Local dentist takes a bite out of high dental care bills.

South Tampa Dental Studio combats high dental care bills with their unique Dental Membership Plan.

Local dentist takes a bite out of high dental care bills.

Tampa, FL — According to a recent survey by CareQuest Institute for Oral Health, an estimated 74 million Americans have no dental insurance coverage. Six million of those Americans lost their dental insurance during the COVID-19 pandemic. While millions in Florida cannot afford to pay out-of-pocket for their dental care needs, South Tampa Dental Studio has a solution called the South Tampa Dental Studio Dental Membership Plan, which covers preventative care and discounts on additional treatments with no caps, no maximums, and without the need for procedure approval by a dental insurance carrier.
            “We offer a child wellness plan for as little as $28 per month,” said Jennifer Vega, spokesperson for South Tampa Dental Studio. “Even our Perio Maintenance Plan for those who require extra maintenance every three months is only $66 per month. Our goal is to make preventative dental care easily affordable so we can prevent larger problems, and higher costs for treatment, later on.”
            Both the child and adult wellness plans cover the following:
            •  One routine cleaning every six months.
            •  Fluoride treatment with every cleaning.
            •  Regular exams and oral cancer screenings with cleaning.
            •  One set of x-rays each year.
            •  One emergency exam with x-ray each year.
            •  Up to 20 percent off additional treatments. 
            For those who have issues related to periodontal disease or those who have not had maintenance cleanings on a routine basis for the past several years, South Tampa Dental Studio offers a Perio Maintenance Plan that covers cleanings every three months instead of every six months. 
            According to Cigna, routine maintenance costs when paying for dental health care services can add up quickly. The average cost of a cleaning in Florida is $125. If there is tartar build-up, that can add another $100 to the bill.  If x-rays are needed, that can add anywhere from $50 to $400 or more. Considering that the Adult Wellness Plan with South Tampa Dental Studio is just $350 a year, or $35 a month, the savings can start adding up from the first visit. Plus, their plans are effective immediately upon sign-up, so there’s no grace period as there is with other dental insurance carriers. Equally important, family members can either be added at the time of sign-up or at any time thereafter.
            “Flexibility and affordability are what we had top-of-mind when crafting our Membership Plan,” said Vega.  “Signing up is easy, too–all we need is your name, phone number, email address, and date of birth to get you enrolled.”
            Enrollment, account information, and payments for South Tampa Dental Studio are accepted online through South Tampa Dental’s portal. Members can pay for a year or a month, whichever amount best fits their budget. 
            Dr. Jyoti Kansal, a dentist with South Tampa Dental Studio, highly recommends their Dental Membership Plan.
            “Those patients who receive regular preventative dental care have far fewer dental issues than those who do not. We can spot and fix problems early on, saving our patients pain and more expensive procedures. Our Dental Membership Plan is designed to make it easy for patients to receive the care they need to preserve their smiles,” said Kansal. 
About South Tampa Dental Studio:
South Tampa Dental Studio is located at 4306 West Kensington Avenue in Tampa. South Tampa Dental Studio is a full-service dental office that can have all your dental needs taken care of without going from office to office. They pride themselves on providing quality dental care that is affordable, reliable, and honest. Services include teeth cleanings, implant dentures, sleep apnea devices, teeth whitening, and Invisalign.
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Dr. Jyoti Kansal - South Tampa Dental Studio
Jyoti Kansal, D.D.S.
Dr. Jyoti Kansal is originally from India. After graduating valedictorian in high school, she earned her Bachelor’s degree majoring in dentistry from Manipal University, India where she graduated cum laude. She then pursued a Preceptorship Certificate from University of California, Los Angeles, and Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from New York University College of Dentistry. She likes to keep herself updated with the most innovative developments and techniques to provide the highest level of comprehensive dental care to her patients.

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