founded Mindfulness Exercises with the goal of offering simple tools that could help people meet their struggles, pain, and challenges with more ease. Practicing mindfulness allows us to relate to ourselves and others with greater care and wisdom. As we engage with our world differently, we notice our own experience of life shifting in fulfilling ways.

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