LeadMagic Achieves Superhuman Growth for B2B Sales Prospecting

LeadMagic, founded by former Sales Leader – Jesse Ouellette, is achieving helping customers achieve Superhuman Power for B2B Lead Generation and Prospecting. Seeing upwards of 500% Pipeline in less than 30 days.

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Website Visitor Identification  

Solution, LeadMagic, Creates Excitement in the Marketing Industry as It Introduces Advanced Systems for Prospects Engagement

The fast-growing website identification and lead conversion solution, LeadMagic, is reshaping the digital marketing industry by providing unique tracking solutions and dynamic visitor engagement solutions for marketers. Created by a leading Sales Strategist, Jesse Ouellette, LeadMagic is designed to help business owners convert B2B website visitors with more precision and results than any other tool in the market. Designed with a simple UI/UX, LeadMagic makes it easy for companies to scale their marketing strategies as it provides the correct data for retargeting and engagement.

LeadMagic is the perfect solution for marketers who wants to nurture the 99% of visitors who will never come back to a website after the first visit. The SaaS software uses a unique methodology to identify pages visited when B2B visitors land on a website, for how long, track how they landed on the pages, and create custom alerts for in-house sales teams. LeadMagic is trusted by hundreds of clients, some of the world’s best brands like MEDDIC, ChatMetric, a leading Chatbot SaaS.

“We are glad to be a part of our clients’ growing success stories as they rely on how SaaS solution to track and engage with their B2B who are likely never going to come back after their first visit. Our vision is to help our clients maximize their sales potential, and we remain dedicated to creating cutting-edge innovations that will make this increasingly easy,” says Jesse Ouellette, CEO and Founder.

He comments further, “Our suite of website identification solutions for B2B businesses brings a new dimension to the game of sales and conversion. What sets us apart is our passion for helping our clients receive the best returns for their investment and give their prospects a personalized experience like never before. If you believe in generating fresh leads, then LeadMagic is the best tool to achieve that seamlessly.”

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About Lead Magic

Founded by SaaS sales professional Jesse Ouellette, LeadMagic is a unique prospect engagement and leads conversion solution. Inspired by the uncertainties businesses faced during the pandemic, LeadMagic was created to fill the gap between lost B2B website visitors and sales for companies in need of every possible conversion to survive. LeadMagic is used by hundreds of clients and some of the world’s best brands with great results.

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