Maono DM20 and Maono PD200X: Two Solid Internet Microphones with Stylish RGB Lights

Whether in short TikTok videos or relatively long YouTube videos, we often see RGB microphones, and it’s clear that this type of microphone has become a popular choice among content creators. They add personality to creations by offering customizable lightings such as different colors and dynamic patterns, and can also make your device setup looks more aesthetic and attractive.

Recently, Maono has released two microphones with RGB lighting, the DM20 USB condenser microphone, and the PD200X USB/XLR dynamic microphone, which will add an extra bit of flair to your Internet content creation.

Maono DM20–Designed for Gamers

If you prefer a more immersive experience during gaming, just turn on the RGB light on the top of the mic and choose from different modes (static solid color/dynamic multi-color) of the lighting that suits you.

Of course, Maono DM20 does not stop at RGB lighting. It is a plug-and-play USB mic that is widely compatible with Mac, PC, and PlayStation. And it features a compact size that can easily fit anywhere, offering functions of tap-to-mute, noise-canceling, and real-time monitoring. The functions will save you time to adjust or monitor audio through third-party software and bring convenience to your gaming and live streaming process. 

Maono DM20 Condenser USB Gaming RGB Microphone

Besides, this entry-level condenser mic produces high-quality sound. The 48kHz/24-bit sampling rate, cardioid polar pattern, and noise-canceling function contribute to a clean and clear audio quality, which makes it an ideal option for gamers and streamers.

This mic is available in white, black, and pink colors.

Maono PD200X–One Mic for Everything

In the middle of the mic, there is a narrow RGB ring. It has dynamic multi-color gradients and 8 static solid-color effects. The low-profile and humble lights and effects create a  fashionable atmosphere and make your creations more appealing.

Thanks to the dual audio outputs of XLR and USB, Maono PD200X is well-compatible with PCs, laptops, mobile devices, and professional audio interfaces. And it features a dynamic capsule capable of recording 24-bit audio at a sampling rate of 48kHz. The mic also does an excellent job of focusing on the speaker’s voice while ignoring the ambient noises, such as loud hums, barking, sirens, etc. In an untreated room, it can still record sound clearly, which ensures top-notch audio for podcasting, voice-overs, streaming, etc.

Maono PD200X USB/XLR Dynamic Microphone

This mic is equipped with a dial to control mic gain and headphone volume. To mute the mic, just press the mute control button above the knob. On the bottom, there is an RGB control button and a 3.5mm audio port for monitoring.

The companion software Maono Link brings more capabilities to the mic, for example, turning on/off monitoring, a great function that you cannot expect from most similar mics on the market. Besides, you can adjust RGB lighting, voice tone, limiter, headphone volume, and more on software.

No setup is complete without the right microphone. Maono’s latest microphones will offer new levels of good performance and ease of control to content creators.

About Maono

Maono[‘mɑnoʊ], meaning “vision” in Kiswahili, is the Global Best Selling Internet Microphone Brand that products are sold well in 153 countries worldwide. Maono’s “USB Microphone Kit” and “Podcast Equipment Bundle” have become “Best Seller” on Amazon in the US, Canada, Mexico, etc.

With the beautiful vision of becoming a global leading brand of Internet audio products that deliver a pleasant sound experience, Maono is always working with audio professionals, influencers, and users, to make the world’s best microphones and audio products. In addition to the continuous upgrading of the hardware field, it also extends to the innovation of the software field. Its PD400X and DM30 microphones come with Maono Link software, which allows average users to access advanced audio settings, bringing more possibilities for Internet content creation.

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