Marwin Sports, Innovative Designer of Motorsports Apparel, Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

Dallas, TX, December 20, 2022 – Marwin Sports, a female and minority-owned maker of high-fashion, high-quality, and high-tech motorsports apparel, has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign. The Texas and Southern California-based company has an estimated market cap of $5-$10 billion, and investment shares start at just $100.

Marwin Sports is the most partnered apparel brand in motorsports and has generated more than $3 million in sales since October 2019. Marwin has also secured partnerships with over 50 race teams and corporate sponsors in nine countries. Its relationships with many corporate brands distinguish Marwin Sports from its competitors, such as Fanatics and Under Armour, which focus on one or two product categories and don’t supply the fit, function, or customized design that customers demand.

Motorsports apparel has been stuck and stagnant for years, and Marwin’s mission is to maintain its market-leading position with unmatched innovations and designs, employing embedded technology such as nanocoatings for weather protection, blockchain NFC authentication, and an AR smart app that allows drivers, team members, corporate sponsors, and fans interact in real time on one platform.

“My fellow founders and I could never have dreamed we would find success and supporters as fast as we did,” says Marwin Sports CEO Theresa Huang. “We weren’t sure we could win customers over as minority women from outside the industry, but we did know our high-performance lifestyle brand could one day dominate from an apparel and marketing standpoint.”

Marwin will soon launch several new apparel products with exclusive, EPA-rated, antimicrobial nanotechnology that will showcase extraordinary designs, quality, and weather resistance. Marwin expects to earn over $62 million by 2026, and it plans to use the funds to hire staff and bring many of its outsourced business practices in-house.

“Marwin Sports’s apparel not only looks good, but the quality stands up to the demand of the crew members and Force American Made machine shop employees,” says John Force, CEO, and owner of John Force Racing and 21-Time NHRA Champion.

Please visit the Marwin Sports crowdfunding site for more information about Marwin Sports and this unique investment opportunity — including a compelling array of early-bird investment perks. 

About Marwin Sports: Since its founding in Sweden in 1980, the mission of Marwin Sports has been to design and build premium apparel for all of life’s rugged demands. Every cut, fold, and stitch has been guided by decades of experience. In 2019, Marwin Sports was launched in the United States by founders with backgrounds in many diverse professional sports ranging from basketball to auto-racing. Their passion and experience bring innovative technology and apparel solutions to countless individuals and organizations.

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