La V’rose Skincare Launches Premium Botanical Vegan Collagen Skincare Collection

La V’rose Skincare officially launches its line of premium botanical anti-aging skincare products with the launch of an innovative, plant-based, cruelty-free skincare collection.


LOS ANGELES, CA (July 19, 2023) – Beauty Connoisseurs looking to experience the benefits of luxury skin care without the application of toxic synthetic chemicals that have been tested on animals, now have an ally in a new vegan collagen skincare collection developed by eco-luxe skincare brand, La V’rose.

Collagen is naturally found in the body; however, as people age the ability to produce collagen also decreases. Collagen cosmetics rejuvenate the skin to provide a younger and healthier appearance. Those who have an aversion to products containing animal byproducts have had to find alternatives to reverse aging and maintain youthfulness.

La V’rose’s vegan skincare collection boasts dynamic formulas featuring age-reversing complexes designed to target the signs of premature skin aging such as fine lines, and deep wrinkles. Each product in the collection contains ingredients which speed up the skin’s regeneration cycle. The Collagen Rescue Serum, $86 and Trifecta Repair Serum, $88 are expertly formulated from a blend of powerful and premium botanical extracts, renowned for their nourishing properties and potency.

The Collagen Rescue Serum harmoniously balances nourishing extracts with plant-derived collagen protein to support the skin’s structure. The high-performance, time-released retinol complex featured in the Trifecta Repair Serum works to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while retaining moisture balance. The new luxury, plant-based skincare line is also backed by independent customer testing and clinically proven to be more effective than other leading brands.

Far from the average skincare brand, La V’rose is committed to sustainability and ethical excellence. Consequently, the products are also packaged in eco-friendly, recyclable, and metal-free materials which are Fairtrade®, and FSC®-certified, in line with the company’s commitment to preserving the environment. The elegant twist-up airless bottle was intentionally designed to prevent harmful product spoilage, bacterial contamination, and minimize waste.

CEO and Founder of La V’rose, Raschelle Jackson is excited about the launch of the company’s vegan collagen skincare collection. She said: “Our focus has always been to help customers reverse signs of aging with the highest quality plant-based ingredients. Our anti-aging collection reinforces our mission to redefine beauty rituals with a skincare experience that encapsulates the delicate balance between luxurious pampering, sustainability, and efficacy, allowing customers to radiate pure, untamed beauty at any age.”

Already customers are raving about the vegan collagen skincare collection.
Amy said: “I love the creaminess of this serum and how soft my skin feels, like a baby’s bottom!! I use it 3 times a week and notice that my skin looks younger. This serum delivers on its promise. Your wrinkles will decrease.”

For further information about La V’rose or to shop the luxury botanical skincare collection, visit: Follow the company on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube at @lavroseskincare.