Kyhusix Lending Company Reports Net Profit at October Meeting

Sub TKyhusix Mortgage LLC, Kyhusix Mortgage LLC, the premier real estate agent-owned lending company in Nevada reported a net profit within the first month of being in business.

Kyhusix Mortgage LLC, the Reno-based, real estate agent-owned lending company reported a net profit within the first few weeks of opening in August 2021. The lending company predicted similar numbers for the month of September 2021 but predicted a significant increase for the following month as there were several loans slotted to go through the month of October.

“We consider having a net profit within the first month of being in business to be a huge success,” said Kyle Krch, owner and founder of Krch Realty. “We are excited to see that our agent owners accomplish in the months to come.”

As part of the program, real estate agents are invited to own a portion of Khyusix LLC a lending company. The ownership allows agents to refer their clients to Khyusix LLC while capturing a percentage share of the profits. Other national and boutique real estate offices offer similar programs however, profits are typically reserved for shareholders.

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Media Contact
Company Name: Krch Realty
Contact Person: Jessie Schirrick
Phone: 7752198547
Address: 5605 Riggins Ct. Suite 104 Reno, NV 89502
City: Reno, NV
Country: United States


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